Milk teeth and Tuesday Live trivia from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic, Junior, taught you about milk teeth and did a whole bunch more!

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Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

The fall season is in full swing (except for the Yankees), but at Capitol City Brewing Company in Arlington, all of our top teams were in attendance for a great night of trivia.  In tonight’s game, two teams separated themselves from the rest of the pack, as the Capital Hillbillies and Capitol City Goofballs pulled ahead of the field in the last round, and headed into the final question in a dead heat for first place.  But only one of those two teams came up with the correct response in the final question, and it was the Capitol City Goofballs taking down the win!  This was the fifth week of Season XII, and we’ve had FIVE DIFFERENT WINNERS so far this season!  That just goes to show the level of competition we have at CCBC.  Two teams leapt into the top three on the last question, with the B-58s taking second and the Valley Girls taking third.  Next week, we begin with a question on Ralph Wiggum!  It tastes like burning!  See you next week…  ~ Matt

Ralph Wiggum on THE SIMPSONS on FOX. ™©2001FOX BROADCASTING CR:FOX © and™ The Simpsons and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Yet another night at Champions, I love how many of you come spend your Tuesdays with me! Each night brings something new, which is how I hope the cast of Mousetrap feels! We had some real humdingers tonight, that whole title character thing was a tough one. You made up for it in the audio tonight however, good lord you all nailed it. And you were all laughing about it too. Apparently I need to spend some time on youtube and catch up on my commercials.

So as the pack came coursing down the mountain, it was neck and neck on the final approach for the second spot- and we actually ended up with a tiebreaker to decide it! Comfortably Dum may not have listened to the entire tiebreaker question, or they are just really bad at rounding numbers, but they did manage to get closest to the pin and grab themselves the second spot since Thundercats was just a bit outside on the English play performance numbers. I can’t really blame them. Also can’t blame They Hate us cuze they anus! Good lord, they were soaring with the birds all damn night and took 1st in a rather handy fashion. Quickest line from A to B, no variations. For next week we will start with WWF. That’s ‘Rasslin! Not the panda people


WWF Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Wrestling Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

It was a hard fought game of live trivia tonight down here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, with one of our teams making a very skilled comeback from the first round to secure 2nd. Great job!

Here are your Tuesday night results:

MoMo in 1st

Lightfoot in 2nd

U Talkin’ to Me? In 3rd

Our first category for next week is the classic film “The Great Escape”.

~ Ronnie

Celebrity Bar and Grill, Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Tuesday trivia at the Celebrity Bar & Grill started out pretty competitive between a couple of teams that seemed destined to be slugging it out all game for the first place spot.

But the fourth round hurt one of those two teams and put a 9 point space between 1st and 2nd. The final question was the last hope for the team in 2nd to get back to 1st. After the answers were turned in, this is how it ended:

In 3rd tonight was American Outlaws! Round 4 played into our 2nd place teams finish. Well, that and the team in 1st getting the final correct didn’t help there cause! O.M.G. Kittens!! Hanging on to 1st for their third victory in a row was Jersey Shore!

Next Tuesday they decided on “The Office” (the American version) for the winners choice, so study up, and we’ll see what happens next week at Celebrity Bar & Grill for trivia!!

~ Jon J

The Office trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

If the whole season is like last night, this is going to be intense! Scores were up and down. Strategic wagers on the final! Cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria!

Cotton Candy bet high for the final to take third. The Cobras strategically bet low to reign in second. But it was That’s a Niner who took first with a middle of the road wager. Winner’s choice question for next week: The 2015 NHL season.

– Sean Maher

Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Fo- Snizzle!


Trivia night Tuesday at La La was jam packed full of stuff: people, shooters, diseases (long story but all curable), and of course we all did channel our inner Gene Chandler for a bar wide rendition of “Duke of Earl!” MMMmmmhmmm – and that’s how we do it on Tuesday nights baby! Like a rock star!

gene chandler

In the midst of our wacky Tuesday night-ness we had a live trivia game break out to add to the fun! It featured the likes of DeVito, Max von Sydow, and a splash of Imperial Stout! Round 1 and 2 were friendly enough. Round 3 though, different story! It had teeth- and they were NOT milk teeth! A nasty little 6-4-2 mixed things up going into Round 4, which set us up for a great final Q, and anyone’s game.

It was Audubon Society for the win, however. And after a great couple of hours of some serious fun and games, we had our Top 3.

20151006_220129.3 20151006_220906.2 20151006_220651.1

Great times Tuesday everyone. I hope you had fun as well. Let’s throw down next Tuesday as well! I will be there. And we will kick that one off with some trivia on “Alex Ovechkin.” Til then, enjoy your week my friends and I hope to see you all soon!

Denny 🙂


Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Well today you could definitely tell Fall was in the air. It was a nice crisp Fall day outside and playoff baseball is finally starting, as we got to watch the Yankees lose (always fun!) in the wild card game while we played some live trivia. Today’s game opened yet again with a question that involved me singing a song, this time singing a Spice Girls song. For this one I chose one of my favorite songs of theirs, “Say You’ll Be There” which definitely took me back to my childhood. Unfortunately I’m still getting over my sickness from last week, so I was lucky to get through it without bursting into a coughing fit.

After my singing we jumped into a question about milk teeth, where I think I said the word ‘teeth’ like 50 times after having to repeat the question a few times. I liked the next question asking about things that can also be casino terms, such as chips, a bluff, or a pit (viper). The internet businesses question basically boiled down to asking about companies that have something to do with photo services. We ended the round asking about movies starring both Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Twins” and “Junior”.

The next round opened up with a current TV commercials audio question, using the new Nationwide commercial with Peyton Manning in it. Those commercials are generally pretty fun. The beer question asked about Imperial Stout, which I didn’t know was named that because of Catherine the Great (fun fact!). Of course, the next question about the Middle East was everybody’s favorite, asking the two countries that border Iraq and Saudi Arabia which are Kuwait and Jordan. For the hip hop question it seems everybody forgot about The Beastie Boys and the fact that MCA passed away a few years back (RIP). The three clues/one number question ended up a bit too easy with the Quinceanara clue giving it away for most teams.

On the halftime page I liked the theme idea, asking about a bunch of different movies that all took place over one 24 hour period. Of course that theme was hidden and there was a point for getting the theme. The other part of halftime asked about TV parents and their first names, having to match the parent names to the last name. I was impressed with how well everybody did on this, as I didn’t know a few of the movies and I thought the matching would be tougher.

Onto the next round things started with a question about the “Father of the US Navy” who said “I have not yet begun to fight!” His name was John Paul Jones, which led to a bunch of Led Zeppelin related remarks from everybody, and we were all very confused as to how his ship is named the Bonhomme Richard (mostly because Bonhomme sounds like the last name of Zeppelin’s drummer, although that has to be a coincidence right?) I was impressed by some of the teams on the next question who knew the Mark Twain quote that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics; I’d never heard that quote before.

The next question about film title characters caused some confusion among teams, as I’ve noticed that can sometimes be a misunderstood term. This time we asked about The Wedding Planner, The Exorcist, and The Watcher, asking for who played each of those title roles (Jennifer Lopez, Max von Sydow, and Keanu Reeves). Continuing the theme of answers everybody seemed to know but me was the musical genres question, this time asking about the bubblegum pop genre. Ending the round was a question about Lyme disease which also asked about the bacteria that causes it and gave the hint that it starts with a ‘B’, leading to some interesting guesses that I can only assume were made up words.

The 6-4-2 generated a bit of a challenge as we were asking about the title assumed by a character in Machiavelli’s “The Prince” as well as a 1962 Gene Chandler song and then of course the North Carolina school, all leading to Duke. Unfortunately one team put the title Doge which *almost* fit the category, but a Doge is an elected official while a Duke is a title of nobility. Meanwhile we started the fourth round while I waited for the powers-that-be to sort out that challenge, heading into a question called “we share a last name”.

This question gives three people who share a last name, and asks for all three first names for bonus points, with today’s being about Urban, Stephanie, and Dina Meyer, with nobody getting all the first names, with one team coming super close but putting Tina instead of Dina; I felt bad, but I couldn’t give the points away sadly. After that we had a reality TV question about America’s sweethearts, the Kardashians, this time about a boutique they run called the Dash boutique. I can only assume everybody is watching that show because everybody got this one right pretty quickly. The next question about The Theater was a bit of a tough one without multiple choice, but that didn’t stop a few teams from knowing the longest running British play in history (since it technically never stopped running after it opened in 1952) The Mousetrap, written by Agatha Christie. I also was surprised I had a team guess a different Christie work before the multiple choice was given.

Next was the baseball feats question (which didn’t have anything to do with feet, sorry Ernie!) talking about how Max Scherzer was the first pitcher in over 40 years to throw two no-hitters in a single season, with Nolan Ryan being the last guy to do it before him; that’s some pretty impressive stuff. I was glad nobody guessed Roy Halladay because that is a bit different since he DID have a perfect game and no-hitter in the same season, but the no-hitter was in the playoffs, and we were looking for regular season stuff only. We ended the round asking about a term that sounds like Snoop Dogg made it up, asking about the two weather terms that make up the portmanteau Snizzle. That led me to realize that I’ve wanted very few things more than to watch Snoop be a weatherman, that would be absolutely amazing.

Tonight’s final question provided a bit of movement in the final standings, as the team in second place heading into the final (sorry Ignorance is Bliss!) dropped out of the top three right at the finish line. The question was about Harriet Hemenway and her fondness for conservation led to her banning feathered hats in her social circle, which led to the creation of the National Audubon Society. This led to third place being taken by The Book Club Babes, nice work! Second went to Smarty Pants who sadly can’t make me sing again next week. Winning tonight with a runaway heading into the final, congrats on a convincing win goes out to Black Steel! Next week we start with a question in the category of “Three parter: Name that Slipknot Song (Audio)” so that should be a fun one to open with! I’ll see you all again next week then!

Until next time,


Senor Tequila’s – Germantown, MD

Senor Tequilas is shaping up to be a very interesting venue. We had a
fast and furious game of Pour House Pub Trivia here tonight!
Highlights of the Night:

In “Milk-Makes-Teeth-Strong”: Even with the refrigerated clue, the
teams were very hesitant with the Milk answer tonight. Luckily, we
didn’t have anyone miss it tonight!

In “Shot’s-Fired”: The Senor Tequilas House crew jumped in at halftime
and dropped a big ole 20 into the mix, when the rest of the teams
couldn’t get higher than an 18. Maybe this is the rise of the Waiting

In “Perfection-Thy-Name-Is-Baseball-And-Trivia”: Not one team missed
the Scherzer/Ryan Question. I don’t know anything about baseball, but
y’all were perfect on the no hitter!
The final didn’t have much of an impact so the podium was set.

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, the Irregulars!

In first place tonight, the Hobgoblins!
Good job tonight everyone! Next week we’re gonna get crafty with round
one question one: quilting! Should be interesting!

Until then,

Quilting Trivia Pub Quiz MD

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

With the gorgeous weather outside, it was busy inside Tilted Kilt this week for live trivia! Our veteran teams met once again in a battle for House Championship, their eyes locked on World Series XII.

This week, we learned all about Shutterfly and Snapfish (for example, they are both somehow still in business), as well as everyone’s least favorite Schwarzenegger/DeVito film (Junior) and the eerie timing of member deaths between Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys (both bands put out their last album one year before a band member died).

After halftime, the scoreboard got turned upside down, as scores rose and fell dramatically. Risky gambles and early guesses propelled some teams, and hurt the chances of others. By the final question, we had a strategic bet save the day, but also put us into a tiebreaker!! Once again, Poovey Farms proved that their best category is, “tiebreakers”, nearly nailing the answer dead on! They edged out FNQ, who took third, leaving Duchess to score a back-to-back first place!!

Duchess has chosen Civil War Battles as their first category next week. Will it help propel them to a three-peat? Join us next week and find out!

Civil War trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

Another great game of live trivia in Virginia at Whole Foods tonight as several of our regular teams were battling it out. (and laughing over how to say chickin’ Parmmm! Anyway, Mindbenders took home their first win!

1st Mindbenders
2nd Mini Van Mafia
3rd Donald Trump Speech Writers

First category next week is British Sports, see you there!


manchester united pub trivia maryland

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Tonight we had a PACKED house at Quincy’s, new and veteran teams alike! Uncle Jack showed up tonight, one of their team members showing up wearing pirate head accessories including an eye patch. To this moment, it is uncertain as to why this happened, but it was quite a memorable entrance!

Round 3 played surprisingly difficult for the field of competitors tonight including a movie question that tripped up about half the field and a history 2 point bonus that became a crucial part of the game! We had Movie Title Characters, looking for the performers who played The Wedding Planner, The Exorcist, and The Watcher. I found it extremely curious in the fact that NO TEAMS could identify who played The Exorcist considering how well-known that film is: The great Max von Sydow took on the role of Father Merrin (not to be confused with Father Merrill from John Irving’s “A Prayer for Owen Meany”) in one of the most popular films of the 1970’s. He came to the aid of a young possessed girl to become the iconic Exorcist we all know.

Only 1 team, If We Lose, the Terrorists Win, was about to correctly identify the name of John Paul Jones’ ship, the Bonhomme Richard. They also were the only team who picked up a 2 point bonus with Dina Meyer in round 4; these solo 2 point gets were perhaps what put them above the rest of the of the field.

Their efforts put them in a tie for 2nd place going into the final question, with Uncle Jack ahead pretty soundly and Rock the Cash Bar tied for 2nd as well. The final question, as always, plays a huge part with the finish, so let’s see how it unraveled! Uncle Jack was ahead far enough that they only had to wager 2 points to potentially cover a 12 bet by If We Lose or Rock the Cash Bar. Uncle Jack misses the final question, leaving them vulnerable BUT, unfortunately, so did our 2nd place teams… Uncle Jack locked in the W with that!

2 in a row for Uncle Jack now! 2nd place finish to a new team, who I do not believe missed a wager question the entire second half! Congrats to The Druggies! 3rd place, winning a tie breaker, goes out to Team Brio! Congratulations to everyone who did well and came out to play! We’re back in a week with more Season 12 action! Until then, later guys! 😉

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: The Druggies
3rd Place: Team Brio

Next week: Submarine Films

Bar Trivia Gaithersburg