Oh, Bother (not Brother)! Wednesday Night Trivia!

We’ve hit the homestretch for Season XIV here at Pour House Trivia.  Only a few more weeks remain, and every house championship is up for grabs, with some very close races for first place.  Last night’s game was certainly more challenging than normal, but you probably already knew that if you played last night (or at least made it to the second half).  Nonetheless, with some good wagering strategy, some teams were able to push through the weeds and land themselves on our “Best of the Best” recap:

WEDNESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (84 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Multiple Scoregasms (Bennigan’s – Frederick) with 161

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Front of the Class (Woodside Deli) with 159

–> Highest First Half Score: BTF (Bennigan’s – Frederick) with 82

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Southpaw Fish (Valley Grill), Bam (The Tavern), Flight Level Awesome (Belles’), Don’t Call Me Shirley (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg), Sexual Chocolate (Memories).

–> The halftime sheet was “memorable”, but maybe not for the right reasons.  Officially, it was the most difficult halftime page of the season, yielding an average score of just 11.4.  No team scored a perfect 20, and only one team managed to score more than 17: congrats to Three Fingers Worth for that top score.

–> The 6-4-2 was much easier, as about 35% of our teams knew that the only foreign college bowl game this year will be played in the Bahamas.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (78.6% success rate):

–> What were the first and middle names of the only child of author A. A. Milne?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Valley Grill in Middletown, MD

Back again at Valley Grill in Middletown for another Wednesday edition of Pour House Trivia!  These folks literally had me speaking Pig Latin, and off all things, Beyonce lyrics. We heard some famous celebrity voices, some Christmas poetry, and talked about an R-rated animated cult classic of the 80’s for the 2nd round. We visited an Italian icon and discussed an animal that purportedly is very helpful “in the bedroom” for the 3rd. For some famous people, round 4 featured Tupac, Charlie Chaplin, and Babe Ruth. It took a tiebreaker to determine 3rd place so here are the results:

First Place:  Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap

Second Place:  Southpaw Fish

Third Place:  Second Place

Next week’s first category:  “Rogue One”~ Ronnie

Rogue One Trivia


The Tavern in Olney, MD

Our Wednesday night game at The Tavern was CRAZY!  It started off like any normal trivia game would start, but after each round scores between tonight’s top 3 kept getting closer and closer.  Once we finished round 4 and the scores were tallied before the final question, I had my first ever three-way tie for 1st place!!  I gave the category for the final, all 3 teams said we go big or we go home and wagered the maximum 12!  All three teams answered correctly, so now we need a three-way tie breaker to decide who will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd! after the answers came in, this is how one of the best games I’ve ever seen ended… The tie breaker question decided that Bam would be 3rd, Olney the Lonely got 2nd, and the team that WAS alone in 1st after the puzzle page let out a HUGE sigh of relief with the closest answer in the tie breaker.  So the John Glenn Fan Club JUST held on to the 1st place win!! They picked “Mickey Mantle” for next Wednesdays winners choice, so study up and if you’re looking to have some fun, swing by The Tavern on Wednesdays!!

~ Jon J

Mickey Mantle Trivia


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

What a good night with my Wednesday night crews!  Cookies, laughter and some familiar but unexpected faces stopped in tonight! Many thanks to Courtney for the cookies, they are my very first Christmas present for this season. Even the bag is adorable. I hope you can be here for the cookies next week- it’s tradition and Rick has already put in his requests for the usual.. Going to be a damn good time. Maybe I’ll sing some Burl Ives. Stranger things have happened. Speaking of stranger things, that hip hop and history question was a good one tonight! Teams were thrilled to pull the Machiavelli, and once we established that I was looking for his influential work not Tupac’s a few of you even managed The Prince for the bonus. Fun to watch.

Speaking of fun, we had a shake up on that leader board  with the Tokyo Sex Whales struggling a bit through the game but they managed to grab that 3rd spot thanks to Halfway to a threesome feeling cautious where they should have been ballsy! 2nd went to my long lost Neverending Motorboat, congratulations on getting married! Always good to see you all. 1st was the real story tonight as Flight Level Awesome pulled in to the lead early and just refused to take a breather. Pushed their way up in points through the full game, and couldn’t be touched on that final.

They have chosen a fantastic first question for next week – Triple 50/50: Booby traps… “Home Alone” or “Home Alone 2”.

Awesome. I’m stoked.

~ Sam

Home Alone Trivia


Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD

It may be frigid outside tonight, but the heat was on in here at Bennigan’s tonight, literally!  We were sweating during tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia, but that wouldn’t deter anyone from a wild game!

Highlights of the Night:

In “ARE-YOU-SURE?!”: Sometimes, teams decide not to take a chance for a two point bonus late in the game. Some wait to the last second. And then there’s the teams that let their runner get all the way up to me, as I’m counting down, and start screaming WAIT!!!!!! And not just screaming but like as a group letting out bloodcurdling “COME BACK!!!” Record scratch much?

In “Puzzle-Page-From-Hell”: Tonight’s puzzle page was murder on the teams; single digit pages were much in evidence and breaking 15 was a triumph. I even got some *ahem* rude gestures for delivering the bad news to certain teams. I’m just the messenger people!

In “There-Will-Be-No-Baby-Sympathy-Here”: When a team is vying for a top spot, they often will fight tooth and nail for every possible point they can get. One team tonight even went so far as to try to earn Cute Baby Points, bringing up the little one every time they wanted to go over an answer again. I shall not be swayed by the cuteness!

In third place tonight, BTF!

In second place tonight, Bumbleslayers!

In first place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a category on Malcolm X! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Malcolm X


Woodside Deli in Germantown, MD

Seven teams came, including yet another newcomer to the Pour House Trivia fold! And they placed in their first-ever event! Well done, Clam Out. (I’m still not asking you to explain your team’s name.)

In a completely unexpected twist, perennial favorites Front of Class were only TIED going into the second half; but like a well-trained thoroughbred, they pulled away from their competition and eventually secured their rightful win.

All in all, a well-played game. Very much looking forward to seeing you all again early next year.  Your finishers:

First Place:  Front of the Class

Second Place:  Nerds Say What?

Third Place:  Clam Out


Next game’s first category: Purple Things (This can go one of two ways.)

As always, Fair Winds!

~ Chief



Nido’s Ristorante in Frederick, MD

This week at Nido’s we started out with a question about Mexican food, asking about the main ingredient for huevos rancheros; it turns out that just about everyone knew the main ingredient is eggs.  I was impressed by how well everyone did on the audio question of celebrity voiceovers, especially with John Lithgow.  Halftime asked teams to identify states by their license plates, as well as matching athletes to their nicknames.

The final question for tonight was about literary families, and most teams did really well on this one!  This led to little change at the end, with Much More Deeper taking third, Team Wednesday taking second, and the win going to Three Fingers Worth!  Next week we start with a question about the Colorado Avalanche (the NHL team), so study up and we’ll see you next week!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Colorado Avalanche Trivia


Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD

Almost halfway through December and the season is near the end.  Last season we saw the World Series Champions come out of Bennigan’s but this season they’ve been away.  They made their triumphant return last week with a STELLAR performance and a win.  Dusty Baker School of Management is no joke and TONIGHT they were back for more.  Get used to it because we’re gonna be seeing a lot of them in the next few weeks to make sure they qualify for the World Series and get a shot to defend their title!

Going into the half, it wasn’t ALL Dusty Baker, as the Math Debaters tied for the lead with a good score of 15 on the halftime page (that was the high score… it was a hard one tonight…).  I apologize once again for the halftime page. We here at PHT like to experiment with some fun ideas some times and oft times the ideas blow up in our faces :-p … This one is on me heh.  Sorry!  Needless to say, a hard halftime got most of the crowd pumped up for a fresh start in the 2nd half!

Dusty Baker seemed to cruise through the upcoming rounds and had no issues preserving the lead going into the final question.  Only leading by 5 points (not a normal night for DB), they only needed to get the final correct to win the game. And that they did.  Well, everyone did.  I guess you guys have read your Winnie the Pooh, and knew that the name ‘Christoper Robin’ was taken directly from A.A. Milne’s son.  Dusty Baker caps a well-played game with the W! 2nd place goes out to Don’t Call Me Shirley and 3rd place to WOW on a TIEBREAKER over Math Debaters! Great game guys, we’re back in a week with another game of trivia! Until then 😉

Next week’s first category:  English Premier League Soccer

English Premier League Trivia



Memories in Mount Airy, MD

What a night!  A particularly tough puzzle page kept the scores competitive, as teams quizzed their way through the set.  With World Series looming in the distance, who would secure the coveted 20 points?

First Place:  Sexual Chocolate

Second Place:  Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Third Place:  LOWL

Sexual Chocolate takes it down, and selects 20th Century MMA as next week’s first category.  Study up, and I’ll see you next week!

~ Nick

MMA Trivia


Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, MD

Tonight at the Furnace we had a new winner with new teams but it was the same old fun! To start off our game was a question about the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day off”. Teams had to name the Hockey Legend that passed away earlier this year and was the name on Cameron’s jersey. The responses where priceless as two teams put “your mother”!  However it was Gordie Howe!

Later we had an interesting question that lead to teams laughing in disbelief when the answer was read. The late rapper Tupac Shakur studied a “father of modern political science” while in prison, even changing his own rap name from ‘2Pac’ to a version of this name.  That answer was Machiavelli, there was a two point bonus for naming his most influential work, which was “The Prince”.  Insie Tinsie Newforts for getting that question correct which lead them to victory tonight. In second was Soda and the Whatchamacallits and in third Member Berries.  First category next week is Texas Rodeo Bars!

 Until Next time,

~ Devan



Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD

Welcome three new teams: Just Do It!, Butdidju Die?, and the Smurfs!  With a big crowd tonight we had a game that started out with a wide spread in the scores, but ended up incredibly tight.  After that brutal half-time page, the scores started to converge.  The final question didn’t end up changing much, with our leader board as follows:

First Place:  Sad Fat Dragons

Second Place:  Does He Look Like a Biff?

Third Place:  Taint Too Proud to Beg

Next week’s first category:  TBD



Applebee’s in Waynesboro, PA

We had a new winner at Applebee’s tonight, with Patty Smyth’s Warriors taking home their first victory with Pour House Trivia.  The highlight of the night came when the Hip Hop & History category was announced, with teams making jokes about Tupac Shakur only to find that the question actually did revolve around him.  Overall it was a very competitive game so thanks to everyone who came out tonight.  Here are your top three:

First Place:  Patty Smyth’s Warriors

Second Place:  JuJu and Friends

Third Place:  Not Your Team

Next week’s first category:  Patty Smyth Songs (surprise surprise!)’

~ Kyle

Patty Smyth Trivia


Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA

We had a very tight game through the first three rounds with the top three teams within one point of each other. But then Round Four happened and Mark’s Angels ran the board. And then they got the Final Category correct and impressively won for the second week in a row.  We’ll start next week’s game with the seasonally appropriate category of Christmas Movies.

First Place:  Mark’s Angels

Second Place:  The Brainy Yaks

Third Place (tie):  Ta Killya and The Laughy Taffeez

Next week’s first category:  Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies Trivia