Night at the Museum? I’d rather have a Wednesday night with Pour House Pub Quiz!

Well after the MONSOON we had last Wednesday, it was nice to have a drier evening of Pour House pub trivia for this week!

We chatted about a little Turducken this week (delicious if you ever get the chance – I speak from experience!)

[th_youtube id=’V-hMx4NrxT8′ name=’Turducken Pub Trivia maryland’]

The Timex Watch (What a device!)

[th_youtube id=’_NHq3Yze6s0′ name=’Timex Watches Pub Trivia Maryland’]

and also the delightfully silly Spamalot!

[th_youtube id=’Yxji0pnaoX0′ name=’Spamalot Bar Trivia Maryland’]

Enjoy those videos, then peep the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Lovely round of Q’s and A’s in tonight’s live trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana tonight as always! This time it wasn’t just my playlist that brought everybody back to the ’90’s – we got to learn about rapper Shaggy (whose breakout hit was not, in fact, “Zoinks”) 😛
Team Jared battled hard and scored third behind Moms’ Night Out with an impressive second place win. Strangers Have the Best Candy hit their stride midway through the game and couldn’t be caught – taking back the top spot after last week. Break out your copies of the Eddas (both Poetic and Prose), for we venture to Asgard next week! Your winners’ choice category: Eric is an Obscure Norse God. I kind of like that – I might put it on my resume 😛

See ya next week!
– Eric 😛
Norse Gods Pub Trivia MD

We had a lot of fun tonight with some category names at Barefoot Bernies pub quiz night in Hagerstown, Maryland. Some of fav’s were: “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow,” “Psycho-Literary Babble,” and of course out entire round of Elvis-esque categories. Hehe…great time tonight! And our “Manx” question weaseled out “the cat people” among us 🙂 
Slapsgiving brought it hard tonight! Wire to wire for the wager-less win! With only a couple of weeks left Season 9, Slapsgiving gained a little momentum and are looking to defend their World Series Title on June 8th! Great game Slaps!
Slapsgiving Pub Quiz MD
2nd Place this evening was an awesome snipe by our friends over at Thinkers and Dreamers. The final was a tough one tonight but “weird random facts about Iceland” happens to be right in the wheelhouse of T&D, apparently, as they were one of only a few teams at ANY venue this evening to get the final! great work Thinkers and Dreamers 🙂
Thinkers and Dreamers Pub Trivia MD
And rounding out our leader board tonight were the fine cat loving folks of Say Hi to Your Mom for Me 🙂 GG y’all. 
Say Hi to Your Mom For Me Live Trivia MD
Thanks for coming out and playing a little bar trivia tonight everyone. Next Wednesday we get it started with “Kill Bill” – a good one I haven’t seen in a while! Have a great week and weekend everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there! 
See ya soon 🙂

 Kill Bill Pub Trivia Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Packed house for pub quiz tonight at Bennigan’s, full of our regulars as a bunch of the veterans duked it out for the prizes in tonight’s trivia match. Team Janet, getting ready for the postseason it seems, came out strong and held on throughout the game. All the other teams were jumping all over the place while Janet stood strong in the number one spot. After a final question with 0 correct responses, Janet finished the game in 1st. 2nd place went to The Usual Suspects with a strategic wager, 3rd went to The 4th Spy. Good game tonight, keep it up, the post season is coming…
1st Place: Team Janet
2nd Place:The Usual Suspects
3rd Place: The 4th Spy
Next week’s category: Cocktail Recipes
Cocktail Recipes Pub Quiz MD


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

 Well we had all sorts of glitches during tonight’s bar trivia, but there was one glitch that didn’t malfunction and that was the strategic wagering! You all play to win and that resulted in not one but two two-way ties! Battling it out!

It was Escapees who found themselves in 3rd after a skin of your teeth tie breaker. 2nd went to the ever competitve Grab a straw, you suck and 1st… 1st went to one Crow short of a Murder who survived by the use of the big ol’ goose egg wager on the final!

Next week we will start with Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.

See you next week! ~Samantha  

[th_youtube id=’JUz48xw_OiM’ name=’Billy Joel Pub Quiz MD’]


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

 It was a night of bad theme rounds and artistic rebellion at Fast Eddie’s tonight! Our pub trivia set saw the top three change a number of times, and more drawings on answer sheets than I can say I have ever seen!

The final Jeopardy question saw five different answers get turned in.  And when the dust settled on the map, Iceland remained untouched. So it went down like this:
In third place was Team Awesome! Good game guys!
In second, we had No Brainz at the Bar! They played a great game and gave the winners a run for their money, but couldn’t catch the threepeat. Still, very well played!
With the most leads of the night, moving on up the leaderboard was Movin on Up! Congratulations guys, and well played! 

Movin on Up has chose the category of 90s Hip Hop – Audio for next week! I dunno what will be in store for us, and I may end up rapping, but either way study up on your 90’s Hip Hop, and we’ll see you next week!
[th_youtube id=’EVlKPyIe2RY’ name=’90s Hip Hop Pub Trivia MD’]

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

 Great game of bar trivia tonight! Nice to see some new and returning faces for the secon week in a row!

Third place I Just Quizzed in my Pants

Second was Only the Lonely!

And your winners, who played a great game all night: Les Quizerables!

They’ve chosen ARCHER to kick it off next week!

Archer Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

The race for first place is coming down to the wire at T.J. Stone’s!  And with two wins in a row, the B-58s are hanging on to that tight lead at the top of the standings.  They were one of just a handful of teams to get the final tonight, and they needed eveery point as Please Don’t Make Me Do This was right behind them in second as well.  Winners in Life rounded out our top three.  Next week starts with a question on the film “Seven Days in May”.  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

 Give it up for Southpaw Fish who returned to the top slot in our Wednesday night edition of Pour House Pub Quiz here at the Valley Grill Sports Bar, nice to have you back!

Book Club Babes gave them a run for it and took 2nd, and Xavier Onassis made a fine showing for 3rd. Our first category for next week’s game is the great city of New Orleans.

~ Ronnie