Math and so much more on Thursday with Pour House Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday made you do a little math work!

We know, we know, probably not your favorite, but hey – we’ve got to mix it up a LITTLE every now and again, eh?

Check out the recaps to see how it all went down!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Wow, it has been awhile since we have had a final that wiped out the bar, 🙁 Anyway it was a great game of live trivia nonetheless, and a real close one up to the end.

Here are your results:
Touched By Cosby in 1st
Your Mom in 2nd
Thundercats in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Few things I learned at tonight’s live trivia extravaganza at Champions in Frederick, MD:
– A lot of folks watch Jerry Springer; not a lot watch The Strain!
– Wrap bacon around a pizza? Everyone hears about it!
– Guarantee a ZIPPO lighter for life? No one hears about it.

pizza trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Great time and great game tonight everyone! It was all about some defense in the final question round! We had a couple of crucial turning points in the game. The Vicuna 6-4-2 wound up being a lily pad for some trivia leapers.

vicuna trivia pour house live trivia maryland

And round 4 had some nasties in there baring their teeth! Not to fear though – plenty of teams navigated the trivia corridors armed with the wit and brain jelly to slay even the meaniest of questions!

I congratulate our Top 3 trivia clans tonight! Nice job working your way through the challenges we constructed and earning the prizes at the end!

 trivia pour house live trivia maryland  trivia pour house live trivia maryland  trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Thanks for playing tonight everyone! remember next Thursday we are OFF at Champions for a special event but i will see you the following Thursday for some fun and craziness. We kick that one off with Civil War Battles. Until then, be wonderful like you are!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you soon. DG 🙂

civil war battles trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

I love ragers! That is a term that I have declared means having a lot of people in a single room, it has nothing to do with raging – well, never mind – yeah, that’s what I mean when I say rager.

Tonight was just that as we had a PACKED HOUSE at our game! Great times. Question of the night was DEFINITELY the Math question. Lots of high wagers and misses with the Transitive Property but ALAS it was Commutative. Transitive as it turns out is “if a=b, and b=c, then a=c” which isn’t exactly what we were going for.

Tonight’s game saw a new team putting on a strong performance as Banana Hammock 69 held 2nd place going into the final. Welcome to You’re Doom was in 1st place going in BUT the final makes all the difference. After a very difficult final question, it was only Banana Hammock who got the final correct and they won because of it. HOWEVER, because they were playing over the limit, they conceded the prizes and it looks like the winners tonight will be Welcome to You’re Doom! Congrats guys, a very strong duo team there. 2nd place will go to 2 Birds 1 Stone and 3rd went to a new team called Hot Sauce and Cheetos who had a very consistent 2nd half to finish in the money! Congrats to everyone who placed and THANKS to everyone who played tonight! You guys are awesome! I’ll be back next week, same time, hope you will too! Until then guys, later!!!

1st Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place: 2 Birds 1 Stone
3rd Place: Hot Sauce and Cheetos

Next week’s category: (TBD)


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Coming soon!


Lake Linganore Association – New Market, MD

After a week’s absence, it was nice to come back to 12 teams ready to battle it out under the tent for the top spot! The zingers were flying in full force – my favorite being that the two men that John Wilkes Booth also targeted for assassination were Slippery Pete and Long Duck Dong. Sounds like a band name to me! Other topics of interest included wrapping Jerry Springer in bacon, picking blueberries with Groucho Marx, and figuring out what the hell a vicuna is 🙂

That last question was a serious challenge, but smart wagering put Mad Beavers on top with Faking Bad and Sloopy Seconds filling out second and third respectively. This twisted lot’s mind is in the gutter – next week’s Winners’ Choice category is “50 Shades of Grey.” Join us next week as we examine the fine details of poorly written fanfiction of an even more poorly written book series! See you under the tent!

– Eric 😀



Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Coming soon!


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

All the regulars were out in full force on Thursday night as we had a temporary distraction from the hockey game.  The first half was dominated by I Just Quizzed My Pants, as they threatened to turn the game into a runaway, but a hiccup in the third round on the firearms question cost them the lead.  They played flawlessly the rest of the way to regain the lead, but hit the wall on the final question.  It was a tough one, and when only two teams came up with the correct response, it decided the game.  Suck It Frosty was one of these two teams, and they came back from fifth place to take the win.  I Just Quizzed My pants had to settle for second, with Stone Cold Jane Austen in third.  Next week, we’ll have am opening question on The Beatles!  ~ Matt