Pepsi, pepto and all sorts of Ps on Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday tested your knowledge of soft drinks and medicinal uses!

I’ve always been a Coke man myself, anyway.

Check out how all four of our games of live trivia in Virginia and Maryland went down, gang.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

The fine folks down here at DRP in Alexandria know how to play some live trivia, and it was another close game as we went into the final question!

These guys know their Latin however, as most of the teams nailed our last query of the night. Here are the results:

MSC in 1st

Del Ray Dummies in 2nd

Worst Case Ontario in 3rd

Our first category for next week’s game is European Countries!

~ Ronnie

Europe Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

il Forno – Frederick, MD

A close game tonight as our top 5 were separated by less than 5 points! Seems all the games as of late have been super competitive, which is a good sign as we dive into the halfway point of season 12! The consistent competition says to me that the World Series this year gonna be insane! Let’s hope the strong play rolls over into the postseason!

The question of the night tonight was 3 Clues 1 Brand Name. Hearing about a product that was made to fix digestion makes us think of Pepto-Bismol, the most common WRONG answer! Yes, Pepto Bismol is used to treat that but the second part of the clue, talking about giving you energy, would take you down a different path. What sounds like Pepto that might give you energy? That would be a Pepsi! Lots of teams went early for the bonus and their hearts sank when I red the third clue “They introduced their iconic red, white, and blue labels in 1962.” Of course, we all know Pepto Bismol is PINK as GUM. That one hurt a bit but played more interestingly than I’d have expected!

Going into the final, Quick Pink and the Vine Gang was up 1 point on I’m with Sarah, both of which are the only teams that have won at il Forno in the last 5 weeks. Seems these 2 teams try their best to stay atop the competition, and they played no different tonight. 3rd place was a tie between MC and Chicken McThuggets. The final question tonight proved very hard; no one got it. The scores were close enough that the only safe bet was a max or minimum. Unfortunately, no one put the zero bet down so the places did not change. Had we had a zero bet, the team in 6th could’ve been crowned the winners! That’s how close the game was! Your winners tonight are QP! 2nd place is Sarah, 3rd place, winning a tie breaker over Chicken McThuggets, was MC!!

Great game tonight! Back in a week, where our first category will be Lebron James. This was apparently QP’s way of getting back at Sarah for picking “Obscure 80’s Music” this week. Sounds like we’ve got a bit of a rivalry heating up! I’ll see you guys next time! Until then 😉

1st Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang
2nd Place: I’m with Sarah
3rd Place: MC

Next week: Lebron James


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

We had another crazy night of Pour House Live Trivia at the Roast House
tonight! The competition was fierce as always, and the whole night was
a close battle!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Ian-Makes-A-Fool-of-Himself”: Ian Raps Missy Elliott?! Really?!
WHY?! I mean it went ok, but come on! That said I tried to pick a well
known song, and it kicked off a serious rough night for several teams!

In “Battle-of-the-Talk-Show-Hosts”: This question saw a split of
answers. Some put Oprah, some put Maury, some scratched out Oprah and
put Maury, some scratched out Maury and put Oprah. I’ve never seen a
more divisive question!

In “Say-What-Now-Dumbass?”: Geococcyx Californianus. Are you freaking
kidding me question writers?? Why would you do this?!

The Final didn’t affect much, despite the podium shifting constantly all night.

In third place tonight, Cher’s Zombie Army!

In second place tonight, One Crow Short of a Murder!

In first place tonight, the Ollie Monsters!

Great game tonight guys! Next week we’re gonna kick things off with
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Have yourselves a merry little
marathon, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Its always sunny in Philadelphia trivia game

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

We have ourselves a nice little rivalry brewing at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon.  The last five weeks have been dominated by Jimmy’s in Vegas and High School Prom, and tonight was no different.  Those two were trading the top spot all night, but a crucial pull on the 6-4-2 and another bonus in the last round made the difference, as J.I.V. snuck into the final question with a 2-point lead.  High School Prom had such a sizable lead over third place, that they did not have to wager on the last question, putting all the pressure on Jimmy’s in Vegas to take down the win.  They nailed the final and chased in on another victory.  It’s their third in row (if only they didn’t miss two weeks…).  High School Prom took second with Knowers of Stuff in third.  Next week begins with a question on the films of the Coen Brothers!  ~ Matt