Melville, Moby and much more on Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday sailed the high seas (and music charts!) with Moby and played a little tennis with Bille Jean King!

Read on to see how all our games went down.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game was a good one, with tons of first time visitors from other locales, trying out trivia with me at Applebee’s for the first time. I always like meeting new teams, and it definitely adds a bit of extra excitement to the game, in my opinion. Overall there was definitely some silliness going on with some hilarious wrong answers that I’ll get to later. We started the game with a question about a recent Assassin’s Creed game, asking what country it takes place in, which is China. We also started out with a question about the new movie Straight Outta Compton, which is a movie I really want to see, I hear plenty of great things about it. We finished round one with a question about the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, which I thought was a clever question.

Round two started with an audio clip of songs by artists with double-speak names, such as Duran Duran. After that we had a question about the NFL rulebook, with the subject being pass interference, which is a harsher penalty in the NFL than it is in college. For halftime there were caricatures of famous people throughout history that needed to be identified. The other part of halftime had teams matching Grammy winning albums to the artist that recorded them, which was tough for some teams. In the second half, we started right out of the gate with a question about a famous DJ’s stage name, and only a few teams were able to figure out that we were looking for Moby. There were plenty of guesses of famous DJ’s like Skrillex and DeadMau5 though. Round three held the question about US Presidents, asking about a president from the 1880’s. As an answer, one team jokingly put Harrison Ford, and then when I called them out about it, they claimed that the film Air Force One was actually a biopic (get off my plane!).

In the final round things got a bit more interesting, with a question about the two types of ribs in the body, true and false, and the Canadian geography question providing some challenges for most of the teams. Nunavut was something almost nobody had even heard of, and I didn’t expect anybody to get the capital of it, and nobody did, unsurprisingly. I liked today’s Last Word/First Word question about Billie Jean King and King of the Hill, because it’s always fun to do a Hank Hill impression.

The final question provided plenty of movement in the standings, with a few teams jumping around to take second and third, although first was already pretty much locked in. Third place tonight went to the Carolina Reapers, who always seem to be poised to make big jumps on the final, nice job. Second place went to the Bumblebees, a pretty new team who brought some reinforcements this time and nailed the final, congrats! Winning tonight, however, was one of the new faces to Applebee’s, the Neverending Motorboats! Congrats on the win! Next week we start with a question about Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas, so go get some studying done! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Gilbert and Sullivan trivia pour house pub trivia

Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

It was with a heavy heart that we finished out the last trivia night at Bar Louie. Though teams were in good spirits, the tension in the air was palpable.

If you were a Bar Louie trivia regular, the closest bars to you are either Quincy’s location (Quincy’s South on Tuesdays with Bill, or Quincy’s Bar and Grille on Thursdays with Matt), or you could give our newest location – Senor Tequila’s in Germantown – a try when they start on September 1st.

It’s been a blast hanging out with you every week, and hopefully I’ll see you all at another venue in the area.

Until then,


Any trivia night that riffs off into a “Porn Name Contest,” is a good night in my book! And I owe a beer to “Bobo Half Pint” ! Ya Rock Star You!

porn name

Fun times in Hagerstown Wednesday! And in the middle of our porn name contest, a trivia game broke out! Bada boom! And a wild one we had for sure! At Bernies, it is definitely not over until it’s over. We taversed our way through some tough stuff – Grover Cleveland, Off-Broadway, and Nunavut come to mind! But that don’t slow my Wednesday friends down!

We are moving ino the clubhouse turn here for the Summer Fling and it’s gonna be a fun finale for sure! Tonight’s winners at Bernies pick up a little extra point splash for their Top 3 climb! Good job y’all…

20150819_221743.1 20150819_221557.2 20150819_221827.3

Thanks for playing tonight everyone. As always it is my pleasure to come out to Washington Co, and have some fun with you. In fact, I say we do it again next Wednesday night! 🙂

Let’s start that game with a question about “True Detective” – the TV Show.

See you then 🙂

true detecitvve

Knock Knock, our current champions, was joined at Bennigan’s by a formidable crowd of teams trying to claim the title tonight as we approach the end of summer. The field was a complete slate of veteran teams so it seemed to be anyone’s game, especially with the scores being as close as they were through the first half.
I believe less than 10 points separated 1st and Last after 2 round of play, but the 3rd round let up on the brakes a bit. Tonight’s Question of the Night was our Richard Melville Hall aka Moby question. Only a few teams were able to decipher that Moby took his name from a novel title written by his ancestor Herman Melville, hence his middle name. Even those teams weren’t certain what his only Billboard hit was. Some teams went with “Westside” but it was in fact “SOUTH Side” featuring Gwen Stefani that climbed to #14 on the charts for him! Great job to Pegging Patschak for nailing that one, the only team in the restaurant to do so.
Going into the final, Knock Knock seemed to be humbled a bit, holding the last place spot, while our top 3 was up for grabs depending on the results of the final question. A little under half of you knew that Thomas Selfridge died in that first ever plane crash, and the scores reflected that. Here’s how it finished. With a correct response, a big jump into the money for Strangers have the Best Candy! 2nd place was Pegging Patschak and your winners tonight, after a long hiatus from trivia, was LMNOP! A first for them I believe too! Congrats! Back in one week with more trivia, come on out and practice for the summer tournament coming up in about a month! Until then ;)1st Place: LMNOP
2nd Place: Pegging Patschak
3rd Place: Strangers have the Best CandyNext week: US National Parks
national parks Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

It was a PACKED HOUSE tonight at Memories’ Charcoal House in Mt. Airy!! The masses sought refuge from the sticky heat outside but the competition inside was just as hot!!
We had some strong leaders through the first half, but the final really shook things up this week!! Stealing third place after a killer strategic wager were the USUAL SUSPECTS!! Awesome comeback, guys!! In second just ahead of them were our newcomers at Memories’ but trivia vets the HOBGOBLINS!! At the end of the night, though, one team stood above them all as the team-to-beat: The MOOPS!!
Their choice of first category next week: ANTHROPOLOGISTS! See you next Wednesday!!
– Torie
 Anthropologists Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Tonight’s game at The Tavern was CRAZY!! Ups and downs, twists and turns and even a surprise ending, this trivia game could have made a pretty good movie!

Of COURSE even after the final question we still needed a tie breaker to decide who were the top 3 tonight, and on the down side of the tie break was Olney the Lonely! (even THEY were surprised) With the up side of the tie, we had a very happy Suck It Trebek!! With an even louder celebration for grabbing the 1st place victory for the first time since I’ve been the regular host here in Olney, the G-Team!!!

Their long overdue pick for next Wednesdays winners choice will be War Birds (That’s WWII aircraft, for those as smart as I am) so study up and come join the fun with us next week at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

WWII Aircraft trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Revolution Bar was wild and crazy.

The game can actually be summed up pretty perfectly. After 4 rounds of some roller coaster live trivia questions, the final left us with a tiebreaker. But both teams managed to guess the same year for Julie
Andrew’s birth. We had a Unicorn on our hands: a DOUBLE Tiebreaker! I scrambled to put something together and threw it at the teams. This time, we got different answers and we finally had a podium after
several tense minutes.

In third place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

In second place tonight, GT80 Sauce!

In first place tonight, E=MC Hammer!
Next week we’re gonna start with some Reality TV. I don’t normally tell people to Keep up with the Kardashians, but it might help. See you next week!

Until then,

Reality TV Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We stayed indoors tonight in case it rained here at Valley Grill Sports Bar, thanks for your patience on that, and perhaps in the future I won’t pay so much attention to The Weather Channel. Anyways, great game with a few twists and turns to boot. Here are the results:

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 1st
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 2nd
Shake Weight in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Sherlock Holmes.

~ Ronnie

Sherlock Holmes Pour House Pub Trivia MD