Man, what a weekend for Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend had a trio of fantastic live trivia games in Maryland!

Check out all the action below!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Many thanks to all of you who didn’t let a little rain deter you from joining us at Belles tonight! As always, it was fun filling in for Ronnie, and his guest appearance was a pleasant surprise. Had some familiar faces as a bunch of teams I normally see during the week decided to come on over after some Oktoberfest shenanigans- interesting answers, to say the least. Ha.

We discovered tonight that Fine art is a gaping hole in your wheelhouse after The Son of Man became Revenge of Granny Smith and Mr. Apply goes to Washington – However, you’re all over your Cracker Barrel! Been a minute since I had their biscuits. Hmmm – I wonder if they offer kiev?

In a tiebreaker for 3rd it was Quizzical Therapy and Dairy Queen Sure- Dairy Queen was a few hundred Crackerbarrels off and QT pulled a 3rd place tonight, even if they weren’t thrilled about it- a coupon is a coupon! 2nd tonight went to Comfortably Dum and while they were very upset male anatomy wasn’t a category tonight, they were very happy with a 2nd place. 1st tonight went to Smartie Pants! Oh man Smartie Pants! Just about Wire to Wire on that win. Impressive. Next week you will have Ronnie back and you will start with an audio clue- 80’s new wave. Fun! 😉


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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

I gotta tell you guys, just driving TO my trivia nights at Captain Bender’s is awesome enough with this gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately. Our regulars piled in and huddled up tonight, breaking out their scarves and hoodies (though some of us are still clinging to our flops—at least until it snows).

It was yet another great game, and we even had a cameo from another Pour House Trivia team, new to our craziness at Bender’s. Welcome to the family, At Least We Tried! And while we’re welcoming them, give ‘em a congratulations, too, because they took home the third place prize tonight after a memorable first game with us!! AWESOME.

In second place, just ahead of them were the “nothing if not consistent” Boh’s and Hoes!

And then our top dogs of the evening, working on that undefeated title… FISTED SISTER!!

Their choice of first category: Undercover Brother!


Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Things felt like there we were going to have a crazy finish to tonight’s live trivia game at Oriole’s Nest #331!

We had a 3-way tie for 1st before the puzzle page, a three way tie for 2nd at the start of round 3, So I didn’t know IF or HOW many tie breakers might need to be used after the final question! Luckily, round 3 and round 4 seemed to hurt almost every team for at least one of their higher wagered questions. (It was kinda weird)

So with NO tie breaker needed after the final, finishing 3rd was Smarty Pants! Starting off with some trouble, then having a good second half to move up and finish in 2nd was the Witiots!! Back in the 1st place winners chair and choosing “Chappelle Show” for next Sundays winners choice was the Vitrifiers!! Hope to see everyone from today as well as a couple of our regulars that weren’t in tonight, next week at Orioles Nest #331 for some FUN#! See you there!!

~ Jon J