PHT Online – Final Scores from July 2

PourHouse Triva

Congratulations to tonight’s winners I’m a Lion Lover and I Hunt For Love!

I’m a Lion Lover and I Hunt for Love171
Bailey’s Buddies170
Crushed Optimism169
Just Good Enough167
Team Duck167
killer snails166
Mr. Happy’s Pants Party166
Half Nelsons 165
The Charmin Six Pack165
Power Vacuum165
Dumber Than We Look164
We R #2164
Your Mom Says Hi164
Dazed ansd confused164
Why Not Zoidberg?163
Falafel For Everyone163
George Washington’s Camel161
Alternative Facts161
Valley Girls161
What Would Steve Rogers Do?157
Birthday Boys157
Slime Puppies157
Periodic Table Dancers153
We thought this was speed dating 151
Southpaw Fish151
Very Stable Mates151
Smarty Pants148
Hashtag Hammered at Home146
Covided We Stand146
Gong Gong and the Butt Demons145
The Pain Train145
Mack Attack144
Fabulous Killjoys II143
Gummibears are Toothless142
No Eye Deer138
That Log Had A Child137
Newcomers 136
Dave Martinez Globall Campus136
DC Swampers135
The Cheetahs135
The Blurry Larry Davids 134
Castle Grayskull133
That’s So Clavin132
Shirts and Skins130
Laura’s maybe flying solo129
Scott’s Tots127
Special Eds.126
We Come From Behind125
isolated and it feels so good122
H.R. Puff ‘N Stuff120
Risky Quizness118
Deep Creek Crew 116
Camp Firewood113
Fools Gold112
Next to Nothing112
Quiztery Inc.109
Menace to Sobriety106
Dr  Fauci Fan Club106
The Eugooglizers105
Living the Dream104
Ewokin on Sunshine103
Orange County101
Condoms Prevent Minivans100
Buck & Wanda100
Gen Z83