Opening Nights are the Best Nights!

Another Wednesday night, and another new venue to welcome to the Pour House Trivia family!  Our opening night at Woodside Deli in Germantown was a great success, and we’re looking forward to a great partnership there.  We hosted nine games of trivia last night, so let’s find out which teams were the best of the best:

WEDNESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (68 teams across nine venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Stupid Sexy Flanders (Valley Grill) with 170

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Just the Tip (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg) with 166

–> Highest First Half Score: Just the Tip (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg) and Tokyo Sex Whale (Belles’) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Southpaw Fish (Valley Grill), Fast Forward Not Available (Valley Grill), Sad Fat Dragons (Bernie’s), What Else Could It Be!? (Bernie’s)

–> With an average score of 16.6, seven teams scored a perfect 20 on the halftime sheet, while about 30% of our teams scored six points on the 6-4-2 question by knowing the “Song For Woody” appeared on the debut album from Bob Dylan (sorry, that’s NOBEL PRIZE WINNER Bob Dylan).

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (30.4% success rate):

–> Due to its unique and distinctive ecology, which island nation of about 25 million residents has been dubbed the “eighth continent”?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Valley Grill in Middletown, MD

A great game of PHT once again here at Valley Grill in Middletown, and a close one as well! We had six of our twelve teams tonight in the running for first, and the leader changed all over the place throughout the game. No real “struggle’ questions tonight, so you folks owned it. Here are the results:

First Place:  Stupid Sexy Flanders

Second Place:  Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap

Third Place:  Fast Forward not Available

Next week’s first categpry:  Triple 50/50 (Donald Trump or Bill Cosby?)

~ Ronnie




The Tavern in Olney, MD

We had lots of back and forth between two teams fighting for 1st place at our Wednesday night game at The Tavern! By the the time we reached the final question, each team took the opposite option on the final wager. With a final category like “Islands of the World”, you never know what to expect, so the team in 1st by 2 points rolled the dice with a zero wager, the other went with the “Go big or go home” 12 point wager. Once the answers were in, this is what happened… Making a move up the ladder to 3rd was the Audrey Hepburn Fan Club! The zero wager worked against our team that slid down into 2nd place (I felt SOO bad for them, especially cause they answered it correctly!), In Last Place!! Going big on the wager paid off for our 1st place finisher, so welcome back to the winners circle Shart Attack!!! They picked “Hawks of North America” to start next weeks game so study up, and I hope you’ll join the fun with us next Wednesday night at The Tavern!!

~   Jon J

Hawks Trivia


Applebee’s in Frederick, MD

Tonight we started things off with a ‘Friends’ question, asking for the real life Soap Opera on which Joey got a job as Dr. Drake Ramoray; turns out he landed a gig on ‘Days of Our Lives’.  Things got a little tougher late in the game, and ended with a final question that stumped the room.  The question was in the category of Islands of the World and asked for the island nation of ~25 million people that has been dubbed ‘the eighth continent’ unofficially.  New Zealand (Population of ~4 million) was the most common wrong answer, with nobody getting Madagascar.

This didn’t change much in the end, as third place went to Something About Tom Brady, second went to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, and the win went to BTF for the second week in a row! Nice work! Next week we start with a question about the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, so if you haven’t seen it already, watch it! If you have, watch it again! I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

Next week’s first category:  “Stranger Things”

Stranger Things Trivia


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

Belles had a bite tonight, and I am not going to lie- I was not in top form tonight and they largely went unanswered. Don’t et used to it, I will not be so passive in the future. The set was interesting as we played it as it was written, and some excelled while some surprisingly struggled through a few rounds.

Tokyo Sex Whale may have had a rough night, but you handed them a tough final and they just smiled, said thank you and walked away with the 1st place spot. Amazing how that happens! 2nd went to Constantly Changing Team Name who were missing their head troublemaker but were not lacking in sass. Rounding out 3rd was Halfway to a threeway, who are quickly becoming my trivia bridesmaids… I will see you next week for a first question of The Lonely Island Audio. Ha. Some be interesting.

~ Sam

Lonely Island Trivia


Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD

Tonight saw one of the busiest nights and closest games of Pour House Trivia we’ve had here at Bennigans!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Everybody-Dance-Now”: One of the trickier questions tonight was also one that caused a lot of sit-dancing the moment people realized what the last song was. Still, karaoke music categories are always tough and yet most teams managed to pull out all three songs tonight, very nicely done!

In “Flipping-A-Japenese-Coin”: The Shinobi question had the teams coming down to a tough decision: Samurai or Ninja, and unfortunately a fair number of teams went with Samurai, and it cost them big time. That said, many teams not only got Ninja but also the Sega bonus points, and the race continued closely.

In “Fight-for-the-Finish”: The fourth round was a slugfest, finishing on what turned out to be the toughest question of the night, with only a few teams getting the answer correct. This lead to 4 teams in two ties for first and third within a point of each other, and a few other teams nipping at their heels. How would it end up?

In third place tonight, jumping up after fighting in the middle of the pack all night, Many Bothans!

In second place tonight, last weeks winners coming so close to the back-to-back, the Bumbleslayers!

In first place tonight, I guess I gotta be nice to them for the week, Momentary Lapse of Reason!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a category about the Gods of the North, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Pert: the band Rush! Should be a rocking good time! Study up and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Rush Band Trivia


Woodside Deli in Germantown, MD

Pour House Trivia was totally stoked to open a new venue in Germantown — Woodside Deli!  Five teams competed, with several brand new teams!  Teams were collectively a little hesitant at first — new venue, new host.  ALL SURVIVED.  Dare say, some even thrived! (Yeah, that rhymed. Linguist, remember?)  The final question and the subterfuge entailed was the real mover-and-shaker of the night; the leaderboard did flips when the “8th continent” was posed.  Madagascar!  A proper hint might have been “also the title of a Pixar movie series”, but alas – no free lunches here!  Congratulations to Front of the Class with their one-point victory (and $50 cash!), and to Don’t Call Me Shirley and We Need a Do-Over for rounding out the top-3.  Again, I had a blast and hope to see you and all your friends again next Wednesday!

Fair winds,

~ Chief

Next week’s first category:  John Wayne Films

John Wayne Film Trivia


Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD

A few changes have been implemented into the decorations here at Bennigan’s to remind us that it’s Halloween season! Fall is in the air and Halloween is approaching and Bennigan’s has got their scary decor all ready to celebrate! Speaking of celebrating, Roaming Gnomes has a TON to celebrate, as they’ve been RED HOT here at trivia, winning so often that it seems we can call them the juggernauts of this venue.

Tonight, one team looked very very strong, a team that (let’s face it) isn’t ALWAYS the strongest competitors, but tonight they showed up! Just the Tip lead at the half, the only team to eclipse 90 points. JTT was the only team to get a perfect halftime page (scores looked like one team with 20, one with 19, one with 18, one with 17, one with 16, and other scores too; was wild!). Roaming Gnomes were back by 10 at the half, they had their work cut out for them in the 2nd half.

Round 3 saw a Ninja question that slipped up a few teams, and even more on the 2 point bonus. Shinobi, a term used for high classes of ninjas in feudal Japan, was ALSO the name of a video game series released by Sega in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Shinobi served as their mascot for a bit until the Sonic craze hit. Question of the Night, in my opinion, was the NFL History question. Question of the Night because of some notable misses. Only two teams chose NFL as their bonus category, seemingly, our NFL experts. Well, only 2 teams missed the wager points on that question, and the 2 teams that bonused it were the misses. Maybe a burden of knowledge gave the actual advantage to the teams that knew less. Either way, it was strange to see!

Going into the final, JTT had locked the game up, leading by 14 points. They got their round of applause and they got to spend the next 2 minutes thinking about what category they wanted for the winner’s choice next week. Only a few correct responses on the final (JTT notably missing the final so it’s a good thing they had it locked). Roaming Gnomes with a correct answer, they finish in 2nd place tonight. 3rd place to We’ll Try Harder, who bet zero to stay ahead of the field. A notable 4th place finish to Math Debaters who elected to bet zero on the final, got it CORRECT, and it cost them a $ spot. They’d have finished 3rd! Oh well, better luck next week! We’ll see you guys then!

Next week’s first category: “Firefly”

Firefly TV Trivia


Memories in Mount Airy, MD

Another exciting game of trivia is in the books, and with quite a nail-biting finish!!  A few tough questions couldn’t dissuade teams from battling back and forth for trivia dominance.  So who came out on top?

First Place:  Team Awesome

Second Place:  Sexual Chocolate

Third Place:  LOWL

Next week’s first category: Three Clues / One Undertaker Opponent (if the Undertaker will be there, does that make next week Wrestlemania?)

See you next week!!

~ Nick

Undertaker WWE Trivia


Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD

Thanks to all of my friends who decided to spend their Wednesday evening with me at trivia night here at Barefoot Bernie’s, over staying home and watching presidential debate #3!  And I’m glad you did as it was some fun times and a great game of trivia for sure!

Some fun questions colored the evening. I think my favorites were:


– Slider: just brings back greasy memories of burger bliss

– Ninja: cuz I used to want to be one 🙂

– And of course Science and Nature Trivial Pursuit: brings me back to family game night and owning the Green category 🙂

Congrats to our winners tonight.  It was certainly a close one all the way down to the final correct answer of Madagascar FTW!  And after that little puppy barked, our TOP 3 looked like this:




Thanks again y’all – I wish you a great week and weekend.  Next Wednesday we will kick off with “Death Proof” – Tarantino film. I actually loved this twisted piece of filmage.  See ya soon 🙂

~ DG

Deathproof Movie Trivia