MLK Monday recap from Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia Celebrated MLK Day on Monday with five games of live trivia!

Always nice to sneak some classical music into the set; we had a great time with the 1812 Overture as an audio clue this evening!

1812 Overture trivia classical music trivia tchaikovsky Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Check the games out!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

I would like to congratulate High School Prom as the pub trivia House Champions for DRP in Alexandria, good luck at the World Series!

All my best to the playoff teams this weekend, sorry I won’t be there. Tonight’s game went down like this: High School Prom in 1st, No Money No Problems in 2nd, and Del Ray Dummies in 3rd.

See ya next week for our first category, The Simpsons!

~ Ronnie

Simpsons Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Before I start recapping the game, I do want to say happy MLK day to everybody who may be reading this, and I hope it was a wonderful day whether you were lucky enough to get off work or not.

Tonight at the Greene Turtle I was glad to see most of my regulars come out, play, and compete as usual. Throughout the game Cotton Candy was either close to the top or in the lead, and at the end of it all they were one of several teams to get the final question correct and take down another win. Congrats to them! In second place were Thinkers and Dreamers, who happened to be the only team to know their US Presidents well enough to confidently submit it and say “we don’t need any extra time!” after I gave all the teams a few extra seconds due to a bit of confusion over that question. They also impressed by knowing the classical music piece before I even started playing it! I always like it when we have classical music come up, especially when it’s an audio clip, and the 1812 Overture is a fun one indeed. In third place tonight was The Cobras, who leapfrogged several teams for that position with a correct final response, managing to salvage a tough night with yet another podium appearance.

Next week we start off Preseason 11 with bodies of water as our opening category, courtesy of the champs, Cotton Candy. Time to study up on your seas, lakes, and rivers! Good luck at playoffs for my teams who got invites and can attend! I want to see you all advance to World Series!

Until next time,

River Trivia Lake Trivia Stream Trivia Ocean Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland



il Forno – Frederick, MD

And THAT concludes Season 10 of Pour House live trivia at il Forno! Early in the game, we had every single team get the 2 point bonus on our TV commercials question and to that I say, sorry guys, you all watch too much TV! Okay, well, maybe it’s not necessarily a BAD thing, as it helps get those trivia answers sooo all-in-all, I accept this. Great to see some newcomer teams join us tonight, including a team calling themselves “Irvin”, who were the only team to get a couple of the 2 point bonuses from tonight’s set! Good job guys, hope to see you back in the future!

Tonight’s game saw Piggy Doodles leading at half time (something we’ve grown accustomed to), but that lead did not hold up as the 2nd half played very hard. Going into the final question we saw Latrilla in the top spot (they seemed very surprised about this). The final question proved to be very difficult; I believe we only had 2 teams get the correct response. Those 2 teams took down 1st and 2nd place. Tonight’s winners, with a correct response was Fresh Ink! First win in a while for them, I believe! Nice to see them come out and stomp the comp! 2nd went to Off in Public who had a good showing tonight! Latrilla held on to 3rd place. The season has concluded but we will return NEXT WEEK with some Pre-Season 11 trivia! So, hope you all come out to play! I’ll be here! Same time, same place. Until then 😉

1st Place: Fresh Ink
2nd Place: Off in Public
3rd Place: Latrilla and the Mossy Banks

Next week’s category: Serial Killers

Hannibal Lecter Pub Quiz MD


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

The Roast House had a great final night of season 10. New teams, house regulars and traveling teams alike made up a diverse field looking for some last minute points as we go into Playoffs week.

Highlights of the night:

In “Night-At-the-Roxbury-Moment”: Watching everyone cock their heads in confusion, as the Classical song comes on. They recognize it, vaguely, but can’t place it. The song builds and builds, until with a blast of the canon, the recognizable moment of the 1812 Overture arrives, and as one the entire bar starts bobbing their heads along in recognition. Funniest moment of the night!

In “Can-the-Host-Take-A-Hint”: After a few issues had to be resolved, it would happen that we arrived at the big word category. Being told to get a move on while explaining what Loquacious means…ironic?

In “Forehead-Smacking-Finals”: The groans of comprehension on the final abound. Although, it was worth the answers of the Hitler brothers.

When the teams were done smacking their foreheads, we had our top three.

In third place, a new team, AJ! Congratulations ladies, a good first showing!

In second place, with a correct answer leaping up from behind, the Know Nothings! Good game guys!

In first place, the house juggernaut could not be stopped tonight: Multiple Scorgasms! Well done guys, another well earned win!

For their first round category next week, Scoregasms has chosen what may be my favorite round 1 category ever: Triple 50/50 Ernest or Madea! Should be a scream of a category!

Study up on your Ernest and Madea movies, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Ernest Trivia Madea Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

With the final week of our inaugural season at Spider Kelly’s, we crowned our house champions: the Rocket Surgeons!  They actually had it wrapped up before the game started, so there wasn’t much suspense on that front.  The game itself did provide some suspense, as our top two teams were trading the lead back and forth all night.  After the fourth round, Eleven is a prime number snuck into the lead by one point, and held on for another win.  Magic Grits took second with Humantaray rounding out our top three.  Next week starts with a question on the U.S. Civil War!  ~ Matt