Meteorology and More on Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday had a quartet of live games in Maryland and Virginia!

We talked weather with some meteorology in the mix, and ran the gamut – check it out!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Tonight’s game here at DRP in Alexandria sure was a tight one considering that 90% of the field had a shot of winning first place!

These folks know how to play some pub trivia!

Great job again, and here are the results of our game:

Atomic Dogs in 1st (As a DUO to boot)

Del Ray Dummies in 2nd

Still TBD in 3rd

Our first category for next week is The Simpsons.

~ Ronnie

Simpsons Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

il Forno – Frederick, MD

I was in such a good mood tonight! Not sure if it was the change into the fall season, with the cool breezes and the weather or what, but tonight was a good one. And it was a great night for live trivia! We had a packed house at il Forno, having a few new teams join us tonight as well as our veteran squads! I’ll be sure to have a 90’s playlist set up for next week because I was really feeling that decision and the internet kind of destroyed all our hopes and dreams! 🙁

One of the more crucial questions tonight was the US Presidents question, where we asked about the only president to not seek re-election since the 22nd amendment passed – That man was LBJ; I got lots of Carter, Ford, Nixon, but alas! No cigar! What was more interesting was only ONE team was able to come up with his vice president (would’ve been 2 if an “S” hadn’t been added, making his name “Humphries”).

I felt that Hubert H. Humphrey was one of the better known vice presidents of the 20th century, what with the noticeable alliteration and the famed namesake Metrodome in Minnesota. And of course, every team gets points on the Quantico question and I’d never even heard of this show or the city! Point being, trivia is all relative. What is easy to one is difficult to another, and vice versa!

An interesting situation came up in the 4th round as we asked for the Kelsey Grammer TV shows AFTER Frasier, claiming there to be two. We were looking for “Boss” and/or “Hank”. Most teams came up with “Boss”, no one came up with “Hank, but I did have 1 team get the 2 point bonus for 2 shows on this one. Here’s why: Quick Pink turned in the answer of “Partners” which, upon further research, was a 2014 FX sitcom starring Martin Lawrence and, who else but Kelsey Grammer. We asked for 1-word TV shows starring Kelsey Grammer after Frasier. This newly discovered “Partners” seemed to fit the bill in every single way. We had no choice but to give Quick Pink points for this one.

The lesson here: we’re lenient, flexible, and always doing our best to provide the best, most accurate questions we can. Sometimes we miss something, but are usually more than willing to correct our mistakes when we make them. We’re not perfect, though we strive for it! 😉

Going into the final, Quick Pink held the lead pretty significantly over the field, with Chicken McThuggets and I’m with Sarah locked in a 2nd place tie! A tie is always an interesting situation. Do you bet the 12 in preparation for a max bet and a double get? Or do you play it safe in the event of the double stumper? Sarah went big, McThuggets went defensive. Here’s how it worked out:

Quick Pink got the final right, just as time expired to secure the win, their first of Season 12, if I’m not mistaken. Sarah got the final too, giving them the 2nd place finish tonight, with Chicken McThuggets taking their 3rd place victory. Chix McThugs after the game explained how the defensive wager guaranteed a money spot. Good decision; they did finish in a money spot! Great game to all! We’re back in one week, see you then!

1st Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang
2nd Place: I’m with Sarah
3rd Place: Chicken McThuggets

Next week: Famous Robotic Police Men

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

The Roast House is never easy to predict for Pour House Trivia, and
tonight was a wild one!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Let’s-Head-To-The-Copacabana”: Who doesn’t love that song? And who
has a heart cold enough not to sing along when it comes?? No one at
the Roast House that’s for sure!

In “Ian-Can’t-Say-Big-Words”: Why the hell is meteorologist so
difficult to say?? I don’t know why I can’t say it the first time
through! Grrrrr.

In “That-Man-Got-Away-With-Some-Stuff”: I knew about Aaron Burr’s
little duel with Alexander Hamilton but I had no idea he was
eventually accused of treason! Wonder what he did?
The final question of the night didn’t really effect the standings so
our podium was set.

In third place tonight, Interrobang?!

In second place tonight, Multiple Scoregasms!

In first place tonight, One Crow Short of the Murder!
Thanks everyone for coming out tonight! Next week I have to dust off
the pipes, because One Crow has made the Winner’s Choice category for
next week: Ian Sing’s Little Shop of Horrors! Hoooooo boy xD See you

Until then,


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

We welcomed some out-of-towners to Spider Kelly’s tonight, as a business trip for a group of FDIC employees gave us a few extra teams to fill up the house.  All told, we had 10 teams for Monday night’s trivia throwdown, but when the dust settled, there were some familiar faces at the top of the leaderboard.  With their second win a row was High School Prom!  This team never seems like they are ready to dominate since they only play with three people, but tonight was another to wire-to-wire victory.  Knowers of Stuff kept it close, but had to settle for second, while Ives Mansion put up a steady performance for third place.  Next week begins with a question on Pearl Jam!  ~ Matt