Oh, Thursday, you beautiful beast! Another packed evening of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Man, oh man, do you guys love a good Thursday evening of Pour House pub trivia! 

We discussed some super-thick soup, Hitchcock’s greatest film (at least for my money!) and got in touch with our farming side!

A full recap is below:

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

 I had a fun time substituting at Bunkers Sports Bar this past Thursday night… except for the part of getting lost on my way there!! There was a good team turnout and it was a really close game, only 10 points separated 1st to 7th place! I was more surprised that I didn’t need a tie-breaker question by the final question!

So this is how it broke down…. in 3rd place were the Indians, in 2nd place was Spam, Eggs, Bacon and Spam and winning the game by one point… Cranius Maximus!! They chose “World War 1″ for next weeks winners choice category and Trip will be back this Thursday, but I appreciate everyone being so nice and patient with me while I filled in!! Thanks!!  ~ Jon J

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Had to bust out the secret back room tables tonight for pub trivia at Champions in Frederick, MD. Holy German Measles was it crowded! 18 teams jumped into our contest this evening. We threw down for a bit. There were Grand Marnier girls. Limbo Rock Your Body happened. Lawrence Fishburne happened. Bratislava almost happened. We topped it off with a hula. CRAZINESS I SAY…and I loved every minute!
Congratulations to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades who seem to have found a hidden gear this season. They popped a 2-fer tonight! That is no easy feat against 17 other pub trivia teams. Mucho props yall! Vitrifiers played tough, as always, and snatched the 2P just ahead of One Night Stand in 3rd, who have their full crew back in town after a brief hiatus in Croatia 🙂 Great game tonight everyone. Here is the leader board Top 5…
1st Place: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
2nd Place: Vitrifiers
3rd Place: One Night Stand
4th Place: LaQueefa
5th Place TIE: Just Good Enough and Wham Bam Here We Am
Much love everyone. Thanx for braving the cold and coming out to play this evening. I thought the cold weather was done and we’d all get to bust out some of our spring colors tonight but jeesh…ya know! Bundle Up…it’s nipply! 
Before I go, Id like to leave you with my Top 3 Things that I will file in my “Make Sure I Remember This” file
1. If an actual answer is “In the Hole” I should expect drawings on the back of the answer sheet that will be considered “supplementary material.”
2. Do NOT ask a “real dancer” if they want to dance and then proceed to go to a hula. 
3. If however, a random hula does break out after trivia, be sure to mix in some limbo rock! cuz…well I can go pretty low 🙂
Til next week my friends, have a great weekend and catch up on some Walking Dead…as that is the category that Horseshoes and Hand Grenades have invited us to study up on. See ya then 🙂 dg
Walking Dead trivia category Maryland

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

It was another great night of trivia at Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonsboro, these folks are a ton of fun! Grendel’s Mother was our winner tonight playing a very tight game with BTI, who finished third. The story of the night was the comeback of the team Town Drunks, who overcame a devastating first round to finish in second, great job! Join me next week, where our first category will be British Literature. ~ Ronnie
British Literature Pub Trivia Maryland

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Fish Market? I hardly know it…. Been holding on to that one for a few weeks now, but I felt it was fitting as we had a HUGE crowd tonight with a TON of new faces! Great turnout tonight, loved it! Winning our game tonight was Seabass, two weeks in a row now. Second place went to our regulars Humantaray, followed by a new team calling themselves West Viriginia Pride. Hoping the turn out is this amazing in future weeks; we very much enjoy the company. Come back next week, I’ll be here. Until then!
1st Place: Put It on Seabass’ Tab
2nd Place: Humantaray
3rd Place: West Virginia Pride
Next week’s category: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Pour House Trivia MD

Guidos – Frederick, MD

We had an awesome night at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight! After a tiebreaker, our third place winner was TNC!!  In second we had Stink Floyd, our ever perseverant trivia heads! Our top spot tonight went to None Pizza with Left Beef. Their choice for first category? TRIPLE 50/50 Nostradamus or Nosferatu! See you next Thursday, hopefully with warmer weather! ~Torie

Nostradamus or Nosferatu Pub Trivia MD

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It was a wild night at Main Street – lots of new faces, lots of competition, BUT Clever Team Name came out on top yet again, taking first with 151!
Gaza Strippers scored second place in their first try at 150 and If We Only Had a Brain took third at 141! Next week we start off with 90’s one-hit wonders – stay tuned!
90s One Hit Wonders Pub Trivia MD

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was a very tight race at the top of the standings on Thursday night at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, which included a team making their first appearance after a long hiatus.  The 2-point bonuses were crucial, and just four points separated first through fourth.  No one was able to gain any ground on the final, and it was Second Place is First Loser taking the title for the night.  Blue Collar took second with Depends in third place.  Next week starts with a question on the Star Wars (Original) Trilogy!  No need to study up on Jar Jar Binks!  ~ Matt

yoda trivia