Mondays may be rough at work…but they’re smooth sailing at Pour House pub trivia! Read on for a full recap!

It was a beautiful day outside on Monday, but an even BETTER evening of Monday Night Pour House pub trivia!

Totally untrue facts of the night!

  • At Lorne Michaels’ urging, Buster Poindexter was forced to write a sequel to Hot, Hot, Hot…but Cold, Cold, Cold actually wound up in the hands of Little Feat.
  • Ke$ha dropped the dollar sign for financial reasons (Rehab ain’t cheap!).
  • Francis Ford Coppola counts “Captain EO” as his favorite project!

Read on for more!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Hard to believe the difference in weather from now to this past Monday, and the fact that it was warmer did not stop the trivia teams converging on DRP for another great game!

It was Korner Bar tonight that pulled out the win in their first appearance at DRP, only slightly edging out Defenders of the Constitution, who finished in second. TBD had a full strength team tonight, and they rolled rather well into third.

We are definetly playing trivia next Monday, so bring your St. Patty’s spirit! Our first category will be Ski Resorts. ~ Ronnie

Pour House Trivia MD Trivia Category

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Every week at the Greene Turtle, we’re adding new faces – it’s so, so awesome to see! Hope you guys keep coming out to hang out!

We learned about Buffy the Vampire slayer – still, for my money, the BEST show ever set in a high school, Captain EO, which is perhaps the strangest attraction Disney ever created AND silly ways to describe Beatle’s songs – it was so incredibly difficult for me to not unscramble those titles when reading it!

Two of those new faces made it to our leaderboard – Robust Glass narrowly missed out on third place, after a tiebreaker with Hooligans, who went home with third.

Second place was the always strong Inebriati, who won second as a Duo, and, in a feat that amazed me, pulled off a PERFECT 20 on the puzzle page…in THREE MINUTES!

But your winners tonight, thanks to an overall strong round, were the Boys of Buchanan! They chose “Classic Rock” to kick things off next week! Tripp

70s Rock Pour House Trivia

il Forno – Frederick, MD

I had a dream that they made a line dance to Eine Kleine Nacht Musik and that “Hot Hot Hot” was selected to be  the new theme music for Alien! Blasphemy I say! Rage against this machine…Julie Andrews would! Julie Andrews Julie Andrews Julie Andrews! (If you say her name 3 times she shows up at your house and sings your worries away…
But I digress..back to Quizzness! il Forno was sick tonight! 19 teams of trivia soldiers did quizzy battle over the course of a couple hours. I must say…il Forno is quite the “Hot Hot Hot” spot on Mondays (Buster Poindexter GET OUT OF MY HEAD!). 
We had some new teams who hung out with us tonight-hope y’all had fun and definitely hope to see ya again! But the big story of the night was the ice breaking win for the new crew of “I’m With Geoff!” They’ve only been playing a few weeks but they have built up quite the crew in a short time. Congrats y’all -great win this evening! Here is how the rest of the leader board turned out:
1st Place: I;m With Geoff
2nd Place: South Paw Fish
3rd Place: Silent Titty Deadly Bang (where my duos at?!?!)
4th Place: One Crow Short of a Murder
5th Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang
Fun stuff tonight my friends. Study up on all things fishy for next Monday – category will be “Name that Fish,” courtesy of “I’m With Geoff.” Til then, be well and have a great week…and remember, if things go bad..Julie Andrews – Julie Andrews – Julie Andrews! 
dg 🙂
Name That Fish Pub Trivia Maryland Category