“Mr. Trivia guy…the real African Watusi dance is a topless one, just thought you should know.” – Ja’-nita, an African dancer who happened to play trivia Wednesday night

Its those kinds of “fun facty” coincidences that make me a happy trivia host :) And yes apparently Ja’nita knew her stuff. She even did a few seconds of the dance – it was a mix between twerking and a muscle spasm in your leg. But I mean…in real life its topless, so ya know…

african dance trivia question

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Bernies was a blast tonight – between Punxsutawney Phil Specter jokes and a demonstration of The Watusi (both the African one and one from the 50s), I drove back to Frederick a happy guy. LOL…great time tonight everyone.

Slapsgiving played a great game tonight and went wire to wire for the win. 2nd Place went to Thinkers, Dreamers, and Phlitches Oh My! and 3rd Place went to Save the Clock Tower. GG everyone.

Good luck to my Hagerstown friends this weekend in the playoffs and Pub Crawl. I will be at all 3 so I will certainly see you there :) And I will see you NEXT WEDNESDAY back at Bernies when we kick off with a question about the BBC TV show: “Sherlock.”

Be well :) – dg

SLAPSGIVING…game faces for post season ON!

trivia team

Cellar Door – Frederick, Maryland

Oh Cellar, trivia with you all is a lot like pizza and *ahem* adult activities- when it’s good, it’s awesome and when it’s bad it’s still pretty darn good! Glitches and hang ups all over the place tonight, must be a full moon ;) You all were stellar though as always and we still had a hellva good time. I would especially like to thank TNC for the final question beer. hehe. The team who didn’t see any glitches at all was the Donner party crew! They played an awesome game and would like you to study up for 60′s tv for next week. In 2nd was I like big butts, who were fielding an all male team of trivia trouble tonight. 3rd came down to a tie.. Team Wednesday gave it their best shot but 2nd place edged them out by a few years and took the podium place. Nice game all and thank you for your patience ;) Good luck to all my teams this weekend in the playoffs, I will see you there! ~Samantha

Valley Grill – Middletown, Maryland

It was the final that decided our hotly contested game of trivia at Valley Grill Sports Bar! Give it up to Jerrytown as the only team to get the final correct which secured their first place finish. Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap played a strong game and finished in 2nd, and Simple Minds represented well in the 2nd half, and took down 3rd. Best of luck to all the teams at your playoff game, sadly I won’t see you there. I will see you next week for our first category, the first Beverly Hills Cop film, hopefully no one sticks a banana in your tailpipe before the game! ~ Ronnie

eddie murphy movies trivia

Fast Eddies – Fairfax, Virginia

Great pre-playoff game tonight at Fast Eddie’s! Rounding out the winner’s circle was Fake Block holding it down in third place. In second after a strategic wager on the final was Brainz@theBar! Up top with an impressive showing was Mess & Jeg! Their choice for first category: HARRY POTTER! See you next week! ~Torie

Atlantic Grill – Urbana, MD

Twists, twerks, and game-changing trivia questions were status quo tonight at Atlantic Grille in Urbana. 1st place changed hands 5 or 6 times throughout the course of the game but ultimately ended up in the hands of Alcoholics Unanimous owing to strategic wagering on a tough final. Newcomers Posey Girls dominated through most of the game and secured a solid second place while Always a Bridesmaid rose up from the bottom to snag third. Consider taking a trip out to Yellow Springs Rd or Opossumtown Pk because next week’s winners’ choice category is Fort Detrick! See y’all next week at 7!

 – Eric :D
biohazard trivia questions

 T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, Virginia

It came down to the almighty tiebreaker last night for out top prize at T.J. Stone’s, as the B-58s and Trivia Newton John were in a dead heat throughout the entire second half.  In the end, it was our house champions who squeaked by on the Cervantes-themed question.  TNJ did take second,w tih Smarter Than Ryan Lochte in third.  We’ll start next week with a very timely question on Martin Luther King.  ~ Matt

MLK Trivia Alexandria