PHT Online – Final Scores from July 23

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners Vance of Vance Refrigeration!

Vance of Vance Refrigeration (WON TIEBREAKER)172
How Gritty Got His Groove Back172
Very Stable Mates172
Dazed and Confused171
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons171
Bailey’s Buddies169
Southpaw Fish168
Between Action and Cut168
Niels Bohring167
Crushed Optimism164
Peele and Eat164
Power Vacuum162
We Come From Behind161
Half Nelsons 160
HR Puff N Stuff160
We R #2160
Covided We Stand159
Fools Gold159
Just Good Enough159
George Washington’s Camel159
Corona Matata158
better than google158
Valley Girls158
Dumber Than We Look158
Chemo Sucks!154
Quiztery Inc.150
Fabulous Killjoys149
Heads Together149
Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV148
What Would Steve Rogers Do?147
Our Amps Go To 11146
It Takes a Village 146
Camp Firewood 145
Not so major wagerz143
Hippies & Hunnies143
His & Her Peas142
Running Geniuses Who Drink142
Shirts and Skins141
Magnificent Slowthes140
Why Not Zoidberg?140
Quality Guesswork140
That Log Had A Child140
Hard & Straight140
Fan Club138
Brain Freeze138
Smarty Pants137
Team Awesome135
it could be anything134
No Eye Deer134
The Flu Fighters134
DC Swampers132
Minnie’s Minions132
Gummibears are Toothless131
bob snake rocks!!131
Castle Greyskull 131
Cheeky Bastards130
Menace to Sobriety129
Just Steven128
Happy Birthday Mark!!128
Purple Cobras126
Crotch Shot126
The Eugooglizers124
Condoms Prevent Minivans122
Deep Creek Crew 121
Living the Dream121
Living the Dream121
No brainers120
Risky Quizness119
Scattered Shrivers119
Ewokin on Sunshine113
Lizard Scales111
Parks and Wrecks109
Hookin for Trouble108
Orange County 97