Merry Ludachristmas! Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday combined Schoolhouse Rock and classic rock! Black Magic Bill, perhaps?! Check out the games below!


Blue Sky – New Market, MD

NO GAME tonight at Blue Sky, Eric will return next week with the first category of “Sixteen Candles”.


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Though the weather outside was (slightly) frightful, the live trivia players at DRP in Alexandria were so delightful! MSC returned to the top of their game and took down 1st place rather handily! HR PuffnStuff gets stronger with each game and took 2nd place as a TRIO! A trivia host from abroad made an appearance with the team Los Berrachos, and finished in 3rd. You won’t need permission to come aboard next week despite the fact that our first category is the US Navy! Merry Christmas to you all, and I am glad I will see you again before the New Year! ~ Ronnie  



Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

It was a packed house at Greene Turtle on Monday night. A lot of competitors made for an exciting night. It was a close game for some of the top contenders of the evening with ties at the end of each round. The end of the night Cobras took third, The Smartinis earned second with 1 point above the Cobras, and Cotton Candy held onto first place. Next weeks Winner’s Choice is in the Category will be Salena Gomez Music. Thanks for having me! ~ Amanda

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Our final night at il Forno before Christmas! And we had a great crowd! The game started out a bit strange tonight with our winner’s choice category of Ronnie or Bill’s Grandma (I must say, this must be the first time we’ve had that specific category…); with a sea of “1” wagers, most teams did manage to pull all 3 correct and get an extra 2 points added to their score! After that, I was unable to read about 50% of the words that came up in the questions… And after a questionable “first word that comes to mind that starts with ‘V'”, I felt as if I lost the entire crowd, but my boyish charm and good looks seemed to reel you all back in around half time. Tonight’s game was dominated by I’m with Geoff (who, ironically, did NOT have Geoff tonight). They led most of the game and secured the pre-Christmas victory with a correct answer on the final question! 2nd place went to Chicken McThuggets, who missed out on a victory by a mere point (Geoff got the 6 point on the 6-4-2, which proved to make the difference). 3rd place went to a travelling team from a Wednesday night venue that will be closed this week for Christmas Eve; they called themselves Shakeweights. Perhaps we will have them back next week? Hope so 🙂   Always good to see new faces come out and play! Thanks a lot guys, happy holidays, and hope to see you soon! 1st Place:     I’m with Geoff 2nd Place:    Chicken McThuggets 3rd Place:     Shakeweights Next week’s category:     Downton Abbey   Downton Abbey Pub Trivia Question MD


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Merry Christmas from the Roast House! We had a fun last night of trivia before the big day, seeing traveling teams and house regulars duking it out for tonight’s Christmas title! Highlights of the Night: In “Best-Way-to-Get-Shanked-On-the-Way-to-the-Car”: Only one team didn’t know Black Magic Woman, and they had the audacity to say Santana wasn’t Classic Rock. For once, someone other than ME felt universal hatred from the bar! It feels so freeing! In “Great-Minds-Think-Alike”: Every team who got the Schoolhouse Rock question all put the same answer for their bonus. It was all wrong, but I thought it was interesting none-the-less! In “Blame-the-Writers-Not-the-Host”: It was universally agreed that the was far too much extraneous, distracting “information” in the hip hop Christmas question. I happen to agree; sometimes these questions can be absolutely Ludacris. 😉 Like so many times before, tonight saw every team gunning for the top dog, Multiple Scorgasms. Would anyone catch them? In third place tonight, Brain Freeze! Good job guys, way to hang tough! In second place tonight, the Dewey Decimators! Back in action after a short hiatus, these guys are still sharp! Good game! Honorable mention tonight was the Know Nothings; technically they tied with the Dewey Decimators, but knowingly played with too many players and willingly took themselves out of contention. Still a great game guys! They couldn’t be stopped all night; taking it down again, Multiple Scorgasms! Congratulations on another well-earned win guys! For their first round category next week, MS has chosen European Capital Cities! study up guys, and we”ll see you then! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a Joyous Kwanza, Happy Holidays, and all that jazz! Until next time, Ian World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

I guess some folks took the entire week off for work and decided a little Monday night trivia would be part of the celebration.  It turned out to be a record night at Spider Kelly’s in Arlington has FIFTEEN TEAMS piled in for trivia.  There were no empty seats as we welcomed a few new teams and a few teams stopping in from other locations.  Our teams were a bit perplexed on the correct spelling of Manischewitz, but a few were able to bump there score with a lucky guess.  In the end, it was a fine performance put in by Eleven is a Prime Number, who rolled to victory without relinquishing the lead.  Magic Grits took second as a duo, with Veitch Street returning to the top three on the tiebreaker.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on Louisiana State University.  Apparently, it is more than just a football team.  ~ Matt Louisiana_State_University_(aerial_view)