Monday’s round of pub trivia brought hot and heavy action to match the weather!

Much like Highlander, Monday’s round of Pour House pub trivia proved the truth…There can be only one!

[th_youtube id=’DSZ0gxh2ZKQ’ name=’Highlander Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

​​Anytime a round includes the Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian,” you just know it’s going to be wonderful!

[th_youtube id=’Cv6tuzHUuuk’ name=’Walk Like An Egyptian Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Sing it along with me, would ya? Ehhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ehhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

In addition to the Bangles and the great B-Movie of Highlander, we also danced on the USA-Mexican border (anyone for Tex-Mex?) and had a few swallows of schnapps! 

Let’s check out those Monday games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Top notch April weather does nothing to dissuade the fine trivia players of Alexandria from coming out to DRP for some PHT!

The final flipped the script on this game and it was Just the Tipz that came out on top.

The NoLo Contenders nailed the final as well and took down second, with Four Wheel Drive finishing in third.

Join me again at DRP next Monday, where our first category will the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

~ Ronnie

Empire Strikes Back Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

As it seems to always be – a new week at Greene Turtle means new faces!

Two new squads joined us this week, and one even made it to the leaderboard!

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Luckily for me, none of our players suffer from tricopagia, so my hair was able to stay intact on this beautiful evening!

Tricopagia did, however, involve my favorite answer of the night: Instead of the long-haired Rapunzel, I got “Shaggy, from Scooby-Doo!”

It may not be right, but it sure made me laugh! Zoinks, yo!

The podium got mighhhhtyyy interesting during our final question, as it really shook things up.

In third place were newcomers Chances Aren’t! Welcome to the leaderboard, guys and gals!

In second place were the ever-present Knights, who played with the addition of a Wiseacre on this fine evening!

And your winnners, thanks to a correct final, Inebriati!

Much like their last win, the fine folks of Inebriati have chosen a lovely piece of B-Entertainment! Next week, we’re going to start with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!

See you then!


 Buck Rogers Pub Trivia Maryland

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Pub quiz night at Forno-licious tonight got downright playful! I was digging some of the wrong answers!
– The company that used the ad slogan “Where do you want go today?” …Lotsa Spaghetti says “Depends!” – LMAO! 
Depends Pub Trivia Maryland
– Christ the Redeemer, aka, “I Love You this Much”
– All of the Triple X answers I got for “what does “Schnapps” mean?” 
And then, that led to a “Spit or Schnapps” moment 🙂 I mean…they happen, what can ya do? Great times all around tonight though. Thanks for coming out and playing tonight everyone. I very much enjoyed.
The scoreboard was a tight one the first half and then Quick Pink and the Vine Gang put it into another gear and drove it on home for the WIN! That’s two in a row – can they get the hat trick and UNLOCK ONE OF OUR NEW ACHIEVEMENTS? We’ll find out next week!
Second Place went to One Crow Short of a Murder. They stuck in there and made some jumps and aggressive plays but in the end finished one point behind and earned a very respectable second Place! Right behind them was the tenacious crew of I’m with Geoff! After whiffing a Fourth Round Bonus chip they managed to hang in and pop a third spot! EXCELLENT WORK yall. 
Tune in next Monday and we shall see if QP and the VG can pop the turkey (that’s some good ole bowling lingo for 3 in a row). They chose “Jeremy Piven Roles” for category one. Enjoy your week everyone…see you next Monday 🙂
Jeremy Piven Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland