MAXIMUM TRIVIA-DRIVE with Pour House Trivia’s Tuesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday got some AC/DC in the mix with one of the all-time great bad movies: Maximum Overdrive!

That movie is a total blast – and it’s on Netflix! Get yourself over and take a look.

Check out the games, gang.

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

We began Season XII with five different winners in six weeks at Capitol City Brewing Company, but since November 1st, the Capital Hillbillies have been dominating the field.  Tonight, they tried to pull of the hat trick with their third win a row.  They are in full stride, as they had no issue pulling away from the field in the second half, and securing a win with the correct response on the final question.  A few other teams picked up the correct response on the final to land in the top three: Show Me on the Doll took second while the Capitol City Goofballs took third.  The second half of the season is underway, and we’ll begin next week with a question on the Band Boston!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions! The site of my most recent public humiliation! Sam sings Rick Springfield was a bit of a challenge, but only one team out of 17 brought me an answer of please stop. I’ll take that as a win! Couple of you even managed to pick up the bonus on it, impressive. At least I didn’t butcher the Latin question tonight!

Was a rough night for you all, capped off by a very rough final! Man, talk about working those brains- I was impressed with how many of you picked up the bonus on the Ode to Joy question, much better numbers than the Aaron Rodgers question! Key and Peele apparently doesn’t have much of a following with the Tuesday night trivia crowd. I even had teams trying to tell me they miss spelled GPS. Com’mon guys! Not my first rodeo 😉

Absolutely no one knew that Ny’s state mammal is the beaver- including this girl, who happens to be a Nyer! Learn something new every night.

Wiser but still Dead and Thundercats absolutely owned the 2-4-6, and were the only teams not to need a little Lion King help. Fitting considering the Circle of life got on the playlist tonight.

Well considering there was no strategy going in to the final, our winners were pretty clear cut. 3rd went to Quiz in my pants, 2nd was Wiser but Still Dead, and 1st were the oh so gracious gentlemen of Comfortably Dum. Next week we start out with a first category of Supergroups of the 80s. It’s cool, you can all come back next week- I will not be singing 😉



Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Folks must be moving and bustling around getting ready for the upcoming holidays as we had ourselves a light game of PHT here at Cugini’s Restaurant.

After the final wiped out all the teams, it took a tiebreaker question tosettle the top two slots. Here are your results:
You Talkin to me in 1st
Lightfoot in 2nd
MoMo in 3rd

Our first category for next week is My Cousin Vinny.

~ Ronnie

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Celebrity Bar and Grill, Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

The Celebrity Bar and Grill had the night off, but Jon will be back on November 24th!


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

The ancient prophecy speaks of the single live trivia player, alone at the bar, answering the relentless onslaught of questions. The prophecy was fulfilled tonight with Bob at the Bar. Welcome Bob. Several times he was the only player to get a question and/or bonus.

At the final, it came down to a few strategic bets. The Bends bet low and dropped to third. The Cobras bet medium and fell into second. But Cotton Candy wagered high and took home first place.

Next week, we’ll be answer a question about the first Lethal Weapon movie.

– Sean Maher

Lethal Weapon Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Virginia


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Redenbacher? I hardly know her!


Fun times at La La Tuesday for our live trivia night extravaganza. I think my own personal favorite moments were:

1. Discussing the nuances of the words “Fuzzy” and “Furry”
2. Toying with Caveat Emptor in La La Latin
3. And, well, there was a beaver question


And with all good beaver questions, comes a great game of pub trivia! This one came down to a tough final question. The Shrine of Democracy, AKA Mount Rushmore, earned the W for our crew over at Stink Floyd in a nailbiter, scratch out last minute finish. Congrats to our Top 3 trivia crews!

20151117_213841.3 20151117_214040.1 20151117_214323.2

And next Tuesday night we kick it off with “Things that are Fuzzy.” The asnwer is NOT going to be Pomeranian! 🙂 Thanks for coming out tonight everyone. I will see you next Tuesday night. Love ya 🙂



Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Although it’s starting to get colder and colder outside as we get nearer to winter, we still had plenty of people braving the cold for a nice exciting game of Pour House Pub Trivia. Courtesy of last week’s winners, Book Club Babes, tonight’s game started out with a question about the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, which is one of my favorite movies. After that we had our hint of the day come up, as we asked about Orville Redenbacher, which we (thankfully) didn’t make teams spell correctly. I enjoyed today’s audio clue, as it’s always fun to see some classical music make an appearance, although it ended up being tough for a few teams. Latin phrases ended up being pretty tough, asking about the phrase caveat emptor, which means let the buyer beware.

Heading into the second half of the game, the teams were pretty close, although one team had built a decent lead at this point. However, a tough start to the third round changed everything, as the Jimmy Stewart question threw off a few teams. Right after that was a tough dog breed question, which mentioned the Pomeranian, the breed which apparently is named for a region along the Baltic Sea. The rest of the round ended up being a bit less difficult, but for some teams the damage had already been dealt. The final round started with a question about the movie “Maximum Overdrive“, which was actually the only film that Stephen King actually directed, and featured a soundtrack by AC/DC! Multiple teams told me that movie is amazing and that I need to watch it; it sounds like the most fun.

The question for three clues/one city ended up being pretty tough as well, with only a few teams managing to get to Dayton, Ohio, as the answer, which is apparently the sixth city on the list of Ohio cities sorted both alphabetically and by population, which is interesting. The round ended with a bit of a toss-up question, talking about an upcoming Christmas special on CBS, which a few teams knew was “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I’m not sure how CBS is going to make a 25-minute movie fill a 2-hour time slot, but I guess they’ll just air tons of commercials or something.

Heading into the final question there was a very clear separation that happened between third place and fourth place, meaning the top three was already pretty much set, the only question was where those three teams would finish. The final question ended up being tough, talking about US landmarks, with only a few teams knowing (or guessing) that the “shrine of democracy” is the name for Mount Rushmore. With that, third place tonight went to Black Steel with another nice showing. Second place went to the Smarty Pants, who seemed poised to take over after the third round, but slid back in the final round. Winning tonight, however, was Fractured but Whole, who were able to get the final correct and cement their victory. Next week we start with a question about the song “Ice Ice Baby”, so I guess study up for that one. I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,


Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

We’re catching the end of the good weather. I had a jacket on but it was just barely warm enough that I could go out in my T-shirt. Well, only for a bit but we are about to enter that season where it’s gonna be hurts-your-face freezing and I’m thankful we haven’t gotten there yet. Luckily, it was HOT inside tonight at Quincy’s where we had more Season 12 action!

Tonight’s question of the night was our early Christmas question. Let’s just say it was lucky I was lenient on the title because we would’ve had even more misses on this one otherwise. The question simply was asking What animated TV special will air its 50th anniversary special over 2 hours at the end of the month. A bit over half the teams knew what we were going for, but the title was wrong. Got a lot of Peanuts’ Christmas, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Christmas with Snoopy. I’m usually a stickler for titles but I figured with the holiday spirit being the theme here, I’d ease up a bit if they seemed to know which special we were talking about. Don’t expect this leniency in the future though. Titles must be exact at my game 😉

Quincy’s has established itself as one of the most competitive venues on the circuit. On any given night, it seems any team could take down the win with some luck. Tonight mixed it up a bit too. We had The Big Fact Hunt in first place going into the final, a first for them in some time. 2nd place was If we Lose the Terrorists win and 3rd was Uncle Jack. After a long betting session, it seemed like everyone locked in the 12 bet. A final answer correct would mean A LOT tonight. Well, only one team got the final correct. Here’s how the final scores looked: 3rd place was If We Lose, The Terrorists Win. 2nd place a HUGE jump from behind with the only correct response, Quiz in My Pants! Winning tonight, missing the final but betting low enough to hang on, The Big Fact Hunt! Great game tonight! Back in 1 week! I’ll see you guys then!

1st Place: The Big Fact Hunt
2nd Place: Quiz in My Pants
3rd Place: If We Lose the Terrorists Win

Next week: World Chess Champions

Chess trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Senor Tequila’s – Germantown, MD

Senor Tequilas was muy caliente tonight! We had a close game of Pour House Trivia from start to finish tonight!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Must-Not-Yell-At-Drunk-People”: We had some rowdy bar guys with us tonight. For the most part they were well behaved. And then sometimes they were not.

In “New-York-What-The-Hell?”: The general consensus tonight was that Oregon was a relatively obvious choice for the west coast beaver state. However, no one could pull (nor figure out why) New York. I got nothing.

In “Finals-From-Hell”: We had a complete whiff for the final question tonight, with everyone aiming towards the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, or Independence Hall. Tough one!
With a total whiff came no change to the standings.

In third place tonight, a new team, Heroes in a Half Shell!

In second place tonight, the Hobgoblins!

In first place tonight, the John Lithgow Fan Club!
Great game everyone! Next week we’re gonna kick things off with some beer logos! Study by drinking up, and we’ll see you then!

Until them,

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Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

Teams came ready for a live trivia deathmatch, armed to the teeth with trivia knowledge and a thirst for first place – and some beers to quench that thirst. Would we see a repeat winner? Would anyone mercilessly tease me about the Packer’s losing me money last weekend??

No. Because it was the smart choice. Crosby should know how to kick a football by now.

We learned all about the Beaver State(s), everyone’s apparent love of “Maximum Overdrive“, and just HOW HARD IS IT TO KICK A FIELD GOAL?! YOU GET PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO ONE THING!!!


As the game wound down, our teams were tightly packed together. Anyone could have taken down the top prize, but with only one correct answer on the final, we had ourselves a new winner. Taking third was FNQ, followed by Poovey Farms in second, and coming in first was Duchess! One man down and they still came away with the W.

They’ve chosen Programming Languages as next week’s first category, so dust off your Ruby on Rails skills and I’ll see you next week!


Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

An awesome night at whole foods as 11 teams came out tonight to win some trivia! While the players suffered through my pronunciation of latin words and my “pretty good” Jimmy Stewart impression Jimmy’s Beard Scruff with some fancy wagering took first place tonight!

1st Jimmy’s Beard Scruff
2nd Rock Heads
3rd Donald Trump Speech Writers

First category next week is 3 quotes from Seinfeld – Who said it?


Seinfeld trivia Live Trivia MD