Monday was a Kickin’!

Some nights are laid back, relaxed and everyone is just looking for a good time and some nights are fierce, hard fought battles for points! Read on to see where tonight fell…

DRP in Alexandria, Va 

We were somewhere over the rainbow here at DRP as we drew great applause for our last question in the game! 3rd round seemed to beat up quite a few teams tonight, so congrats for surviving. Remember we will be taking off Labor Day for our trivia night so enjoy your Vay K and I’ll see you in two weeks. Here are the results:

Wingardium Mamosa in 1st

Stop the Bus in 2nd

Worst Case Ontario in 3rd

For our first category two weeks from today we will going into the Harry Potter universe for “Famous Hufflepuffs” ~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, Md 

Tonight’s game had some tough geography questions. The first question was about African Capitals, and was basically a word scramble of three different capital cities.  The other one asked for the former capital of India, which had also had a name change. Turns out that last part applies to multiple Indian cities, as Bombay (now known as Mumbai) was a popular wrong answer. The answer was actually Calcutta, which is now known as Kolkata.

These questions definitely caused some shifts in the scores, as well as a tough halftime page, which asked for F-named characters and ‘Black’ or ‘White’ answers. Tonight’s final question asked about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, asking about a group of fictional characters that have a single star dedicated to them, even though there’s 134 of them.  Pretty much everybody got to the answer of The Munchkins. Because of some wagering plans, we ended up with a tie for third that needed breaking. The tie ended up with That’s A Niner taking third over 404: Answer Not Found. Second went to Cotton Candy, and tonight’s winners were The Bends! Nice work! Next time we start with a question about geography that sounds dirty, which sounds hilarious. I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

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Il Forno in Frederick, Md 

Tonight we had maybe a travel team? Maybe a new team? I’d never seen them before, they went by the name Balls of Fire. They said they’d played before and knew what was going on so I assumed they were visiting from another location. Turns out, these guys mean business! They were real strong. They were doing some serious work on a HUGE field of teams ( think we had just about 15 teams tonight ) … The A Team won last week, coming back into stride. We’d see how they’d fare tonight against these newcomers.
Going into the first halftime break, The A Team was TIED in 2nd place with The River Rats and MC. Up in 1st was Balls of Fire, sitting at 85 points, up 4 on the field. Balls of Fire had a nearly perfect first half and looked to extend the lead going into the 3rd. Round 3 saw one of the harder questions of the night, asking about the former Indian capital city. 15 teams playing tonight, looking to name a city, now known by a different name, that was capital of India until 1911. If you don’t know the fact, you’re essentially 50/50 between Bombay (now Mumbai) and Calcutta (now Kolkata). Even with 50/50 odds, it played TOUGH going 2 for 15. Tough break on that one…
Going into Round 4, The A Team snuck into the lead. The lead was not safe as they turned in their response on the 5th question, picking up the 1 wager but no 2 point bonus. Still waiting on Balls of Fire, they could take the lead by 1 point if they managed to nail the 2 point bonus. Sure enough, they got it and took the lead going into the final question. A correct response on the next question would seal it for them!
Final played about half tonight. A Team got it, just waiting for Balls to turn in their response. Finally answering, I had the slip. They missed it! The A Team wins by the skin of their teeth! 2nd place to MC who got the final right and 3rd to Piggy Doodles who bet 0 on the final! Great game, back next week for LABOR DAY TRIVIA! See ya then!
1st Place:     The A Team
2nd Place:     MC
3rd Place:     Piggy Doodles
Next week:     Islands
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We had a night full of pub trivia, physical challenges, smack talk and even some good ole fashion stink eye at Spider Kelly’s trivia night Monday in Arlington, VA! The Washington DC area trivia crews mean bid-ness! I am definitely enjoying my time hanging with you all on Mondays and watching these games go down.
Tonight’s set was a fun one complete with a few monsters built in as well…Calcutta I am eyeballing you! And that OVER-UNDER was no cake walk either! Ya know what was cake walk? OK well cookie walk…   Thank goodness for the Oreo cookie Swedish Fish thingie! Maybe next week we play for a bag of those?
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Great times everyone. Thanks for coming out to Spider Kelly’s to play a bit. Hope you enjoyed. And congrats to our TOP 3 this evening:
1st: Kittens Mittens
2nd: Jimmy in Vegas
3rd: Triangle Shirt Waste Factory Human Resource Division
Have a great week and weekend my friends. Next Monday we kick off our game with “Characters that LIVED in Harry Potter,” courtesy of Kittens Mittens. Until then, practice that Dream On high note and we will see you next week. Have a great Labor Day weekend y’all 🙂
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