Monday Brought the Goods!

Comin’ in HOT this week, everyone seems to be excited for St. Patricks, but until then they are looking for a good game and we have them in spades! Check out the recap here.

DRP in Alexandria, Va 

Spring break and the imminent St. Patrick’s Day celebrating pulled a bit at attendance tonight down here at DRP in Alexandria yet we still had 10 teams and nearly every seat full! Thanks a bunch folks. Enjoy your green beer this week, and take it easy. Here are the results of tonight’s game:
Still TBD in 1st
Misfits in 2nd
Del Ray Dummies in 3rd
Attila the Pun had more than 7, but they are still the high point winners and would like next week’s category to be “Crayola Crayons” ~ Ronnie


Roasthouse Pub in Frederick, Md

We had another heated night of competition at the Roast House! Pour House goes hard here!

Highlights of the Night:

In “So-Close-And-Yet-So-Far”:It’s a good thing the 10 Cloverfield Lane question was an either/or with John Goodman, otherwise answers like Cloverfield 8, Cloverfield 10, and 21 Cloverfield Lane would’ve buried numerous teams!

In “No-The-Other-Lesbian-Singer-Songwriter”: We were split tonight on this question between KD Lang and Melissa Ethridge. Both good answers, no doubt, but it forced me to repeat that line. Not on the list of things I’d have thought I’d ever say!

In “Who-Else-Would-Live-There”: Conversely, most teams seemed to know almost immediately that the final answer was Anne Frank. I thought it was pretty vague but apparently not vague enough!

The podium was hard fought, but in the end the final didn’t make much difference.

In third place tonight, Hot Shame!

In second place tonight, Three Fingers Worth!

In first place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a Goonies question! HEYYY YOUUUUU GUYYYYYYS!!!! Love that movie! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, Md 

Happy Pi Day everybody! We celebrated the holiday with a good game of trivia, and even had a question asking about it. The question asked for the mathematical concept that is the basis for an informal holiday celebrated today, and thankfully nobody messed that one up.

The game started with a question about Casey Kasem, which asked for the Superhero Sidekick that he voiced on the Superfriends show, which was Robin. We also had a math question pretending to be a sports question, which asked for the maximum tournament wins a team could have in winning the NCAA tournament, which is now seven thanks to the play-in games they added.

I was also glad teams remembered the title of the new JJ Abrams movie that just came out, ’10 Cloverfield Lane’, since titles with numbers can be annoying sometimes. Finishing up the first round was a question asking about a UN program called oil for food, which sounds ridiculous. Halftime asked teams to identify movies that focused on college life, as well as matching two-letter words to their definition/description.

The second half opened with a question about a Lesbian singer/songwriter, which most teams knew was Melissa Etheridge. The geology question was the toughest of the night, asking for the layer of the crust that gets its name from the Greek for ‘rocky’. Only one team managed to get lithosphere. Tonight’s 3 clues/1 word question asked about the word taboo, which we learned has quite the convoluted definition according to Merriam-Webster.

We even asked a poker question where teams had to rank different hands from highest to lowest, and just about everybody managed to get them correct. I’ve also never heard of the term ‘chick lit’ as an actual slang term, but several teams managed to figure out what we were asking about. Tonight’s 6-4-2 asked about President Taft, who we learned is the only President other than JFK to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In the final round we asked about Derek Jeter, the only player to win All Star game MVP and World Series MVP in the same year, doing so in 2000. TV networks asked for the network that ‘Portlandia’, ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’, and ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’ all air on, which is IFC. Another tough question from the final round asked for Gail Borden, the namesake of the Borden company, as well as their mascot Elsie the Cow.

The hardest question in the round had to be the Films of the 2000s question, which asked for the nonsense word from a 2002 movie starring Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock. Only a few teams knew we were looking for the word ‘Ya-Ya’. The final question tonight was in the category of international landmarks, and asked for the person associated with the Amsterdam address of Prinsengracht 263. Most teams were able to get to the answer we were looking for, which was Anne Frank.

There wasn’t much movement after the final question, as the teams at the top remained the same. Third place went to The Cobras, and second went to Danny Glover. Taking the win, congrats goes to That’s A Niner on the Pi Day Victory! Next week we start with a question about Current US Politics. (yay.) So I will see you all then!

Until next time,

Il Forno in Frederick, Md 

It seems il Forno might be the new place where the all the rage is happening… We had 13 teams tonight and in addition to that, we have quite a win streak for our weekly favorites The A Team. They’ve won 4 in a row and came out tonight looking to make it 5. They seem pretty unstoppable right now so maybe the increase in teams was due to their recent success. Teams coming from all around looking to take them down!
Well, it was definitely a close one tonight though The A Team led at the half by 2 points. Wrecking Ball was close behind all game but never seemed to sneak into the lead. Although, The A Team really started to run away with the game in the 3rd round after the geology question went 2-13, one of those 2 teams getting it was our current streakers. They missed very little and were able to carry the momentum into the final question.
Going into the final, The A Team could not be caught, up a whopping 15 points! It was lucky they were up too because they thought Justin Bieber lived at the Amsterdam locale we asked about in the final, which apparently was the residence of a Ms. Anne Frank. They could not have been further from the answer…. Despite that, they win their 5th in a row! This streak is perhaps the start of something pretty legendary. Let’s see if they keep it up! Until next week 😉
1st Place:     The A Team
2nd Place:    Wrecking Ball
3rd Place:     Chicken McThuggets

Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, Va

After a week outside of the winner’s circle, our defending house champions High School Prom put on a trivia clinic at Spider Kelly’s in Arlington on Monday night.  They rolled through tonight’s set, and racked up a very impressive double-digit lead heading into the final, which seemed to be a piece of cake for them tonight.  They were back on top, with Jimmy’s in Vegas taking second and Kitten Mittens in third.  Next week, we’ll be back with an opening question on WCW Wrestling.  Sorry, that “rasslin'”…  ~ Matt