Multi-part band names and a whole bunch more Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday had six great games of live trivia!

How about a little Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians to kick off your Tuesday?


Groove to those tunes and check out the rest of the blog!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Another great game of trivia down here in Alexandria tonight, as as always the players at DRP are ON POINT! It was a close one at the end, and here are the final standings:

1st Periodic Table Dancers
2nd Attila the Pun
3rd Tequila Mockingbird

Our first category for next week is Craft Beer.

~ Ronnie

Beer Styles Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

At the Greene Turtle tonight we started out with a question about The Great Mouse Detective, which apparently (I’ve never seen it) is based on Sherlock Holmes stories. I learned that because the question was what the main character’s first name is, which is Basil as an homage to Basil Rathbone. Turns out most of the teams did actually study up, with one team admitting they “spent way too much time studying this” after handing in their answer. After that, the first round pretty much went smoothly, which brought us to tonight’s audio question about backing bands. In the question teams had to identify the musical acts, which were all “_____ and the ______” like Kool and the Gang, Huey Lewis and the News, and Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians (which almost every team knew, I was shocked to find that out).

We finally had a question about the NFL, and it was a clever way to ask about the statistic of targets, and only one team got the right receiver who led the league last season (Demaryius Thomas). One team put the Wrong Thomas (as I affectionately call him) Julius Thomas, which they would have gotten credit for if they followed my rule of trivia and didn’t put the “J” in front. My rule is ALWAYS leave off the first name unless it’s asked for specifically, makes things less complicated. I even had to prove that Demaryius had more targets than his teammate because another team didn’t believe it (I had him in fantasy last year; he was targeted like 20x a game, it was great).

Halftime was fun and seemed difficult for a few teams. The people with three names part of it was good, and most teams did well, except nobody seemed to remember Bryce Dallas Howard’s name, with one team just putting Beverly Hills Cop as her name, which made me laugh. Matching the famous ships to their captains was fun too, even though a few teams struggled with it. Throughout the second half things got pretty close at the top between a few teams, but the fourth round provided some separation. The question about the Mississippi River’s source was a good one, with only one team knowing that Lake Itasca is the starting point for the river (NOT Lake Minnetonka, despite what Prince might tell you!). Also, the philosopher mnemonic is one I’d never heard before, but something I won’t forget (it also gave me a chance to reference Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, with their buddy Socrates Johnson!).

Heading into the final question things were still pretty close, and it wasn’t exactly clear who would win, but taking third place with a correct answer on the final was That’s A Niner, managing to jump a few teams to take the prize. Second place went to a new team who hadn’t played PHT before, big shout out to Les Quizerables on taking down second, and very nearly taking first in their debut! Winning tonight’s game however, building a solid lead and wagering just enough to win, congrats to Cotton Candy on another fine showing! Next week we start out with a question about the Bioshock Video Game Series, so would you kindly go study up? I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

I got that summertime, summertime TRIVIA KICK and I’ve got to succumb to it! A great place to be tonight to solve that problem would’ve been il Forno Pizzeria, where we had a packed restaurant full of veteran trivia teams competing for the prizes!

Among those teams was a man who was new to the il Forno trivia scene, though definitely not a stranger to PHT! Chris of last season’s My Favorite Team (tonight playing as The Moops) played solo tonight and was able to astonish the field as he led at the half! He mentioned that the 2nd half wouldn’t be as kind to him, and if not for a missed bonus chip on the Econ question, it might’ve been a different game. Nonetheless, he did hold 3rd going into the final question, which is saying a lot considering the field was double digits and we had all teams that were seasoned PHT veterans.

The final played about 50-50 on the field, and a few teams moved up a bit. 3rd place finishers tonight were Fourplay Above the Table, who teamed up with #crampton tonight and squeaked into the money. 2nd place, as a solo, was The Moops! But the winners tonight, after a long break from number 1, was I’m with Sarah, who were back in the groove, winning by a good 12 points or so! Great game all, we’re back for more summer action in 1 week! Until then 😉

1st Place: I’m with Sarah
2nd Place: The Moops
3rd Place: Fourplay Above the Table

Next week: US Generals

General Trivia Eisenhower trivia pour house pub trivia

Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

Last night was fun for our 2nd ever trivia game at Schroyer’s Tavern at Maryland National!

We had another good turnout of teams for week 2 at our new Monday night venue, which always makes for a well fought and exciting game for me to watch unfold! There was a good amount of turnover in the the 1st place spot, but after the final question, this is how the top 3 looked:

In 3rd place were last weeks winners, One Crow Short Of a Murder! Finishing 2nd was Southpaw Fish!! Officially winning week 2 at Schroyer’s was Atlas Drugged!! I hope you’re a local baseball fan, because they picked The Frederick Keys for next weeks winners choice! So study up, and come check out our new Monday night game at Schroyer’s Tavern!!

~ Jon J



Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Interesting does not even begin to cover tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House! Between new teams, traveling teams, veteran teams, and solo teams, we had a varied, packed house tonight!

Highlights of the Night:

In “We-Don’t-Speak-Orc-Dammit!”: The Rhyme Time question had a number of teams grumbling as to the number of people who might possibly speak Orc. But all I could say when asked if anyone had gotten it correct, was Zug Zug! They were not amused.

In “Don’t-Overthink-It”:So many teams overthought the Oligopoly question; Monopoly and Oligarchy! Put em together, you got an Oligopoly!

In “Like-Picking-A-Lake-In-A-Land’o’Lakes”: Finding the state that the Mississippi originates in was difficult enough for my teams. Giving me the actual body of water? Ridiculously tough. The grumblings continued.

After dealing with a tiebreaker on the final, some wager chances cost a few teams, and in the end we had our podium.

In third place tonight, winning the tiebreaker by getting within 3 of the actual number of Targets Demaryius Thomas received last year, the Ollie Monsters!

In second place tonight, a brand new team coming in and shaking the place up, 8408!

In first place tonight, the traveling team of Better Late than Pregnant!

Congrats to the top three! Next week’s winner’s choice category will be female comedians! Study up on your funny ladies and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

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Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

We’re now into the second half of the Summer Fling season, and it was an absolutely great finish at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon.  As the dust settled on Round 4, we had a THREE-WAY tie for first!  The final question managed to knock one of those three teams off of the medal stand, leaving an NFL-themed tiebreaker between Swedish Police on Vacation and Jimmy’s in Vegas.  SPOV was remarkably close to the number, and took home another win.  Jimmy’s in Vegas settled for second, with Humanta Ray jumping several spots on the final to take third place.  next week begins with a question on “Arrested Development”!  ~ Matt