Not Just the First Trivia Weekend of 2016

Happy New Year Everyone! While many were nursing hangovers and deliberating on New Year’s Resolutions, some were out there throwing down and playing some pub trivia, PHT style! We had a great weekend of games to kick off the New Year!

Belles – Frederick, MD

Belles recap:

Woot! First PHT trivia game of 2016 and it was here at Belles Sports Bar, where 12 teams battled it out to draw the first blood of the year. That Pearl Jam clue didn’t sound too bad after I mic’d up my Samsung’s speaker. Here are the results of tonight’s action:

Uncle Jack in 1st

Wiser But Still Dead in 2nd

Smarty Pants in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the “Dirty Harry” films! ~ Ronnie

Captain Benders – Sharpsburg, MD

Man, what a night! While it was short and sweet, we definitely had some memorable moments, particularly a “line-flub” on my part, but I’ll have to leave that out of the write up, for reasons you all know! From College Mascots to Majestic Music, you guys SLAYED the first half and dove into an equally appealing (and All-American) puzzle page, packed with sports movies and fast food. To my horror and everyone’s surprise, we had a 3-WAY TIE for first place going into the second half, so the heat was ON! Blasting through round three and the 6-4-2, you all managed to shake-loose the scoreboard, setting us up for a heated fourth round. The scores were incredibly close going into the final question, with strategic wagers playing a big role in our outcome. The podium looked like this: Taking home 3rd place was Fisted Sister! In second we had Boh’s & Hoes, and STEALING first place were the Vitrifiers!! Since they won’t be here next week, they let our Boh’s choose the first category, which will be (no surprise) NFL Coaching Carousel!! See you next Sunday! – Torie