New Faces at Thursday Trivia!

So many new faces tonight! You can tell that the lull in the rain had everyone feeling the need to get out and do something! See people! Drink beer! Huzzah Beer! We have your whole Thursday night recap right here…

Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, Md 

After the threat of cancelling trivia for the Caps game was avoided, we crammed in 16 teams tonight at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg!  What a night it was!  I think we had a different team leading the pack after each round, but as we entered the final question, it was Breadsticks that held a one-point lead over two other teams.  The final category of the night was ‘Inventions’, which normally draws a few teams to the zero wager.  That was not the case tonight, but it would have made quite the difference, as only ONE TEAM came up with the correct response!  Props to Participation Points!  Unfortunately, they were languishing in 12th place, so even with a net gain of 24 points on the field, they were not able to crack the top three.

Hanging on for the win was Breadsticks!  It’s their second win of the season, and it certainly makes up for a slight fourth round collapse last week.  Lowered Expectations took home second place on the “Brady Bunch” themed tiebreaker over John Lithgow Fan Club, who took third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on the TV series “Frasier”.  Less than one month until World Series XIII!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards in Frederick, Md  

Champions! It’s hard to believe it was only one night off- felt like ages since I had seen you all! Was nice to be back with my Thursday night crew, and I like to think you missed me too 😉

Mixed results on tonight’s set. Some of our teams struggled while some soared to the very heights of our ranks. Had quite a few new faces in there tonight too which is always fun. Fresh blood always makes our sharks work a little harder. hehe. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with at the pub crawls and world series! We will drink, laugh and attempt smart things!

Speaking of smart things- let’s talk about our top 3. In 3rd it was Just Good Enough who really were just good enough to get in there. 2nd went to Charlie and the Vodka factory. Nice pull, you guys fought the good fight. In 1st tonight though was a team who just wouldn’t go down! First place wire to wire, Serenity Now. Impressive! For next week we will have a first words last words audio. That should be fun..


Bunker’s in Leesburg, Va 

Thanks again to everyone for making it fun times here at Bunker in Leesburg, and that was the first time I had that many teams tied for 4th place. A surprise ending was in the script, and the score jockeyed around due to the final. Here are the results:

Your Mom in 1st

Landsharks in 2nd

Cake or Death in 3rd

First category for next week is Airplane! The Movie ~ Ronnie

Blue Parrot in St. Pete’s Beach, Fl 

It was another great night at Blue Parrot! The teams all set up and got over their Cinco De Mayo hangover and came prepared. Yet, again Quizknows showed us why they happen to be the best. Quizknows didn’t even need to wager on the last question that’s how good they were. “I wish this mic was a penis” and Hot Chix and Old Geezers battled to the bitter end and finished with 105 and 102 points respectively.

The category for next week is Journey Songs.

Main St. Oyster House in Bel Air, Md 

 New commers Girl Power showed their skills by taking Main Street by storm. They came in first place, their first time playing. Clever team name was able to hold a second place slot, while Black Dogs secured a 3rd place win. Some teams didn’t fair so well, but all in the spirit of the game. never a dull moment at main street. next week we will be starting off with 90s video games…….. I hope it’s about tomb raider.

Fish Market in Alexandria, Va

Tonight’s game saw the team count eclipse the double digits! Lots of people coming out tonight to play! Perhaps travelling teams, but it seemed there were a large number of NEW teams here tonight, but most already knew what they were doing (or caught on real quick). This helped the game run fair, smooth, and pleasant. Some of our regulars were missing team members, sporting about half the usual numbers but still put up a fight as best they could.
The story of tonight was Ant Farm Keyboard. Usually just a twosome, they added a 3rd player to the team and were just as unstoppable as they usually are. Coming off a 2 game win streak, they looked to increase that tonight. Round 3 would be the place to catch up to a team already winning by a large margin, which of course they were, though round 3 didn’t grant many favors to the others. We had 1 question play very tough with only 2 teams converting points out of it. Unfortunately for the other competitors, Ant Farm Keyboard were able to add to their lead when they correct identified the “infantry” as the “too young” soldiers for the cavalry.
This lead was just terrifying going into the final question. 21 points separated Ant Farm Keyboard from Mike Honchos in 2nd place. The final played very tough too! Only 1 team coming up with a correct response. Make America Drunk Again was the only team to snipe a correct response on the final! This get jumped them up into the money and allowed them to finish in 2nd place tonight. Game was just too far out of reach to catch AFK who coasted to an easy victory, adding to their streak.
3rd place tonight was Mike Honchos, a new team who did about as well as any new team I’ve seen in a while. That’s how the game unfolded. Playoffs in 3 weeks or so! Keep coming, keep practicing, keep learning! I’ll see everyone back in 7. Until then 😉
1st Place:     Ant Farm Keyboard
2nd Place:    Make America Drunk Again
3rd Place:     Mike Honchos
Next week:     Famous Laurens

Guido’s in Frederick, Md 

e had a packed house and a tight race for 1st place this Thursday at Guido’s Speakeasy! I had a surprise visit from one of my oldest and dearest regular teams again and they kicked some butt before they have to head back to Texas soon!! Finishing in 3rd was Roosevelt’s Polio Throw, losing by one point to finish 2nd was T.N.C., and just like old times, they pulled out a 1st place victory like it was yesterday… One Crow Short of a Murder WINS!! They travel home before getting to see me embarrass myself with their pick for next weeks winners choice, “Jon Jeffries sings Willie Nelson” , so make sure to get to Guido’s next Thursday for a good laugh and some trivia!!  ~  Jon J

Lake Linganore in New Market, Md

Glad the rain stopped so we could have a nice game tonight! It was a quickly paced game as several teams raced to see who could answer first. The finale is what made the game though-we ended up with a tie for second between It Came on Me and Moose and Squirrel. The latter ended up taking it but it was close!

1st Faking Bad
2nd Moose and Squirrel
3rd It came on me
first category next week is INFECTIOUS DISEASES! See you then