Monday Night Trivia Night we coined a new term = TRIVIASICKLE

WOW! Seriousy, there is something spiritual that comes with carrying speakers into a bar on a Monday night for trivia in -2 degree windy coldness! As we put it at Forno, it was “make up new cuss words” cold! BUT…that didn’t stop the Monday nighters from having a merry old time this evening – we drank, we we ate, told some silly jokes and had a fun Monday night…inside! Then we walked outside and well…made up some new cuss words :)

il Forno – Frederick, MD

I felt like Tony Orlando tonight at Forno! After all, we did open up 2014 at il Forno Pizzeria trivia night with some Tie a Yellow Ribbon, a’capella style! And it must have been just the New Years jolt needed for One Crow Short of a Murder, as they managed to win again  – making them the first winnners of 2014 and the last of 2013! Congrats Crow…I must have slayed my audition too…as they have asked me for an encore next week – our opening category will be Denny sings Disney :)

2nd Place went to Season 8 il Forno House Champions: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang. Awesome season guys! Quick Pink is a threat! 

3rd Place this evening went to our friends over at South Paw Fish, who incidentally will be hosting a guest set Jan. 20th at il Forno Pizzeria! Matt and John rocked it last time and I’m sure this game will be a fun primer for the World Series!

I mean it when I say thank you for coming out tonight yall…that was some serious cold! Stay warm this week and I will see you next Monday night. :) dg

icicle beard trivia guy

And thanx to this guy for helping me carry my speakers to my car!!!!

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Kudos to the folks who braved the cold and made Greene Turtle in Hagerstown the place to be tonight! Give Us Your Beer Money dominated through most of the game and held the top spot even through a killer finale. And they managed to pick up the title of House Champion for Greene Turtle Season 8! Great work Beer $$$ Newcomers The Lucky Lavender Squirrels (dibs on making this my band name) took second, and Just the Two of Us finished third. If you’re not too busy listening to vintage ragtime (or reggae) on the ol’ Victrola, curl up by a fire and study up on Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Losses! Thanks for a great night, and Sam will be back next week!     – Eric :D

DRP – Alexandria, Va

Season 8 on the books at DRP and my heartfelt congrats to our house champions, MSC! IT was Kale however that rose to the occasion and won our game tonight, with MSC taking 2nd, and Boss Baller Pillow finishing in 3rd. Many thanks to all the teams and kudos to the teams that made the playoffs. We will definitely be playing trivia regardless, and our first category for next week is epidemiology. Button up! It’s cold out there! ~ Ronnie

microbiology trivia cartoon

Mistero – Frederick, Maryland

First of all, a big welcome to Mistero Bar & Italian Grille in downtown Frederick, the newest member of the Pour House Trivia family!  Now that we are hitting our short “exhibition” season, I hope many of you get the chance to check out Mistero.  It’s a great restaurant, located right behind Brewer’s Alley in Market Space (in the former location of La Paz Restaurant).  We’ll be upstairs in the bar area every Monday night!

We had a lovely game and welcomed a couple of new faces to Pour House Trivia.  The game was dominated by two teams: They Got a Cream For That, and Stink Floyd.  They were running neck and neck all night, but Stink Floyd managed a slim lead as we headed into the final question.  There was definitely some suspense as the answers came in, but in the end, Stink Floyd managed to hang on to their lead and took home a nice $50 cash prize for their work.  Great job!  Appropriately enough, next week’s first category will be Latin Phrases.  See you next week!   ~ Matt

 Latin Phrases Trivia Frederick