Matthew McConaughey Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday brought four games of live trivia in Virginia and Maryland!

We hung out with our old pal Matthew McConaughey and did so much more – check it out, gang.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Hello DRP! Well the final took a turn away from what was running as the norm for awhile as we had only ONE team actually increase their score so give it up to Kicking Assets! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to bridge the gap to the top three, but KUDOS nonetheless. Here are the results of tonight’s game:

Jurassic Parks and Recreation in 1st
Octopocalypse in 2nd
Tequila Mockingbird in 3rd

Join me back here next week, our first category will be TV’s Grey’s Anatomy!

~ Ronnie

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

Season 12 continued tonight as we saw the return of I’m with Sarah after missing us for the first week of the season. We also had many of our regular teams competing for the prizes including Latrilla, QP, Chix McThugs, MC, to name a few. It seemed like a good night for some well-oiled competition.
Question of the night honors go to Sirius XM Radio. A symbol that is truly memorable yet only half the teams able to pull a correct response on this; perhaps it would’ve played easier had it been a visual question and not a descriptive image. Either way, it did bring scores down a bit towards the end of round 1 which led the way for Chicken McThuggets to hold a solid lead going into the second half.
Ups and downs alike affected most of the teams in the second half and Chicken McThuggets looked in pro form as they held a double digit lead going into the final. With a huge lead, Thuggets were able to bet zero and hold the top spot as long as the other teams missed the final.
No one got the final correct so Chicken McThuggets were able to win the game tonight, their first of the season! Though Chicken McThuggets took down the win, there was a tie for 2nd place, which would have to be settled by a tie breaker. The top speed of the Concorde would have to be guessed by I’m with Sarah and MC, closest to it would take home 2nd place. MC got closer and therefore take down the honor of the bigger prize, more WS points, and bragging rights! Way to go! I’m with Sarah takes 3rd tonight in their first appearance during Season 12. Good game all! Back in a week for more trivia action! Until then 😉
1st Place:     Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place:    MC
3rd Place:     I’m with Sarah
Next week:     The Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory TV Trivia


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House was larger than
life; teams bursting with personality packed in for a rowdy game of

Highlights of the Night:

In “F-Bombs-For-Days”: The F Words question elicited some colorful
vocabulary from the teams. Such language! I like it 😛

In “This-Question-Is-Alright-Alright-Alright”: Every team went on the
2pt bonus today for the audio clue, instantly recognizing Matthew
McConaughey in under 3 seconds. He really does have a distinctive
voice, doesn’t he?

In “Never-Before-Said-Phrases”: I don’t think everyone has ever had to
yell “Not that Sanka!” to calm a group of people. One team heard it
and immediately went to Cool Runnings, shouting lines from the movie
to everyone’s amusement.

The final was a tough one tonight, and a tiebreaker decided second and third.

Losing the tiebreaker, taking third place in a heartbreaker, One Crow
Short of a Murder!

In second place, Cher’s Zombie Army!

And after a long hiatus, they returned triumphant tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

Congratulations to all my teams tonight! Next week we’re gonna start
with the Rugby World Cup round 1 question 1! Study up on
“Almost-Football” and we’ll see you then!

Until then,

Rugby Trivia Pour House pub trivia virginia

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

A few new faces joined us at Spider Kelly’s this week, as some folks were getting their first taste of Pour House Trivia.  Needless to say, these folks were not trivia newbies, as the two new teams simply dominated tonight’s game.  Our winning team, PC Principals, was one of just two teams to get the final answer correctly, and that led to them reaching the rare 180-POINT PLATEAU (and a spot on the PHT Wall of Fame).  Great job!  Second place went to High School Prom, who was the only other team to get the final.  Our top three was rounded out by Tony Romo’s Broken Clavicle.  Next week, we begin with a question on the music of King Crimson!  ~ Matt