M&Ms&Much Pour House Pub Trivia on Tuesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday was jam-packed with more live trivia than you could shake a stick at!

We gobbled up some chocolate and quizzed the night away – check it out!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

As usual, it was a close game between our top teams at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington, but tonight it was the final question that made all the difference, as only two teams came up with the correct response!  One of those was Gus Polinksi and the Kenosha Kickers, who took down their first win of the season.  Trivia Newton John took second with Menace to Sobriety in third.  Next week, break out the U.S. Constitution as we start with a question on ‘How a Bill Becomes a Law’!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Seriously? What are the odds that for a tiebreaker that you would each be off by the very same amount in either direction? The Price is WRONG, Bob! I was impressed.

I was also impressed with my own pronunciations tonight! You know it’s good when you get a shout out from your teams for not screwing up the tennis players last name 😉

We had a very good night tonight with a packed house; I am very excited to see what Season 12 has in store for us! It’s always competitive; you field some very good teams and it’s looking like this season will be no different.

It took me a little bit to get used to all the new names, but our top 3 names tonight were ones that have been quite familiar to us for a while now: 3rd went to 2 live Clue 2, 2nd went to Thundercats who got beat out in a double tie breaker by Wiser but Still Dead! I see a rivalry in the makings!

Next week we will start with the Seven Sister colleges.




Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Well, we kicked off Season 12 here in fine fashion at Cugini’s in Poolesville and as always it was a real close game!

Here are the results:

Level 3 Booksellers in 1st

MoMo in 2nd

Risky Quizness in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Portlandia.

~ Ronnie

Portlandia Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland




Celebrity Bar and Grill, Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

It was nice to see some familiar faces back inside Celebrity Bar & Grill last night, that I haven’t seen in a while! It definitely made the ending much more exciting!

Finishing 3rd I’d like to welcome back Just Us! A rarely seen 2nd place finish has ended the winning streak of American Outlaws!! With a great game and becoming the 1st winner of season 12 we had Ram Squad!!

They picked “Pokemon: the Original 151” for next Tuesdays winners choice, so study up and get back to Celebrity Bar & Grill!!

~ Jon J


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Welcome to our newest venue! The Green Turtle in Hagerstown. It’s not really new, it’s just moved to Tuesdays, which still gives it that new-car smell, but still fits like an old driving glove. Veteran teams made the long haul to come out and play. Rice Rice Baby held on to the third spot, Cotton Candy revved into second and That’s A 9er took first prize. Next week, we’re going to take a brand new category for a spin; Chinese Gymnasts. Good luck and see you next week.


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

We had some new faces in the crowd for our Season 12 opener at Monkey La La Tuesday night! Thank you all for coming out and playing. Season 12 is now off and running in La La Tuesday style!
Hard to believe how fast time flies these days. Summer just seemed to barrel on by with reckless abandon to my feelings!

time flies

That said, however, it is great to spend that time with my friends over at the La La. Last night we grappled with a fun set of trivia questions. Some of my favorite camoes were:

Captain Jack Sparrow, of course!
Road Rules! – so what if I used to dream of being on this show, don’t hate!
Miss Manners – apparently I need to brush up on my etiquette 😉

miss manners

Congrats to our week ONE Top 3 Board for coming out of the gate and sniping some early points!

20150915_215802.1 20150915_215441.2 20150915_215626.3

See you all next Tuesday at La La when we kick off with the category of “Johny Depp Films.” Until then, have a great week. And GOOD LUCK AT SUMMER FLING this Saturday my friends!

DG 🙂




Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Hello everyone, sorry about the lateness of today’s blog, my internet was broken and my roommate spent the whole day on the phone arguing with Comcast to get things working again (thanks Joe!). Luckily things are back on track, so here we go. Today’s game at the Orioles Nest kicked off the new season, and started with one of the most ridiculous opening categories, this time about the Elder Scrolls video game series; more specifically the Daedric Princes that generally act as the antagonists. After that a question about famous duos followed, talking about Siskel and Ebert (and later Roeper). I thought the question about ROAD stuff was pretty tough, but some teams did really well on it, remembering the Silk Road and Sheryl Crow singing about a Winding Road. We ended the round asking about marmalade and about how it is the favorite food of Paddington Bear.

Round two started with a question about automotive car parts, and had one easier clip and two more difficult clips. The Doors was a clip that almost everybody got, but Dashboard Confessional was harder, and NOBODY got The Struts (which I swear are car parts!). After that we had a sports headlines question about Novak Djokovic winning the U.S. Open over the weekend, taking down the legendary Federer in the win. Then the question about potatoes, which I’m still convinced was another way for the writers to set up a ‘hardly know her’ joke, came up next. I thought the question about Aladdin was interesting, especially since according to the original story Aladdin is actually Chinese. Then we went to halftime on a page that I wrote, identifying movies from pictures of characters as their younger selves, and matching alcohol types to their main ingredient. The main problems teams had there was identifying It’s A Wonderful Life, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

After the halftime break we opened with a mythology question, this time about the Greek and Roman names for the god of wine and drama, Dionysus/Bacchus. The next question about people who have the same name as US Supreme Court Judges was really tough, and nobody was able to get all three of them. I never thought I’d see the day that there’d be a question about a different famous Sotomayor, and none of the teams got there either. Miss Manners was a bit of a bounce-back for most teams, but then the Johnny Depp question ended up being a bit tougher. The first character they asked about was actually Captain Jack Sparrow, although it was worded a bit tougher, then the author who created Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie (although nobody spelled his name right, which kept throwing me off) and of course Sweeney Todd, which seems like the creepiest movie ever. Finishing the round was a question about Aesop’s Fables, asking about a fox who couldn’t reach some grapes and assumed they were sour, which is where the idiom ‘sour grapes’ comes from.

The final round started out with a question about a purse designer, a playing card suit, and a former SNL actor, all of which were all Spade. Then we had the most controversial question of the night, the World War II question, which asked about the Battle of Stalingrad, although a few teams tried to argue that the answer should have been Leningrad, which was another famous battle. However, the difference is that Leningrad was from ’41-’44, and Stalingrad was ’42-’43. Then a question about two different songs called ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ followed, by Franke Valli and the Four Seasons in 1962 and by Fergie in 2007, although they don’t have anything to do with each other. Two good science questions finished out the final round, asking about the alkali earth metals on the periodic table, and then about how teflon was accidentally discovered by Roy Plunkett while working for DuPont.

The final question of the night was about Brand Logos, and it proved pretty difficult, with not much movement occurring among the teams. The answer to the oldest surviving logo in Hollywood is for Paramount, but everybody guessed MGM or 20th Century Fox. Third place in tonight’s game, secured thanks to some smart wagering, going out to Black Steel. Second place went to Ignorance is Bliss making a nice showing tonight. Winning tonight’s game, however, holding the lead throughout the whole game, congrats on the first win of the season to Fractured But Whole! Nice job guys and gals! Next week we start with a question about Futurama, so I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Futurama Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia



Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

We kicked off Season XII with a great group of veteran teams, most of whom expressed their desires to be the House Champion of Tilted Kilt this season! And what a competition it will be, as teams put up strong scores all night in hopes of taking down the season opener.

We learned all about early 90’s Disney movies, the correct spelling of “Novak Djokovic”, and even our writer’s unrequited love for Dashboard Confessional. As the game progressed, the top three began to emerge, though they all remained within striking distance of first place.

And then it came down to the final. Teams were divided between two likely answers… and groaned to discover that they were all wrong! With that, we had our first W of Season XII. Taking third was FNQ, followed by Poovey Farms (the newly-renamed NoTalent Rummies) in second and taking it down was Dewey, Cheatum and Howe! They’ve chosen NASA Satellites as next week’s first category, so it’s time to get studying!

Satellite Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland
See you next week,


Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

So does everyone know that the blue M&M is a big deal? Thats news to me! Anyway, a well-fought game of live trivia tonight at Whole Foods!

1st Mini Van Mafia
2nd Donald Trump Speech Writers
3rd JMU alumni

First category next week is Gilmore Girls! see you there!


Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Tonight was our opening night of season 12 of pub trivia here at the fine eating establishment known as Quincy’s South! New teams and old teams alike competed for the top prizes and the extra ranking points we had available for this season opener, but unfortunately, only 3 of our teams would walk away with the esteem!

Starting off strong, maintaining the lead for most of the game, was veteran team The Big Fact Hunt who enter this season as half a team because two of their members ventured off to the West Coast to continue their lives. Still, with just a team of three, they destroyed the competition today, holding the lead all game going into the final question.

The final question is worth 12 points to any one team, a potential 24 point swing for two teams who get a correct response and miss the question, respectively. This 24-point fact came into play tonight as we had only 2 teams come up with a correct response on the final BUT every team seemed to wager the max of 12, making the final outcome quite interesting!

One of our newer teams, calling themselves Rock the Cash Bar, was one of two teams to get the final correct and jumped up 12 points while the rest of the teams around them dropped 12, giving way for them to climb the ranks and jump into the top 3.

Here’s how the game wound up after all was said and done: 3rd place tonight, falling from the top spot was the Big Fact Hunt, who unfortunately did not come up with a correct response and had to settle for 3rd after leading ALL NIGHT! A shame, indeed. There’s always next week; I’m sure we’ll see them back up there soon enough. 2nd place tonight, Rock the Cash Bar, who made a significant jump with their correct response, and your winning team tonight, at least 2 in a row for Uncle Jack (who also came up with a correct response). That’s the game folks. Back in a week! Good luck this weekend with the Summer tournament! Season 12 continues in 7 days. Until then 😉

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: Rock the Cash Bar
3rd Place: The Big Fact Hunt

Next week: Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland