Maryland Summer Trivia Finals was a Fling to Remember!

Two venues in Frederick, MD – Belles Sports Bar and Champion Billiards – were host to the Pour House Trivia Summer Fling 2015 Saturday afternoon! The Maryland and Frederick Divisions have been duking it out all summer long for some invites to this fling thing. And as any fling worth its weight in smack talk should, it culminated into some great and memorable times! I would like to thank everyone for playing PHT this summer! I think I can speak for all us hosts when I say that we are all very thankful for you letting us do what we do! We have fun hanging with you – eating, drinking and gaming at the nightly games. Speaking of which, Season 12 is off to a great start and I hope to see you all this Fall/ Winter Season. Without further adieu, here’s is how the Summer Fling MD went down.

The Maryland Division – Belles Sports Bar

The Summer Fling has come to a close and the MD Division Tournament
was a scorcher! 22 teams packed into Belles for a heated game of Pour
House Trivia with a revolving door of teams grabbing podium spots
throughout the day!

Highlights of the Game:

In “Pay-No-Attention-to-the-Munch-Behind-the-Curtain”: While he rocked
the mic all night, Head Host Ronnie’s pronunciation of Edvard Munch’s
name, while accurate, nonetheless caused fits of giggles throughout
the trivia teams. I may have been giggling the hardest…

In “Oprah’s-Giving-Out-20s”: The puzzle page for today’s game saw more
20s than I’ve seen on a puzzle page in a long time. Y’all were on fire
today! Well done!

In “$400-Coin-Flip”: The final question of the night saw a split right
down the middle of the field. Half said Thanksgiving, half said
Election Day. Teams rose and team fell on the final, depending on
which side of the coin they landed on!

After a crucial tiebreaker for a $100 bill, our top teams were set.

In 6th place tonight, taking a 20% coupon for Belles, the Hobgoblins

In 5th place tonight, grabbing a 30% coupon, Blue Collar!

In 4th place tonight, snagging that 50% coupon, but losing the
heartbreaking tiebreaker, Danny Glover!

In 3rd place tonight, with a tiebreaker win and walking out $100
richer, Gold Team!

In 2nd place tonight, with the Franklin twins tucked away in their
pockets, the Sad Fat Dragons!

And taking the top spot, with our grand prize of $400, Bazinga!

Congratulations to all our top teams and a great game played to
everyone! On behalf of Chad, Ronnie and myself we hope you had a great
time! Thank you all for coming out today for our Championship Game!
Season 12 of Pour House Trivia has begun so if you haven’t started
back yet you need to!

And don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE. Good Luck in Season 12…We’ll see you around!

Until then,

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Today’s finale to the Summer Fling for the Frederick Division proved to ba a wild cap to a great summer! This game should go down in the pub trivia history books (it’s a real thing…and if it’s not, it is now)! 27 teams battled it out in Frederick, MD today at Champion Billiards for a few hours! Before I talk about the highlights, I would like to thank everyone for playing all summer and joining us today for the finale! 

The first half set the pace and tone for a helaciously fun day, and challenging at some points. We had some fun with the Dakota Zone, as we’ve now affectionately called! Or how about a Dakota with benefits? 😉 Fun stuff!  

The AUDIO question today had some teeth on it for sure! Many knew “Babe” but “Boyz in the Hood” escaped a few folks! There’s a rule though, any time Bruce Lee makes an appearance in a question set…it’s a fun set! Go KATO! 

Everyone rocked the puzzle page and we had some fun with adjectives in the matching bottom part – and I used bombastic in a sentence…ROCK!!! And then…it was Round 3 and it was business time! Between Shaq, the Yangtze River and the fine year of 2004…we had ourselves a game going into the final round today. It was tough to draw any conclusions at this point – so may good teams and plenty of Round 4 craziness to go down. “Multiple Organizations,” helped us all have a nice little giggle/ and I definitely had fun regaling everyone with my Buffalo Bill impression…

Oh yeah…

But after all the fun and games, it was about that final for the win! And it certainly decided it! The leader board looked one way going in and quite another going out! Thanks everyone for coming out to play today. I hope you enjoyed. And congrats to our SUMMER 6 who took down a little trivia loot for their time.

And Summer 2015 is in the books y’all! Trivia, however, continues on! And we got some fun stuff planned over the next few months! Season 12 will be rippin’ through the towns with some fun new questions and games! Star Wars trivia night is in December just before the release of the new film! Sign up for our newsletter and keep in the loop with all the stuff we do. 

Thanks again everyone for spending your summer flingin’ with us here at PHT! We love ya! And we will see you at the Season 12 Games! Rock on…