Oh, hump day. You may signal that the work week is half done, but Pour House Pub Trivia really makes the day better!

You know, I think the proverb about the road to hell being paved with good intentions might be adapted for Pour House pub trivia – The road to victory is paved with missed answers!

Ok, it’s not great. I’m working on it!

Wednesday night’s game brough that proverb, and a slew of other important bits of information!

I don’t know much about English history, but the only thing I do remember is King Henry VIII’s wives: Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!

Henry VIII Wives

Now that we’ve had a little history lesson, let’s see the games!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Glad to see that I was missed last week at Atlantic Grille in Urbana! Making new friends is great, but it’s always great to come home (cue the “Cheers” music).
[th_youtube id=’iqaSWj8ygrc’ name=’Cheers Theme’]
Strangers Have the Best Candy stole a runaway lead early on and just couldn’t be caught! Men & Pausers finished a respectable second and Baby Got Pratt snatched third place away from newcomers Shameless by just ONE point!
Join us next week where I’ll once again be singing (this time, in my range!) Winners’ Choice is Eric Sings the musical RENT! See y’all in 10,080 minutes…. yeah, that joke was lame. πŸ˜›
– Eric πŸ˜€
Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

I forgot we had 2 of the Top Star Wars Trivia Teams present at Barefoot Bernies tonight…they both let me know that they didn’t need to hear Vader breathing… it was more like “…you had me at 1977.” Maybe a Star Wars audio game is in the cards πŸ™‚
Dark Side Pub Trivia MD
Great game of trivia tonight! It was neck and neck most of the way but I Am The Machine pulled away and into the lead going into the final question. However, a miss on that one opened the door for the fleet to cruise. And that the fleet did, but props to the Machine for a game well played!
It was tight after this as well…a Jonathon Swift tie breaker went to Too Husky for Sandusky who brought the crew out tonight and went home with the W! Great job y’all! Second Place went to the always consistent Slapsgiving and the three spot went to Say Hi to Your Mom for Me – I’ll tell your RUSH buddy you said hello πŸ™‚
Great times tonight everyone. My Top 3 Favorite Wrong Answers tonight all came from the same question…the winners choice, which was: 

In the film “UHF”, future “Seinfeld” star Michael Richards portrayed Stanley Spadowski, who hosted the kids show “Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse” on Channel 62.  On one episode, Stanley allowed one lucky child to take a drink from this item.  Name it.




I think I liked these answers because it reminded me of a night in college…holla! πŸ˜‰

Have a good weekend my friends. Next Wednesday our game begins with US PRESIDENTS. Thanx for hangin’ this evening…see you soon.


US Presidents Pour House Pub Trivia MD


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

What a crazy finish to a great game…. All night our leaders were The 4th Spy, holding that place going into the final question. In second, we had Hot Dog Stigmata, and The Kennedy Package in third, with a three-way tie in fourth place between Team Janet, Uncle Jack, and Z-Jays.
Only three teams managed a correct answer to our final question… Z-Jay’s and Uncle Jack jumped up into a tie for second place, but Uncle Jack won the tiebreaker! Sniping the win from behind was The Kennedy Package! They said tonight was their night before the game started, and they did not lie… what a game! Until next week, I’ll see you guys soon!
1st Place:  The Kennedy Package
2nd Place:  Uncle Jack
3rd Place: Z-Jay’s
Next week’s category: Game of Thrones (TV Show, not the book)
Game of Thrones Pub Trivia Category

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

 We had a great game at Cellar door last night! 

12 teams crowded in to duke it out, in a close match that came down to the final bout.
When the bell sounded, there was a chipped “Toof” or two, but we had a winner!
In first place, holding strong for most of the night was Grab a Straw! Way to go guys!
In second, nipping at Grab a Straw’s heels and keeping them honest all night was Team Wednesday! And rounding out the top three was the Escapees! Great game all around guys!
I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for being so patient with me as I took my maiden voyage into hosting! It was nerve wracking but I had a good time and I hope all of you did too!
Grab a Straw have chosen what I think sounds like a fun category for next week: 80’s Action Cartoons! Get studying Cellar Door!
Until next time,
80s action cartoons pub trivia category MD

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had an awesome game tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax! The weather is warming up and the teams are dusting off their winter brains!  
In third place, rounding out our winner’s circle was FAKE BLOCK!  Just in front of them, snagging the second place spot were our new regulars, Movin’ On Up! In the first place spot was the team to beat lately, NO BRAINZ @ the BAR!
Their choice of first category? Wes Anderson Movies! See you next Wednesday!
Wes Anderson movies pour house pub trivia MD

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

We had a heck of a night tonight at the Olney Tavern, with quite a little back and forth action!

As always with a game of Pour House Trivia, NOTHING is set in stone until AFTER the final question! 

Things looked pretty comfortable on the podium after our 6, 4, 2 question, but the ladies and gents from I Just Quizzed In My Pants had eyes on that second place spot!

They scratched and clawed their way up with some smart wagers and NAILED the final to move into second!

Third place went to the #Dumbasses!

A very strong round all around from Only The Lonely moved them into first early, and they held on tight to retain!

Before you go, some fun observations of the night:

  • Our final question did NOT in fact have anything to do with bridges! I do hear that the ones in Pittsburgh are quite nice, though!
  • I appreciate you fine folks attempting to trip me up…but you’ve got to be pretty quick to trip up Tripp! (I apologize for speaking in the third person!)
  • Philadelphia>>>Pittsburgh. Sorry friends, I have to stick to my roots!

Our first category next week is NOT Pennsylvania related, it is Upstate New York!

See you then!


Upstate New York Pub Trivia Category MD


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

The overall standings couldn’t be any closer as hit the homestretch in Season IX at T.J. Stone’s.  The past few weeks, Winners in Life has been gaining ground on our 3-time house champions, the B-58s, and they took another step closer tonight with their second win of the season!  It was a tight finish, and they needed every point to take home tonight’s win.  They were defintiely helped by the always-useful accidental correct answer on the A + B question.  And THAT is why we do not make you show your work.  The B-58s kept it close all night but had to settle for second, while Virgins and IRS: Thanks for Nothing rounded out our top three.  Next week begins with a question on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.  See you then!

Monty Python Trivia Alexandria


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

The final question flipped the script on our game here at Valley Grill Sports Bar, and even the strategic wagering couldn’t save the leader board from moving around at the end.

Book Club Babes nailed the final for first, Brain Freeze leapt into second, and Xavier Onassis also moved up into third. Join me again next week, where our first category will be the TV show “Scandal“.

~ Ronnie

Scandal Pub Trivia Question Maryland