Mirror, Mirror on the wall…who’s the best Pub Trivia Company in the land? Pour House Trivia of course!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday night had five games of live trivia! Would ANYONE else find a way to combine Southern Cross, Wild, Wild West AND Clint Eastwood?

No. The answer is no they would not.

Check the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Wow! Fifteen teams in a game of pub quiz we finished under two hours due to Monday Night Football, thanks to each and every team at DRP in Alexandria for helping to make that happen! A Particular Set of Skills was our winners in tonight’s game, with Del Ray Posse taking 2nd. After a tie-breaker, it was Defenders of the Constitution who finished in 3rd. Our first category for next week is World War II. ~ Ronnie

WWII History Pour House Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

 Tonight everyone brought their A game to the table at Greene Turtle.
All the teams did really well but with any game there has to be some winners. Not too many lead changes tonight but there was a bit of a battle going on for third place.
Third place went to Cotton Candy, second went to We’re Here for the Free Water, and first place went to It’s Just Toothpaste.
Winner’s Choice for next week is World War I. Great game and thanks for letting me be your host tonight!
WWI Trivia Pub Quiz MD

il Forno – Frederick, MD

 Tonight’s game of live trivia saw the lead trade off between our 2 veteran teams, Latrilla and Wes Craven both exchanging the number one spot all game. By the time we got to the final question, Latrilla had taken the lead, and they secured the win with a correct answer on the final! Way to go, team. 2nd place goes to That’s So Wes Craven, 3rd place going to Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap. Join us next week for some more Fall trivia, same time, same place! Until then 😉

1st Place: Latrilla and the Mossy Banks
2nd Place: That’s So Wes Craven
3rd Place: Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap

Next week’s category: Clone High

[th_youtube id=’-XBlrAxPtAw’ name=’Clone HighTrivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

The Roast House is the place to be for pub trivia on Monday nights, and tonight was no exception, as we got underway with Pour House trivia and a packed house! Veteran Regulars, returning old faces, and a few new Teams piled into the Roast House for four rounds of heated trivia! Highlights of the night: The battle for superior “Dewey” was on tonight; the return of “David” Dewey Decimators taking on house “Goliath” Dewey, Cheatum and Howe! Who would win? THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! Tonight threw some screwballs at teams, like the 2010 film question; the internal struggle of “Which Snow White movie is he talking about?” plagued every team, and only a few came out unscathed. But no question was more reviled after the fact than the A+B=C question, mostly because I got a different answer from every team! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before…What would that do to the standings? In third place, Multiple Scorgasms! It was a tough night guys, way to hold strong! In second place, Dewey….Decimators! It was a close match guys, good job! In first place though, taking the title of superior “Dewey” was Dewey Cheatum and Howe! Congratulations guys on a great performance! DCH has chosen an…interesting category for next week: Rock and Roll Keyboardists! Should be fun! Until then, Ian

Rock Keyboardists Trivia Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

So, apparently it’s been a LONG TIME since some of you set up a game of checkers…

Anyway, our game at Spider Kelly’s featured most of our regular crew, and a number of questions which had teams slapping their heads and saying “of course!” (as previously mentioned), but it was a runaway for the Rocket Surgeons, as they held a commanding lead all night and even got the final question to take home their first win of the season!  She Left took second on the night with ArlingtonOrangeLine.com in third.  Next week begins with a question on The Bible!  ~ Matt