Monday was rainy and such…but Pour House Pub Trivia always brings the sunshine!

Look, Karen Carpenter had it right about rainy days and Mondays. They are not ideal.

[th_youtube id=’PjFoQxjgbrs’ name=’Karen Carpenter’]

That song and video is super, super depressing, but fear not! Monday night brought Pour House pub trivia at three venues to cheer you all up!

This was a very video-friendly set of questions, so here’s a few fun things for you to relive it by:

  • I always think of this clip when Futurama or the Ford Thunderbird comes up:

[th_youtube id=’XOoKL0N4_0I’ name=’THUNDERCOUGAR FALCONBIRD!’]

  • If you’ve got about nine minutes to kill, here’s the entirety of Don McLean’s “American Pie!”

[th_youtube id=’Y0Y_XRiJsCI’ name=’American Pie’]

  • And lastly, let’s get a little twangy! “He’s a-headin’ west to Johnson City, Tennessee!” A great, great driving song, especially if you’re hitting a southern swing!

[th_youtube id=’Y1D2UH1t6Eo’ name=’Wagon Wheel’]

Let’s check out the game!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We had a little March Madness final of our own tonight at DRP in Alexandria, it was a very good game!

Del Ray Dummies came out on top with a fine first place finish, with TBD hot on their heels for second! Rounding out the top tier was A Particular Set of Skills for third.

Our first category for next week is author Robert Heinlen.

~ Ronnie

Robert Heinlein Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Oh me, oh my what a fun, fun, FUN game tonight at the Greene Turtle!

We added a handful of new teams, and ONE OF THEM even cracked the leaderboard! But we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, you guys got treated to perhaps the single worst Ah-nold impression of all time…Mine!

I can’t help it, I just can’t say “Divorce” in Ah-nold speak!

[th_youtube id=’RYtQMhnBtTw’ name=’Consider that a divorce!’]

I’ve always been partial to “GET TO DA CHOPPAH!” and “THE BRIDGE EES OUTTT” From Predator and True Lies, respectively. But Total Recall does have some sweet moments.

I think I redeemed myself, at least a little bit, with a solid Scottish brogue in the previous question. Didn’t I?

Speaking of Total Recall, it was one of my favorite wrong answer of the night:

  1. We were looking for Sharon Stone, but instead got “The chick with the great cans whose name I can’t remember!”
  2. When in search of the Futurama theme “I was stoned in the 2000s!” Which is interesting, because I’d have to think the show could have provided you some entertainment in such a state!
  3. And lastly, when in search of Sir Walter Scott, we got a few Shakespeare guesses, but only one “Shakespeare! Or probably not.” which made me giggle.

I’d like to first give a shout out to One Wiseacre, who took a first place spot into the final question but missed the final and went home empty handed. Still, a heck of a round for a solo player!

The final question shook some things up, and we had to break a tie before we got to our final podium. The Inebriati and newcomers Quad Crew Riders were stuck together, but Quad Crew Riders made a heck of a first appearance and nabbed third place!

In second, Heavy D and the Boys, making a triumphant return after a few weeks off!

And your winners, the always strong Knights! 

They have chosen quite wisely, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – so get out your DVDs and get your butt to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


Marvel Cinematic Universe Pub Trivia MD

il Forno – Frederick, MD

We had a wild one at Forno on this wet Monday! It started out innocent enough –  a little Flashdance competition to start, which…as a rule…when any night starts off with a Flashdance competition, it’s gonna be a fun night! Just sayin’.
What a finish tonight! I give props to One Crow Short of a Murder who played a rock star game of trivia tonight, led the whole way, not giving an inch. It was that final that always has the potential to bite, though! And this one did, hard! Congratulations to our Top Five tonight! 
1st: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang – stayed close…and STRUCK WHEN IT COUNTED! Awesome game QP!
2nd: I’m With Geoff – consistent Top Three-er! Great game y’all 🙂
3rd: Latrilla and the Mossy Banks – and they WON the Flashdance competition. I wish I had my video recorder on! I’m serious when I say it made me want to run in place.
4th and 5th – Silent Titty Deadly Bang and Sleepy Blue – BOTH AS DUOS!!!! I
Great work you guys!
And now its time for my Top Three Fun Facts that I Learned Tonight:
1. Fireball > Jaegermeister
2. Pronouncing Greek names is among the hardest things to do as a trivia host
Thanks for playing tonight everyone. I very much look forward to my Monday fun! Have a great week. Next Monday we kick off with “One Clue Three Animals.” A little PHT in reverse! I dig it 🙂 See ya then… dg
 One Clue 3 Animals Pub Trivia MD