More Human Than Human at Monday Trivia!

With just one week until post season invitations are doled out, many of our Monday teams were clamoring for playoff berths!  Across the board, we welcomed 94 teams across 11 venues.


Appropriately, Monday’s game began with a three-part question regarding how different sports start their games.  We also looked at the heights of U.S. Presidents and this perfectly healthy fast food option:

We closed the opening round with its most difficult bonus question, as only 11% of the field could name Naruhito as the new emperor of Japan.  That was the only stumbling block for most teams, as the first round yielded eight perfect scores.


Monday’s audio question took us to TV shows across the country as we listened to clips from “Dallas”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and “Reno 911!”.  We continued with a look at the novel “Gone With the Wind” and the recent Billboard achievements of this young songstress:

The most difficult wagering question of the first half was asked near the close of the second round:

–> If you add a letter among these two words, you’ll go from a unit of measure that is equivalent to 43,560 square feet to an alternate term for the substance mother-of-pearl.  For your wager, identify both words.

Only 31% of the field responded correctly with acre and nacre.  As a result, only four teams earned a perfect second round score: That’s So Clavin (Greene Turtle), Who the F is Alice? (Bushwaller’s), Irregardlessly Unrelevant (Rockwell), and Chum Conspiracy (Flanagan’s).


It was a herpetologist’s dream on Monday’s halftime page, as we asked our teams to identify fictional reptiles and amphibians.  Seven teams earned a perfect score, while the overall average landed at 17.1 points.  Here is your Monday leaderboard at the halftime break:


Monday’s third round featured questions concerning the Ernest Hemingway novel “Islands in the Stream”, the “Minute Waltz” composed by Frederic Chopin, and this nuclear-powered submarine:

A question regarding the Keanu Reeves film “Constantine” offered the most most difficult bonus question of the round, as only eight teams correctly identified Rachel Weisz as the lead actress from the film.  As a result, Notch Eight (Il Forno) posted the only perfect score of Monday’s third round.


After a quick trip to Louisiana in the 6-4-2 question, we stumped many of our teams with this question on the topic of world politics:

–> Excluding North Korea and China, name any two of the three countries currently characterized by the U.S. as “Communist States”.

Whole most teams were quick to correctly answer Cuba, a look to southeast Asia would have provided each of the other two answers of Vietnam and Laos.  Exactly one-third of the field earned wagering points, with just six teams tacking on two bonus points with all three correct answers.  Other final round topics included actress Mariska Hargitay and this Olympic sport:

Three teams closed their night by posting 36 final round points: That’s So Clavin (Greene Turtle), SMDK (Flanagan’s), and Notch Eight (Il Forno).  These were your highest scoring Monday teams heading into the final question:

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (48.7% success rate):

–> While some whale species can live up to 200 years, what has the longest lifespan of all land mammals?

Just under half of our teams responded correctly with human beings.  Congratulations to Ask Jeeves (Bushwaller’s), SMDK (Flanagan’s), and Notch Eight (Il Forno), who each earned the Perfect 21 on Monday by answering every wagering question correctly.  Here is Monday’s final overall leaderboard:


DRP in Alexandria, VA:  George Washington’s Camel   (Next week’s first category: “Veep”)

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD:  Leprechauns   (Next week’s first category: “Parks and Recreation”)

Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD:  Morgan Inn   (Next week’s first category: “Rick and Morty”)

Hershey’s in Gaithersburg, MD:  Killer Snails   (Next week’s first category: “The Big Bang Theory”)

Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD:  Weasels   (Next week’s first category: Ian Sings Tool)

Cheesetique in Arlington, VA:  Kitten Mittens   (Next week’s first category: Hanna Barbera)

Bushwaller’s in Frederick, MD:  Ask Jeeves   (Next week’s first category: 1920s Slang)

Rockwell Brewery in Frederick, MD:  Irregardlessly Unrelevant   (Next week’s first category: 1990s Disney Animated Films)

Mark’s Pub in Falls Church, VA:  Thankful Dead   (Next week’s first category: Lake Anna State Park)

Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda, MD:  SMDK   (Next week’s first category: 1970s Rock)

Il Forno in Frederick, MD:  Notch Eight   (Next week’s first category: Poo-pourri)