MARCO! MARCO! Pour House Pub Trivia Thursday Recap!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday was full of games of live trivia for your pub quiz needs! Here’s our TOTALLY NOT TRUE FACTS OF THE NIGHT!

  1. A sequel to “The Day After Tomorrow,” entitled “A Week From Thursday” was cancelled after the box office returns were too low.
  2. The Super Soaker’s original product name was “The Wettener.” We’re glad they changed.
  3. Catchers were originally going to wear a full suit of medieval armor, but kept falling over while crouched.

Check it out!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Just a friendly reminder folks, don’t forget about our special early start time of 6:30 next week!
We will continue our fun-palooza of live trivia at Bunkers then!
We had a doozy of a game tonight, with teams fighting fiercely for the top spot. The final, as it often does, shook things up quite a bit for us this evening!
That PalmOlive will get you every time!
In third, Cranius Maximus.
In second, finishing just one point out of first, the Indians!
And your winners tonight, Your Mom (HOW DARE YOU!)
Those wily winners have chosen “Dogs I Own,” which is sure to cause a ruckus next week.
See you then at our SPECIAL time of 6:30!
Dog Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

We are flirting with a scary precedent in starting off these games with the ole “Denny performs the…” random things category. Tonight I got to sing the TV Theme song from My 2 Dads in front of 70+ people. I can now cross that little “to-do” off the ole bucket list 🙂 Thank you 😉 And next week I get to sing “Monster Ballads” – oh yeah! Rock Baby! Tonight’s little live trivia shindig over at Champions in Frederick, MD was a throw down all night! This thing was not decided until the final question and what a finish we had! And seriously, BJ Johnson & Company – sometimes I cant just make this stuff up. I liked tonight’s set of questions. It was kind of all over the place, which is good bar trivia IMO 🙂 Was more fun than a big ole bowl of poutine! Poutine Trivia Pour House Pub trivia maryland Congratulations to our Top 3 tonight on an awesome game! Our winners tonight went to the duo of Brain Freeze. Their teammates were out tonight but that didn’t stop the Freeze from bringing it! Great job you two 🙂 Pour House Pub trivia maryland 2nd went to the Master Debaters. And Happy Birthday to one of the founding members of the MD, Mr. Bob! Thanks for the cake y’all, that icing was uhh, pretty much the best! Pour House Pub trivia maryland The 3 spot was taken by our friends over at Jennifer Plum Sauce! I am digging the new name. Good work tonight JFP! Pour House Pub trivia maryland Thanks for playing tonight everyone…a very fun Thursday is in the books! Next Thursday we kick off, as I mentioned, with “Denny Sings Monster Ballads.” Right in my wheel house! Have a great weekend everyone, I will see you Thursday…dg Ballad trivia Pour House Pub trivia maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

We had double digit teams tonight competing for the top prize and at the end of it all Boner Garage walked away with the top prize! Congrats! 2nd place went to You’re Killin’ Me Smalls and 3rd place was Oscar’s Vacation Paradise who won in a tie breaker over Sorry Wrong Closet! Great game tonight. We will NOT have trivia at Fish Market next week due to the Redskins game but we will return the Thursday after! Until then! 😉 1st Place: Boner Garage 2nd Place: You’re Killin’ Me Smalls 3rd Place: Oscar’s Vacation Paradise Next week’s category (2 weeks actually): Boners
Boner Trivia Pour House Pub trivia maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

I had a GREAT time hosting pub trivia at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight!
There was a good team turnout for week 2 of season 10 and quite a few ties in the top 3 spots that varied from round to round.
After the final question however, everything was clear and this is how tonight’s top 3 ended up: Finishing in 3rd tonight was Executive Decision! Holding onto 2nd was 3 People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen! And your week 2 champs were the ONLY team to get the final question correct.. T.N.C.!!
They chose “World War II: Aviation” for next weeks winners choice category, so study up and I hope to see ALL of you and MORE back next Thursday night at Guido’s for some Pour House Trivia! And, of course, afterwards there is always a “late-night” game of adult trivia. Tonight we dubbed the late game, “Whore House Trivia” officially.)
See you next Thursday!!!
~ Jon J
 [th_youtube id=’W7e_vAvW0ac’ name=’WWII Aviation Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Coming soon!


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was great to see the regular crowd back at Quincy’s, as our standard-sized field of 15 teams made Thursday night a great game!  Most of our teams had no problems with the first half, with several squads rolling to 90 points.  The second half separated the pack, and Lowered Expectations finished the fourth round with the lead.  The final was tough, but they managed to come up with the correct response to earn their first win of the season.  Not As Smart As We Look took second.  Meanwhile, Blue Collar snuck onto the medal stand with a third place finish on the Tiebreaker over Your Mom.  Next week begins with a question on the Isaac Newton work “Principia”!  ~ Matt

Isaac Newton Trivia Gaithersburg