Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our Tuesday Night Trivia Friends

 Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2014 Trivia Night

Monkey La La

The love baby the love… the La La Love! We had a fantastic game of trivia Tuesday at Monkey La La and wrapped 2013 with a white elephant gift exchange –  we all now know that Duck Dynasty Chia Pets are a thing! Thanx for playing with me on Tuesday nights all year my friends :) I will indeed miss you in the enxt 3 weeks and hope to see you again January 7 to kick off the 2014 trivia New Year- we begin with NHL Goal Scorers!  And don’t forget jan. 18th  is playoffs and Jan 25th is World Series Season 8. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone :)

Last Night’s leader board:

1st- Stink Floyd

2nd- Quick Pink and the Vine Gang

3rd- 3rd Quarter Nosedive

Love ya! And serioulsly thouugh…its a thing-> duck dynasty chia pet trivia

Champions – Frederick, MD

Holy Holiday spirit batman! 

Champions was in rare form tonight- add some cookies and everything gets all topsy turvy! The sugar rush kicked in during the last round and we had some teams making a power lay for 1st but W absolutely refused to give an inch and took first- made it look easy too! 2nd belonged to the well played Jungle Fever who were one of 3 teams to get the final correct! Sneaking in to 3rd (with a damn fine guess!) were those crazy kids of Big Money no Whammies! Fun game to watch, thanks all! I will see you in 3 weeks, after the holidays, with some Music Theory to start us off. Happy Holidays, stay safe!~Samantha

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the Casino, people were stirring, ready to win the last game of the year! New comers The Chucksters gave the regular teams a run for their money, but came in second to veteran team If we only had a brain by 1 point! Team Freedom took the 3rd place slot but Pomeranians and Breakin Winz weren’t too far behind. It was a tough game but the teams played with style. Although there are a few weeks to wait; be prepared in January for the first category of the Civil War in Maryland. Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a good night!

Civil War in Maryland Trivia Night

Griff’s Landing – Frederick, MD

Come from behind night for Snowball’s Chance tonight at Griff’s.

Playing off a strong fourth round, they take home first place.

Beer is Good went home with second. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone :)


Jekyll and Hydes

We had a great final game of the year at Jekyll & Hyde, and everyone was playing full steam!  Taking first place was We Call Caboose!  Great game!  Second went to Empty Nesters, and third went to Dalek Dance Party!  Great show all around!  Next week, er, year’s first category is going to be Genetics!  So practice some Punnett Squares, and we’ll see you out here in 2014! – Brad”

DNA Genetics Trivia Question


Since we’ll be off each of the next two weeks at Ramparts, I guess there were a lot of teams squeezing in one last trivia fix for 2013, as we welcomed 15 teams to Ramparts in Alexandria, as a full house crammed in for a great night of trivia.  We covered everything from Shakespeare to scallops, and it was a tight race for the top spot after round four.  Only a few teams snagged the correct answer on the final, but Is This Your Homework, Larry? managed to hang on to their slim lead to get back into the winner’s circle.  Bored of Education took second with the Stamp Collectors taking third.  We’ll see you in three weeks for our next game on Tuesday, Jan. 7th, when our first question will be on the film “Major League”.  See you then!  ~ Matt

Major League Film Trivia