Millions of Peaches with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday sang with the Presidents of the United States of America, but apparently also got some head scratchers in there!

Eat a Peach (I know that’s the Allman Brothers!) and read on!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

It’s officially the end of Summer for Pour House Trivia at Applebee’s, as we start out the new season next week! Exciting stuff! Well we started out the last game of the Summer Fling season with a bit of a silly opening category. Last weeks winners decided to pick Xerox technology as the opening question, which ended up being about the Phaser line, which definitely sounds like something out of Star Trek. We also had a bit of an anagram question, asking about words that can be made using the letters in the word exceptional, which was pretty fun. In other news, we talked about how The Muppets are coming back to prime-time TV with a new show, something that should be pretty exciting, I think! A question about the “Research Triangle” of North Carolina, which is UNC, NC State, and Duke followed that one, and then the round ended with a question about educational music. Apparently the band They Might Be Giants did a few educational albums for kids as well as their usual songs, which one team already knew before I gave the multiple choice options. Unfortunately, the multiple choices seemed to throw teams off even worse, with almost everybody thinking that Tenacious D was the right answer. I can only imagine how amazing a kids’ album from them would be though.

The audio question today was about Mike Myers films, and I swear that they all sounded like either Austin Powers or Shrek. Luckily the question said ‘live-action roles’ so Shrek didn’t count, but Austin Powers was a very popular wrong answer. I was impressed by a few teams knowing the largest island that is completely part of Indonesia (it’s Sumatra), although a few teams don’t seem to know where the Komodo dragon actually lives, one of the coolest animals on the planet. Also, I’d never heard of a Bloody Maria, but I assumed it had to be made with tequila, an assumption that most of the teams also shared. The question about Roy Rogers was amusing mostly for the fact that Roy Rogers is headquartered right here in Frederick, MD, but only a few teams knew that.

Halftime was a pretty fun idea, merging NFL logos with Disney characters. Teams had to name the Disney characters depicted and the NFL teams used, gaining a point for each answer. After that we started round three with an old standby, three clues/one word, but this one seemed to have some serious teeth on it. The answer was the name Picasso gave his dog, a hit song by The Presidents of the United States of America on the Alternative Charts, and the largest pieces of meat found in a crab. Those all point to the word Lump, but some teams guessed on two, knowing a very famous song by that band called ‘Peaches’ and betting confidently on it; sadly that bit a few teams trying to play catch-up. We also had some tough questions after that in the round, such as one asking about a ‘Hinny’, which is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey The question that followed caused some frustration, as apparently not many people know about the executions of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927, which caused some serious protests and riots among people all around the world.

The 6-4-2 question tonight asked for the name of a US State, first asking about two different rivers in the US that are in the top 20 longest rivers in the US, both named for this state. The next clue talked about what bodies of water they empty into, the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California. Unfortunately only a few teams figured out at this point that we were talking about Colorado, so the final clue was met by plenty of frustrated groans by teams that couldn’t quite bring themselves to pull the trigger. That’s the way it goes sometimes in trivia though. In round four, the A+B=C question was the only one to stump everybody in the bar, as it seemed everybody thought there were only eight rooms in Clue that murders can happen, but there are really nine. Adding that to the highest two-digit prime number (97) led to 106 being the answer; sadly I got way too many 105’s and 104’s. I thought the Solar System question was super clever, talking about a part of the Solar System that can never be seen directly from Earth, because it is the Dark Side of the Moon! So clever, I love questions like that. I also liked having a question about The Onion, which puts out some of the best satire in the business. Ending the round was a movie music question, asking about Chim-Chim-Cheree, Lose Yourself, and Cell Block Tango, which are each from Mary Poppins, 8 Mile, and Chicago, respectively.

Heading into the final question of the night, we were lucky enough to have a tie for the lead between two teams. The final question didn’t cause any changes at the top, even though a few teams came up and pretended to change their wagering to try and throw the other teams off. The final question about ASICS wasn’t enough to alter that tie, so we had to do a tiebreaker for the win. Third place tonight, however, went to Car Ramrod, making a return after being gone for too long, nice job guys! The tiebreaker was to guess what year The Onion was founded, and losing that tiebreaker was Dalek Dance Party, who took second place. Winning tonight’s game with a closer guess, congrats to The Carolina Reapers on the win to end the Summer Season! Nice work! Next week we start with a question about Frank Turner’s album ‘Positive Songs for Negative People‘ so time to go give that a listen and study up! I’ll see you all again next week when we start Pour House Season 12!

Until next time,

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We closed the doors on the summer fling at Barefoot Bernie’s Wednesday night at our pub trivia night, Hagerstown style! It is sad to see summer go but it certainly was a great season! And it will culminate to our summer finale next Saturday, Sept. 19th! I wish everyone luck in that event!

But what about the future? YES!!! Season 12 kicks off NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT! So get those new team name ideas a flowin’ and bring the crew out for OPENING NIGHT of Season 12 Pour House trivia.

How about that game last night though? WOW! First off, thanks Sean for doing a great job hosting the latter half of the game and I wish him good luck being our newest addition to the Pour House Trivia hosting crew!

The game felt innocent enough, as we navigated our way through some Muppets and They Might be Giants terrain. But wooh! Then that 2nd half came into play and we felt it!

I am thinking my Top 3 favorites Wendesday night were:

1. Hinny Horse and Donkey – how can you not like a Hinny?
2. Dark Side of the Moon – life changing album!
3. Chicago and the Cell Block Tango – I mean – it’s HOT!


Not to mention the ASICS final. Whooda thunk that meant some fancy Latin phrasey thingy? Apparently one or two teams did, and the whole scoreboard did some maneuvering afterward! Congrats to our Top 3 on a game well played!

20150909_221950.2 20150909_222050.3 20150909_221907.1

Thank you again everyone for playing this summer. Awesome times hanging with you this summer. And I look forward to doing some more of that in Season 12! Speaking of…let’s kick that thang off next Wednesday night! OPENING CATEGORY: JAMIACA MON!

See ya then my friends 🙂


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

My Wednesday night teams? Yeah. Just, yeah. Damn you Peaches! No Peaches for you, No Peaches for me! Peaches Picasso! Oh man. God I love my teams. Could not be happier with Belles for giving us this home! So nice to have everyone back together. The laughter, the trash talk, even the glitches!

“Wait, wait- where’d it go?” No other night would I get in so much trouble for saying Celebrity CHEFS. Not shafts. Chefs! It was also nice to see some traveling faces tonight, familiar team names all around.

It was the quiet but deadly Killin Me Smalls who snuck in and took 3rd tonight, 2nd went to a Duo! Rockpile! Nice job! You are fully wheeled 😉 1st was so surprise, Team Wednesday! Love it. Seems like any night with an alcohol question and you’re in like Flin for 1st! Hmmm.

I will see you same bat time same bat channel next week and we will start with The Sopranos. Don’t Fuhgettaboutit’! See what I did there?? 😉




Last night of summer and it was HOT in Bennigan’s! That is to say, I’m pretty sure the AC was broken because MAN OH MAN we were all sweating like pigs, BUT STILL, the fine breeze of a lovely trivia game kept us cool. Who am I kidding, it was god awful in there. Thanks for joining me last night as the Summer season comes to an end!

The question of the night tonight was a real doozy: 3 Clues 1 Word. Picasso’s dog, POTUSA #1 alt song,Peaches comes to mind. A bit of a trap I’d think. Here’s the scoop. Peaches A. sounds more like a dog’s name than Lump B. Fits with a possible alliterative theme for Pablo Picasso and his dog Peaches C. Peaches is actually the only song by POTUSA to chart on the Hot 100, just never was #1 on the Alt Chart so technically it is their more successful song. With all that working for me, I may have gone early with Peaches too. It did make sense, but MY GOD WHY all the NINE WAGERS??? Put the 1, take a small gamble for a 2 point bonus. Did you really think you weren’t gonna know another question in the same round that that one HAD to be your high wager? Bet 9 when you know you’re right. Clearly, you all were wrong. Tournament next week, let’s tighten it up mmkay? (final game of the season with a crew of veteran teams, I hope I’m not out of line making fun of you guys – you can blame Just the Tip and Knock Knock for egging me on that I don’t make fun of you guys enough heheh).

Going into the final Stray Cats and Lowered Expectations were in the top 2 spots but the final did some mix-up at the end! Here’s what happened. The answer was ASICS, a Japanese company whose name is an acronym for “anima sana in corpore sano”. Both of my top two teams put “ASIC”, which I had to mark wrong, because it is a company name and an acronym. Adding an “S” for pluralization isn’t neggable but when it is part of an acronym, it kind of matters. I can’t accept “NAA” for NASA, need that “S”. I also need the last letter of an acronym. In no case would I accept “FIA” for FIAT, “NAAC” for NAACP, “CV Pharmacy” for CVS, “BM” for BMW, etc. Acronyms need to be complete and the name “ASIC” just isn’t correct. Sorry if you feel shafted. Make up for it at the tournament next weekend! Either that or come egg my house! I’ll be prepared.

1st Place: Knock Knock
2nd Place: Strangers have the best Candy
3rd Place: Pegging Patschak

Next Week: 60s Muscle Cars

Muscle Car Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a full house with nine teams at Memories in Mount Airy, including two new teams and a new host (well, for one week anyway).  I had a great time filling in for Torie, and we had quite a game!  The third round started with a question that flipped the standings around, as a few teams jumped the gun on the Three Clues / One Word question, and it allowed Doris Day and the Time to cruise to a victory as a solo player!  Great job!  Second place went to the Moops (as a duo!) and third place to Men and Pausers.  Next week, Torie will return…

DON’T FORGET!!  Next week’s game will be changing from Wednesday to Tuesday!  It is just a temporary switch for one week, and will be at the same time (7:00p sign-up).  That game will begin with a question on tennis.  ~ Matt


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

The game we had last night at The Tavern was pretty intense! You’d never think that a “3 clues, 1 word” question would ruin the game for so many teams! And with the wagering on the final, the top 3 STILL changed up once again!

Moving up to 3rd place was John Lithgow’s Fan Club! Dropping back into 2nd was You Know Nothing! Moving up into 1st place after the final was Olney the Lonely!! Their pick for next Wednesdays winners choice will be “Stock Symbols ” (which will also be the first game of season 12 here!), so study up and come see us for some FUN at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Stock Ticker Symbols trivia pour house pub trivia

We had a fast and furious game of Pour House Trivia tonight at the
Revolution Bar!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Too-Many-Peaches”: The Presidents of the United States of America
clue was a bit too perfect for a wrong answer. Most of the teams went
hard and high on it, only one team waiting for the crucial Lump clue.

In “Not-Enough-Clues”: The Clue question also saw many teams going
hard on a wrong guess; Hall, Study, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ball Room,
Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, Lounge. Why is that so hard?!

In “Back-to-bASICS”: The final was one of those that sounds hard at
first, but got pretty easy in the long run. Everyone got it correct,
so the podium was pretty much set.

In third place tonight, E=MC Hammer!

In second place tonight, as a solo, Team David!

In first place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

Congrats to all my teams tonight! Next week we will kick-off Season 12
with one of my all time favorite movies: The Princess Bride! Study up
on your pirates, giants, six-fingered men, ROUSes, and the fire swamp,
and we’ll storm the castle at the Revolution Bar next week!

Until then,

The princess bride trivia Pour house pub trivia maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We had ourselves a nice and cozy little game of PHT here at Valley Grill in Middletown, where the liquor was flowing fast and cold as always! Mike Myers did some damage tonight, but is was “Peaches” that was the real game changer!

Here are the results:

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st

Southpaw Fish in 2nd

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Remember Season 12 starts next week, and our first category will be the TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun.

~ Ronnie

3rd Rock from the Sun trivia pour house pub trivia maryland