New iPhone 6s AND eight games of trivia? Pour House Trivia has everything! (Except the phones. That was a lie.)

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday has turned into quite the night of live trivia, with EIGHT games for you to wrinkle your brainy bits at! Check out the games below.


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

A nice, intimate game of pub quiz at Champions to start off our 10th season! 5 years baby!
Thank you to all of you for coming out, was a fun game to watch take shape. Saw some familiar faces in a new location tonight- this season should be very, very interesting.
In 3rd tonight it was the every steady Wiseacres- they refuse to be left out of the top 3! 2nd went to One crow short of a Murder, not bad for their first appearance at champs! 1st was no surprise, Thundercats were staking their claim to the top territory! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
Next week we will start with – Wait, I’m going to have to spell this, Cell biology. Have a good week!
 Cell Biology Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

We kicked of Season 10 of live trivia at Cugini’s in Poolesville with a lots of laughs and a few cheers!
MoMo came to play and took 1st in a very tight game! Serenity Now pulled together a solid showing taking 2nd, and after a tie-breaker it was Drunk N Disorderly that finished in 3rd.
Looking forward to reading the new Lassie novel, “Lassie Got Spayed” and I’ll see you next week, where our first category will be African Geography.
~ Ronnie
Africa trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Tonight at Hollywood, we had a lot of smart folks and a lot of close calls!
Coming in 1st place tonight was Go Rams at 143, right behind them was Asian Stunt Drivers with 122, and Got Boxers with 118!
It was a good round of questions.
Next week we will be discussing the Simpsons…..get yourself prepped.
Simpsons Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a great night at Jekyll & Hyde, kicking off Season X of live trivia. Third place tonight went to You Only Quiz Once! Second place went to the Book Club Babes, and first place tonight went to Black Steel! Great game everyone! Next week’s first category is going to be Computer Programming Languages of the 1980s, so break out your Apple Lisa and get to coding! I will be out next week, so Tripp will see you next week! Good Luck! – Brad Computer Programming Pub Quiz MD


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

This is turning out to be quite the season of live trivia at Lake Linganore! No longer is the tent dominated by a single team – we’ve not yet had a repeat winner!
Tonight we discussed getting mono from apples, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson joining a coven of witches, and Vietnamese Happy Fun Balls!
Comfortably Dumb made their way to third place, My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem aptly changed their name to Sloppy Seconds as they took second, and the top spot of the night belonged to the Mad Beavers! Get your fingertips ready – next week’s category is Braille! I’m just learning to speak it myself: “Bump, bump, no bump, three vertical bumps, four bumps in a square…” (kudos to those who catch the reference 😀 )
See ya next week!
– Eric
Braille Trivia Pub Quiz maryland
We started Season 10 off with a bang here at Markham’s Bar and Grill! With the Wait Staff deciding they wanted to get in on the action, we had a little game of Bar vs Bartenders going on, and it was a blast!Highlights of the night: Mario Mario and Luigi Mario were not as well known as I’d have hoped! I’mma have to give you guys a crash course in video games next time! Team T-Rex came in late, but decided they wanted to give the game a shot, and put up a solid run in the second half! Hopefully next week they can put in a full game and show us what they’re made of! In tonight’s episode of “We Dun Goof’d!”, Team Markham was one of only two teams to correctly identify Velma as Scooby Doo’s friend with orange socks. However, they put down the Mystery VAN as their answer and unfortunately couldn’t get credit. The groans were loud and long when I announced that answer. When the whopper of final came to a close, we had our podium! In third place, the only team to get the final correct, came Team Markham! Good job guys, representing the bar in style! In second by 1 point, came The Swirl! Well done ladies, and good choice on the defensive wager on the final! Leading the pack all night though and topping the Season 10 opener tonight was Rolling Solo, as (if you couldn’t guess) a solo! Well done sir, and congratulations on the victory! For next week, Rolling Solo has chosen 1990’s Alternative Rock! Get out the Walkmans and get listening! Until then, Ian
90s Rock Lyrics Pub Quiz MD


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

I walked into a rowdy Tuesday happy hour crowd tonight at Monkey La La who were ready and rearing for me to sling some pub trivia questions. In pure La La-licious style, it was on and bangin’ from R1Q1 – admittedly, we did open it up with some old school Iron Maiden! Rock and Roll! (tongue out please!). 

Cow Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland
The opening night of Season 10 went a crash boom bam! We had some new teams come out and try their hand at some pub trivia craziness and some folks stop out tonight that I haven’t seen all summer, now looking freshly tanned and rested. I am so looking forward to hanging with y’all this fall and winter for some good games of bar trivia, La La style! Thanks for coming out tonight and making our Season 10 La La Opener a fun one!
Who won though? Well, it was a game, as always! It was exceptionally close tonight throughout, with a few stingers of questions drizzled in at random spots! That’s a good thing though…haunted houses aren’t fun if you don’t have any monsters lurking around the corner, right? 🙂 The occasional ball-breaker of a trivia question adds a lil’ spice to the sauce 🙂
After that sauce cooked for a while and President Hoover made his cameo in our final trivia question tonight, it was S Squared- D Squared who earned the W! Great game y’all! 2nd Place went to our Frederick Division Summer Fling Champions, Stink Floyd; and sniping the 3rd spot on a fantastic defensive play…Spoony Richards! Nice work everyone…
pub trivia maryland
 pub trivia maryland
pub trivia maryland
Thank you again for La La-ing it tonight everyone. Hope to see you for our next edition of PHT La LA Season 10-ness. Next Tuesday it will go down…and we will begin that game with a question in the category of “The Lonely Island (SNL Band)” – courtesy of S squared  D squared!
Until then, enjoy that week my friends…see you soon 🙂
lonely island trivia pub trivia maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

Season X kicked off at Ramparts with a ‘slightly unique’ logistical set-up.  Nonetheless, we had our full slate of regular teams ready to start the season with a win.  But only two teams were able to come up with the correct response on the final question, and it was those two teams were topped our standings tonight.  In first place, we had Breaking Bill, followed closely by Team Zissou and Lloyd’s of London.  I am enjoying a lot of the new team names for this season.  Thanks again for coming out and good luck in the rest of Season X!  We’ll see everybody next week when we open with a question on Indiana history.  ~ Matt
Indiana Trivia