OH, What a Weekend at PHT!

So much excitement in the air! Football playoffs, three day weekend for many of us, Post season of XII is looming large… We can barely contain ourselves over here! We had two great games this weekend in Maryland, not three as Benders was closed for a private party throw down. Check out our recaps!


Belles’ in Frederick, Md

We had a few New England fans bouncing around on us tonight as we got through the first half of our game, but things thankfully smoothed a bit after the puzzle page and it was a nice time. Since I won’t see you till next Saturday I wish you all the best at the playoffs, and if your are already in the World Series, I hope to see you at the Pub Crawl.

Here are the results of tonight’s game:

Wiser But Still Dead in 1st

Uncle Jack in 2nd

Dingos Ate My Baby in 3rd

It’ll be a couple of weeks before we get back to the norm, and our first category will be the great state of Hawaii! ~ Ronnie


The Beacon in Frederick, Md

What a GREAT game tonight at our new venue, The Beacon!! We almost had the place completely full from my regulars plus a bunch of new visitors that I HOPE will start making this a new home for Sunday games next season! (One of the new teams has too, if they want to use the Pour House cash they got for winning tonight!) For the most part, it was a close game between a LOT of teams, I even needed to use a tie-breaker to decide our 3rd place team tonight! And winning that tie breaker question to finish 3rd was the Witiots! Playing a great second half to get them so close to the prize, but still finishing impressively in 2nd place was the Vitrifiers!! Our winners tonight just came in to check out the the venue for fun, by round 2 had 1st place alone, and then held on for the WIN, great job West End Girls!!! They decided on “Korean Cuisine” for next Sundays winners choice, good luck to all my playoffs and pub crawlers this Saturday and I’ll see you next week at the Beacon!!   ~  Jon J

1. West End Girls
2. Vitrifiers
3. Witiots
4. Ollie Monsters
5. Smarty Pants
6. We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity
7. At Least We Tried
8. Trifecta
9. Newcomer