Mighty Mouse and More! Pour House Trivia Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday night brought you FOUR games of live trivia! Can we take a minute to talk about the Pawn=Porn puns that producers of reality TV are so fond of? It’s a little silly, isn’t it? Hardcore Pawn, Pawn Stars, Pawnography, Amateur Pawn, Gay Pawn, PawnHub, the list goes on and on. I only made up a couple of those, I swear. Check the recaps!


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

DRP was off this week for baseball. Our first category for next week is World War II.

WWII History Pour House Trivia Maryland


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

 I had a great first night of live trivia at Green Turtle in Hagerstown, and it was quite the game! Rounding out the top three was Cotton Candy stealing the third place prize!  In second were the notable Thinkers & Dreamers!  But the first place spot was reserves for the trivia sharks of the evening: It’s Just Toothpaste !! Their choice of first category next week?  Sex & the CIty (not including the films) See you next Monday!! ~Torie Sex and the City Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz


il Forno – Frederick, MD

MC pulled ahead of I’m with Geoff, who had been leading all night, just before going into the final question. With that, the final solidified our pub trivia placements. MC, the team with a correct response on the final, took it down tonight! Grats MC! 2nd place went to I’m with Geoff; 3rd place went to Chicken McThuggets! Good game tonight guys, keep racking up those WS points! We’ll be back next week; 8:30pm, il Forno’s! See ya then 😉
1st Place:     MC
2nd Place:    I’m with Geoff
3rd Place:     Chicken McThuggets
Next week’s category:      Snatch (Guy Ritchie film)
[th_youtube id=’-u8jVN5UAji8′ name=’Snatch Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

If you’re not at the Roast House on Monday nights, you’re not having as much fun as we are! Tonight was hopping, as a house full of veterans waged pitch battle for the podium spots in tonight’s game. Who would emerge victorious? Highlights of the night: Tonight, I gave out the coveted “Ian’s new favorite team name” Award, which went to the team of Better Late than Pregnant! Would they take home a podium spot as well? We’d soon find out. A few teams fell victim to less than careful reading on the puzzle page, when they missed that there was a Word Bank. I might’ve been lenient, if it weren’t for the fact that I even announced that there was a word bank. At that point, I am no longer sympathetic. Sorry guys! The groans from teams who had guesses on the 6, but held for the 4 – loud and long, accompanied by the walk of frustration. Gotta pull that trigger to get the points guys! When all was said and done, it came down to defensive wagering on the final. In third place, Spring Break Frederick! Bouncing back from a tough week last week, good job! In second place, Dewey Cheatum and Howe! The powerhouse finally lost a step tonight, but were content with second place after a tough final! Great game nonetheless guys! Leaping into first place with a defensive wager, came Multiple Scorgasms! Way to go guys, congratulations! And now, feel my stink eye. Multiple Scorgasms has chosen “Death” Metal as their first round category for next week. Harrumph. Well, at least its better than what they originally wanted. Study up as best you can next week, and we’ll see you then. Until then, Ian

Death Metal Trivia Pour House Pub trivia


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

A few new teams joined us at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, and with the thrilling finish to the Nationals game in the background (and the not-so-thrilling start to the Redskins game), we had seven teams battling it out for Monday night trivia supremacy.  It was a great performance by the Rocket Surgeons again tonight, leading wire-to-wire to take home their second straight win.  There were a few moments of trepidation on that final, but no one was able to take advantage of the difficult question.  Liquor?  I Hardly Know Her! took second, with Eleven is a Prime Number taking third.  Next week begins with a question on Economics!  ~ Matt