Monday Night Trivia Delivered!

What do you want? Trivia! When do you want it? Monday! Man oh man, not even the return of MNF could keep our teams away. Thankfully most of our venues had the games up and you got the best of both worlds 😉


DRP in Alexandria, Va

Well our first night here at DRP back in “Monday Night Football” mode, and we did a pretty good job with the game ending at 8:40. It was the first night of Season 14 here and these folks are excited to get at that cash game. Summer Fling is this Saturday’s cash game and I wish you all the best. Here are the results:

B-58’s in 1st

Rubber Sheets Club in 2nd

TBD in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the city of New Orleans. ~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, Md 

No game tonight at Greene Turtle because of the Redskins game.  Chad returns next week!

Redskins Football Trivia



Il Forno in Frederick, Md 

 Let the games begin! The Season 14 games! Tonight we had the first game of our trivia season AT THE SAME TIME AS the first game of the Redskins NFL season. As a Redskins fan, it was hard to watch us get creamed by Pittsburgh, but as a fan of trivia, I was glad to see the large turn out. We have our stage set for the new season!

First half saw a few difficult questions, including our 3 Clues 1 Country question which took out a few teams. Without knowing the locale of Bataan, it was quite difficult to lock into The Philippines. A few teams were able to get a 2 point bonus there but other teams missing big on that one. Stink Floyd held the lead after the 2nd round and topped that off with a perfect halftime page! Stink Floyd, playing solo tonight, looked like his normal self, showing that he truly is a veteran of the game.
Stink Floyd leading at the beginning of the 3rd, he was able to hang on to the lead with a near perfect round. Lots of teams missing points on the Gone with the Wind question (one of my personal favorites of the night) and the 6-4-2 also caused problems for the field. With those tricky questions, Stink Floyd was able to make it into the final up by a point.
MC trailed by 1 to the lead but a miss on the final dropped them out of the money. Stink Floyd wins it tonight, leading all night and getting the final correct. 2nd place went to Much More Deeper who wins a tie-breaker over our 3rd place finishers Piggy Doodles! Good game tonight all, we’re back in a week with more Season 14!
1st Place:     Stink Floyd
2nd Place:    Much More Deeper
3rd Place:     Piggy Doodles
Next week:     Triple 50 50 Israel or Palestine

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It was just another Manic Monday as 6 teams convened at Spider Kelly’s for the final game of the season.  Rounds 1 and 2 proved too easy for our teams, as many had near perfect scores and only 6 points separated the first place and last place teams. Walking Talking Stephen Hawking headed into the 3rd round strong, tied for first place with High School Prom.  But alas, only one could have the last dance.  With many teams knocked down a few notches after a tough Scarlett O’Hara question, Jimmy’s in Vegas took a strong lead and held it to win 1st place for the evening, with High School Prom barely squeezing into 2nd place.  Winners were as follows:

1st Jimmy’s in Vegas

2nd High School Prom

3rd Helen Keller Birdwatching Society

First Category next week is GI Joe!

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