Mondays are the best days…for Pour House pub trivia! Read the blog for how it all went down!

There is no better way to kick off your work week with some Monday Night Pour House pub trivia!

Fun facts of the night:

  • Freud’s quote about cigars? Not really his!
  • “Doc” Holliday was a dentist – though you probably want his hands nowhere near your mouth
  • An unusally high number of people know Paris Hilton’s dog’s name!

 I have to say, I personally loved this round for one very special reason – any time we can include Tom Jones in our evenings…well I love it. If you’ve never heard this bit of silliness, treat yourself to this for the next six minutes.

Read on for a full recap!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Give it up to Octopocalypse who pulled it together tonight for an impressive win at DRP in Alexandria, great job guys!

The NoLo Contenders made a game of it, and finished in 2nd, and of course the stellar team of MSC was right there as well for 3rd.

Thanks again for joining me for a great game, and I’ll see you all next week for our first category, Elementary School Math.

~ Ronnie

Elementary School Math Pour House Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Seems like every week we’re getting new faces at The Greene Turtle, which makes this Pour House host oh so happy. 

Tough fact of the week, which tripped up some teams:

Flashing back to high school geometry…


Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees, but COMPLEMENTARY angles are the ones that add up to 90 degrees!

That one tripped some folks up!

But we had a great game anyway!

Third place was one of our new faces, Prom Night Dumpster Baby!

Second place went home with the Inebriati!

And making their first trip to the top of the podium…The Knights!

Hat tip to the Hooligans for their fourth place spot, and to newcomers The Crab Fishers in fifth!

Join us next week, as we kick things off with some classic (maybe?) late-night soap opera action, The O.C.! CALIFORNIAAAAAAA! HERE WE COME!


The OC pub trivia category Maryland

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Fun Fact #1: I was actually thinking of wearing a sexy, green dress and heels for my “Denny sings Katie Perry” opening trivia category tonight…but ya  know it was brrrr out so I didn’t wanna freeze the ole money makers :)  
(Artistic rendition of what that might have looked like :-) ~Tripp)
16 teams didn’t sweat the “brrrr” tonight though and came out on this final February Monday for some good company and to have at some pub trivia for a bit. Between pizza pies, discounted PBR and a whole lotta trivia love…we had ourselves a game tonight ladies and gents!
And I gotta give much props to our friends over at Wrecking Ball; they had to move to the other side of il Forno to play…and that they did! Rock and Rolled all night; held the lead from the get go  (incoming “but” in 3..2..1..) BUT…Samoa hit on the final and the WB had to settle for a very respectable 3rd Place tonight.
The always consistent Quick Pink and the Vine Gang managed to stay in the runnning and earned a 2nd Place prize after a thoughtful final wager. And our winners tonight: SILENT TITTY DEADLY BANG! Great come from behind win! See…catching that episode of Survivor paid off a bit.
Great game everyone. And props to  a few other teams who get some extra points tonight as we exceeded our 15 team mark – One Crow Short of a Murder, I’m With Geoff and Lotsa Spaghetti sniped a Top 5 with a great final play! 
Top 3 Things that Made me go “Hmmm…” tonight: 
1. Myersville is NOT an Island
2. Fun Fact #2: Elvira lost her virginity to Tom Jones!!! 
3. I legitimately DID consider, for a moment, wearing a green dress and wig for the Katie Perry song – and this fact did make me go hmmm…
Lotsa love everyone! Thanx for hangin’ tonight. Let’s do it again next Monday night. We shall open up March Monday trivia night in the category of “The Forrest Gump Soundtrack.” Til then..
Be well… dg :)
Forrest Gump Soundtrack Pub trivia maryland