O. Henry and so much more with Pour House Pub Trivia’s Tuesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday had one of my favorite short story writers, O. Henry!

O Henry Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

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Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

It was a record-setting night at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington!  We had a few teams visiting us from other bars, and they were witness to quite a performance put on the Capital Hillbillies (tonight playing as the Plutocrats).  They were perfect through three rounds, and were only two points off of a perfect game when they rolled into the final question with 172 points.  Despite having a 15-point lead and a win already locked up, the final category did not scare them, and they went all in for a shot at the all-time scoring record.  The final question did not seem to pose any threat, as the correct answer was delivered to me in mere seconds.

So, there is now one team atop the Pour House Trivia high score list, at 184 points!  Congrats!  Show me on the Doll jumped a few spots on the final to take second, with Capitol City Goofballs bouncing back from a tough first round to take third.  Next week, our first category is ‘Buns’!  Just buns…


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

So we beat the rain here at Champions – They say it’s coming but I am not so sure I believe them!

Thank you for being kind to my gimpy self, and for helping me put together some crazy stories as to how I manage to break myself. I am sad that the truth is so mundane 😉

Our game tonight was not mundane though! We had a good paced game with some new faces trying to beat out the veterans, and it was the old hands who took the turn at the top tonight! It was Jungle fever in 3rd, 2nd was Wiser but still Dead (Thanks for the checkup Dr. Dale!) and 1st went to that hard to beat crew of 2 Live clue 2!

I am headed home to ice up and hit more drugs, under Dr’s orders of course, so you all have a good week and study up on the Mafia for next weeks game. Stay safe my friends 😉


mafia trivia questions


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Another Tuesday on the books here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and it was the good ol’ Hashtag that really rearranged the leader board in this game!

Here are the final results:

You Talkin’ To Me in 1st

Lightfoot in 2nd

Drunk n Disorderly in 3rd

Our first category for next week is musician Frank Zappa.

~ Ronnie

Frank Zappa trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

It was nice to see some teams that haven’t been in for awhile tonight at Celebrity Bar & Grill! It definitely made for a fun game and changed a run that has been going on for SOOO LONG!!

After the final this is how we finished: 3rd place went to a new team named Double D’s! Finishing in 2nd and ending a winning streak that has been going on since the last month of LAST season, American Outlaws! Ending one of the longest winning streaks I have ever witnessed for 1st tonight was Jersey Shore!!! Incredible!!

They picked “Sesame Street” for next Tuesdays winners choice question, so study up and stop by Celebrity Bar & Grill next week!!

~ Jon J

Sesame Street Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

It was Christmas in July Tuesday at La La Trivia Night! And NOT because both Santa Claus and Gift of the Magi made appearances in the set; but all the love in the house! I missed y’all last week. It was the first time in 6 years I did not host Monkey La La Tuesday night. So thank you for all the love and sugar my friends 🙂

And what a rowdy little romp of a trivia night we had indeed! We had some teams I had not seen in a minute (as they say) come out and throw down a bit with the La La veterans. Good times too! I think my fave appearance of the night was:

naked cowboy (1)

Haven’t seen him in a while! I need to get up to NYC for a weekend and say hello 🙂 And the Members Only jacket surely brought back memories of me pimping around the 8th grade hallways, with my Michael Jackson glove and rat tail haircut (It’s true! Don’t hate – it was a phase).

Feldman trivia jacket trivia pour house pub trivia

And after a few hours of fun and craziness we had our Top 3 decided by an ASUS final. Congrats ladies and gents – nice work!

20150714_214740.3 20150714_215102.2 20150714_214914.1

The Planet Pluto is our opener for next Tuesday night! Have a wonderful week my friends and I will see you then. DG 🙂


Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Today at the Orioles Nest we got to play some trivia while the All-Star Game for the MLB was on, which is always one of the most fun games of the year, at least for me. In the game we had an audio question and half of the puzzle page dedicated to the game, and I was surprised how many teams knew Eddie Vedder for the audio question, singing about Wrigley Field. I liked the Adam Sandler guess, although I don’t think he qualifies as a musician for that question. We had a rather difficult classical music question come up too, as I found not a lot of people know who composed Water Music, and what river it was played on. I had a ton of guesses for Mozart and the Danube River, which I assume was teams hedging their bets and trying to guess two different things. The only team who got both Handel and the River Thames said that Handel was a stone-cold guess for them, which was pretty amazing.

The short stories question caught some teams off guard, with Gift of the Magi and O. Henry making an appearance at the end of round three. Easily the toughest question of the night, however, was the one about signs and symbols. Turns out that nobody knows what an octothorpe is (it’s another name for #), and that led to a ton of teams betting high on it and missing it, thinking we were talking about the ampersand or asterisk. This made the game pretty interesting overall, and we had a pretty close game between the top teams heading into the final question. Taking third place tonight was Eddie Money’s Kids, who claimed that everything was falling apart after round three, but managed to salvage the night it seems. Second place went to What Happened to the Dufresnes?? with another well played game. Winning tonight, however, was the Smarty Pants, who built a decent lead heading into the final and bet just enough to cover second place. Congrats! Next week we start with a question where I’m gonna be doing some more singing. This time the category is Chad Sings Poison (The band with Brett Michaels) which should be fun. You don’t wanna miss that! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Hair Bands Trivia

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

Such a close game!! Teams traded places all night as they fought over the top three spots. The level of competition was really high, as veteran teams ended up shut out of the money on a truly challenging final.

Along the way, we learned all about Ricky Gervais’ life choices, the faces of the MLB All-Star Game, and realized that nothing gets a crowd going like shouting, “Let’s get NAKED”.
Teams were constantly back and forth, all fighting for that first place prize. As we made our way to the final, teams changed places (again!), and the tone was set. After a game-changer of a final, we had our top three. In third, last week’s winners Suck It, Trebek. Second went to a brand new team, Blood, Sweat and Beer, and first went to TK regulars “Bastile Workers Local #56”.
They’ve chosen the very general, “Islands” as next week’s category, so good luck studying! See you next week.
Inline image 1

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

The ALLSTAR game was on tonight and we had quite a theme going for the night, what with the audio clue, the half time page, and just the surrounding restaurant, as 20 or so TVs were all set to the game. It was a a baseball night! But alas! Trivia comes first. Priorities people! Getting into the game, the question of the night HAS TO BE, and I’m sure every venue saw the same reult that I did, the Signs and Symbols question. Less than half converting points, and HIGH WAGERS missed too. It was a game changer… With the results of that, Uncle Jack, the Big Fact Hunt, and D+M pulled into the lead with correct answers. The asterisk question hurt and gave the teams quite a deficit to come back from… Going into the final, we shot about 50%, so here’s how it wrapped up. Hobgoblins jump up with a correct response into 3rd place! 2nd place to the Big Fact Hunt, and winning tonight is Uncle Jack! Great game everyone, we’re back in a week!

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: The Big Fact Hunt
3rd Place: Hobgoblins

Next week’s category: The Great Escape