Monday night teams are primed up, charged, and World Series ready!

Four great games tonight and the Monday crews are certainly primed up and excited for the World Series of Trivia this  Saturday. Teeth were bared…I mean it was prolly a smile…but teeth were bared! 

il Forno – Frederick, MD

I do very much enjoy when I get the opportinity to play some Pour House Trivia. I’d like to thank Matt S. and John M. for writing their own set tonight and doing a great job hosting it, keeping score, managing the music, and having some fun! Hats off guys :

One Crow Short of a Murder took 1st but declined the $$$ prizes (exceeded 7 players) and played for bragging rights. And that they can do as they sniped that final question and earned the W. They chose “Denny sings The Declaration of Independance” to start off Season 9 at il Forno next Monday night! That is definitely a PHT first 🙂 

The rest of the leaderboard went:

2nd: Team Awesome

3rd: Fresh Ink

4th: South Paw Fish

Good Luck this weekend everyone and I will see you next Monday for the start of Season 9. 🙂 dg

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We had some of our top teams up at the Turtle tonight in Hagerstown, everyone was sharpening their claws for the battle royale this weekend at the world series. Slapsgiving was feeling the magic tonight and pulled off a win after a very tight leaderboard going in to the final. 2nd belonged to a single player of Stink Floyd who was trying to rack up yet another solo win and fell just a touch short. 3rd was no surprise, Give us your beer money proved yet again that they are competitors and will not be left out of the money. Here’s hoping that trend continues this weekend- good luck! I will see you next monday for a first question of Animaniacs! Stay warm this week, and don’t forget the snowshovel! ~Samantha

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