Monday Night Trivia Reached Its Boiling Point!

The end of winter is on it’s way, and as we close out February, we also close out the first month of Season XV of Pour House Trivia.  With our fifth week getting underway, a few teams still have a chance at that ‘perfect season’!  Let’s see who managed to top the field last night:

MONDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (47 teams across seven venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Arrondissements of Ouagadougou (Greene Turtle) with 162

–> Highest Score after Round 4: High School Prom (Basic Burger) with 159

–> Highest First Half Score: High School Prom with 89

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Thanks to a tough one-two punch in the third round (poetry and chemistry), no team managed to land the ‘Perfect 21’ tonight.

–> Our halftime page played to an average of 16.2, but only TWO teams (High School Prom and Kitten Mittens) scored a perfect 20 points.

–> The 6-4-2 question was even tougher, as only ONE team (Blank Space at Il Forno) earned six points by knowing the nickname of Depression-era Irish gangster Vincent Coll was “Mad Dog”.

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (71.2% success rate):

–> Although newer versions can vary slightly the traditional form, which item consists of 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular hexagons positioned in a truncated icosahedron? (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


DRP in Alexandria, VA

Back in the saddle again!  After a tumultuous couple of weeks where I was out sick or out-of-town, it feels good to be back behind the podium for another Monday trivia night at DRP!  And the reception by everyone couldn’t have been better.  So let me say thanks to Austin and Scott who stood in for me while I was gone.  But now that I’m back, let’s get down to business!

We don’t really check for spelling when teams submit their answers, but tonight, one mistake led to another.  Teams confused the spelling of James McAvoy with McElroy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Julia Marie-Dreyfus.  Unfortunately, those names are different enough to be considered incorrect.  Also, our question on Reese’s Puffs breakfast cereal had some teams second-guessing themselves out of points.  They had written down “Puffs”, but eventually struck through it, selecting another answer instead.  Awww.

Teams did well with our academic questions tonight, knowing their U.S. state capitals and the poem “Desiderata”.  Later on, two more questions on U.S. presidents and foreign currency led some teams to climb up our scoreboard with an impressive scoreline before the Final Question.  Eventually, it came down to a “sporting” decision between a golf ball and a soccer ball, but two-thirds of our team got the right answer of soccer ball.  So, here is tonight’s medal table:

First Place: H.R. Puff and Stuff

Second Place: DRD

Third Place: B-58s

Next week’s first category: Automobiles

Until next week,

~ Chris

Muscle Cars Trivia


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD

This week we started out with a question about the original generation of Pokémon, asking for the only one with ‘Mr.’ in his name, which of course was Mr. Mime!  The audio clue this week was about foreign language cover songs, and was a pretty fun one as usual; we heard cool covers of ‘My Generation’ by The Who, ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries, and ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.  Halftime asked teams to identify different bands based on group photos, as well as identifying famous African Americans.

The third round proved to be rather tough, with the poetry question about Desiderata, a U.S. State Capital wordplay question, a tough science question (Valence Numbers are interesting) AND a baseball question about Hall of Fame pitchers that all just seemed to wipe the field.  The final question of the night was an interesting one about geometry, and several teams got it right.  This led to third place going to Give Us Your Beer Money, second place going to That’s A Niner, and the win tonight going to The Arrondissements of Ouagadougou! Congrats!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category: “Blade Runner”

Blade Runner Trivia


Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD

Here we are once again back at Morgan Inn in Woodbine!  It’s Monday, and it’s Pour House Trivia time.  Our first round was a bit of a struggle for some of our teams getting out of the gate.  Some of the subjects and sources of adversity were breakfast cereal, details on a current suspense thriller in theaters, and finally some folks with “short” names.  Thankfully 7-11 was there to save the day for everybody!  Free Slurpees on July 11th!

7-11 Slurpee Trivia

Folks faired a bit better in round two identifying some cover songs performed in foreign languages, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the first season of a CBS reality show with an “escapist” skew on American life:

Hunted TV Trivia

Round three went smooth as glass, and the scores began to climb as our teams did very well handling some medical slang, alcohol, and hall of fame baseball pitchers.  For the final round, we found out just how much of a pair of d*cks DJs Opie & Anthony can be, and these folks discovered that Princess Leia actually had a last name.  Thanks again for coming out and having a few drinks, just stay away from this stuff in the future:

Mad Dog

Here are the results:

First Place:  Morgan Station (three in a row!)

Second Place:  Men & Pausers

Third Place:  The Long D’s

Next week’s first category:  Britney Spears

~ Ronnie

Britney Spears Trivia


Hershey’s Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD

Monday game at Hershey’s Restaurant was what you might call a “guaranteed win” for one team.  No one was stopping our eventual victor from Round 1 straight through to the final question!  I’m Just making This Up as I Go Along was 3rd, W.T.F. was 2nd, and with the best team name of the night, Jon Jeffries Fan Club was our 1st place winner!!  They picked “Washington Capitals” for this weeks winners choice, so study up and come check out the fun this Monday at Hershey’s Restaurant!!

~ Jon J

Washington Capitals Trivia


Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD

We had our busiest night of Pour House Trivia yet here at Uno Pizzeria in Frederick tonight! With new teams and travelling teams mixing it up with our house vets, tonight’s game was hotly contested from start to finish!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Gonna-Need-That-Third-Clue”: It’s not often that we have a Three Clues One Word question where no one has any idea on the first two clues. In fact the only person tonight who knew what the antihelix of the ear was was our lovely bartender; no one else was able to pull rook before the 3rd clue. A tough way to start the night!

In “No-Spell-It-Right-Come-On”: The number of teams that tried to get away with St. Paul as a state capital who’s first three letters are consonants, is too damn high! Saint Paul is the official spelling boys and girls, come on!

In “100-Bucks-Says-You-All-Got-It-From-Leia”: The add a letter question tonight was one where, I guarantee everyone in the room got Organa and then worked backwards to organ. I’m not saying, I’m just saying, I see you.

The final tonight was a tricky one, and correct answers were key!

In third place tonight, the Litigators!

In second place tonight, Tequila Mockingbird!

In first place tonight, Stink Floyd!

Great game everyone!  Next week we’ll kick things off with The Many Deaths of Sean Bean! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Sean Bean Movie Trivia


Basic Burger in Arlington, VA

Another rowdy night at Basic Burger in Arlington.  Our six teams certainly made an impression tonight!  Round 1 started well, with all of our resident winos answering correctly on our winner’s choice question about Jefferson Vineyards in Charlottesville.  On our Three Clues / One Word question which followed, ALL of our teams needed that third clue to make a guess, but once they did, they got it.  Round 2’s toughest question belonged to the reality TV category – only half of our teams were familiar with the new CBS show “Hunted”, where contestants become fugitives versus investigators on the show.  High School Prom took the lead after round 2 and a perfect score on the halftime puzzle.

Round 3 was a DOOZY with two VERY tough questions!  Not a single team could name the ten-letter poem by Max Ehrmann that started with a D.  Guesses ranged from depression to delightful.  The answer?  “Desiderata”.  Round 4 didn’t see any major stumpers, just a couple of missed bonuses here and there. In the end, more than half the teams knew the final question, so those in the lead ended up staying there.  Your winners were:

First Place:  High School Prom

Second Place:  Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

Third Place:  Kitten Mittens

Next week’s first category:  “Magic: The Gathering”


~ Kate

Magic the Gathering Trivia


Il Forno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD

A tougher start to tonight’s set didn’t seem to phase a crowd full of veteran teams.  A few misses here or there but some good wagering, good choices on bonus chips, and some smart play helped propel these teams in full force into the 2nd round.  Round 1 saw half the teams miss the Three Clues / One Word question, a usual crowd-favorite and nearly an insta-get with the wager; tonight it was not the case.  Foreign music covers and college basketball gave these teams something to be excited about going into the 2nd half.

Round 3 saw a bunch of toughies and a lot of the teams felt their luck fading fast as they missed a handful of questions! Much More Deeper had 2nd place locked up at the half and then went 1 for 5 in the 3rd and plummeted amongst the ranks! This implosion gave Kylo Ren and Stimpy a chance to increase their score and move into the top 3 as the fourth round began!

As per usual, The Jeff King Experience took advantage of a rough set and were able to hold onto a lead, even after missing a 5 and a 7 wager in the 3rd! This set was giving problems to all of our teams, but it was Jeff King who led going into the final. A mere 143 was our top score before the final 12 is added, an unusually low scoring night, but we had a winner nonetheless. 3rd place went to Half a Brain, a duo who jumped into the money with a correct get on the final! Sick finish! 2nd to Kylo Ren & Stimpy, losing the game to the Jeff King Experience!

Nearly unbeatable this season, come back next time and see if YOU can bring down this new trivia juggernaut! We’re back in a week, until then guys, see ya soon!

~ Bill

Next week’s first category:  Will Smith

Will Smith Trivia