Magic and Metal on Monday with Pour House Trivia! Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday combined Metal Albums and Magic: The Gathering, which are two great tastes that often go together.

However, we still managed to put our twist on it!

People need to study up on their Magic: The Gathering, from what I understand!

Check the games.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We managed to get that game of pub quiz done in an hour and forty minutes, thanks to all the teams at DRP with your help!

The game went down like this: TBD in 1st, A Particular Set of Skills in 2nd, and HR PuffnStuff in 3rd.

Join me next week where our first category will be director Josh Whedon!

~ Ronnie

Joss Whedon Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Here at the Green Turtle, between the iffy weather and the huge BCS national championship game, the place managed to be as boisterous as ever, and today’s game(s) did not disappoint. Between a ridiculous 50/50 question asking about Magic: The Gathering cards and death metal album titles, and some teams pulling answers I’ve never even heard of (Triptych!), only a few points separated the teams throughout most of the second half of the game. With only the final question remaining, 2 points was the difference between being in first and being tied with two other teams, and the final proved to be challenging.

With some crafty wagering, Thinkers and Dreamers managed a solid comeback after being down for most of the game. The other two teams on the podium both managed to come up with The Phantom of the Opera, but It’s Only Toothpaste had the lead after being the only team with a correct response on the last question in round 4, and they bet enough to hold the lead. In second place were the Cobras who were one of the two teams tied for second leading into the final, with the other team being the team who earned the title of venue champion today, Cotton Candy! Congrats to them on a heck of a season! We start next week’s game with the category of Led Zeppelin songs, courtesy of It’s Only Toothpaste.

Until next time,

Led Zeppelin Trivia Alexadnria



il Forno – Frederick, MD

I’d like to start by pointing out that there were a handful of questions tonight that did some SERIOUS damage! You’ll thank us later for the little pre-postseason torment we’re putting y’all through; it’ll prep you guys for the big game, which is less than 3 weeks away! The first one I’d like to point out is our dreaded Triple 50/50 MTG or Death Metal, two topics that do NOT play friendly with the other topics in the canon of bar trivia. We actually had 1 team pick this as their “bonus” category, and they squeaked by with 2 of the 3 for their wager… they were the only ones who got it! Everyone else, KERPLUNK! 0’s across the board. It was a tough one! On top of that one, we had a World Records question that sucked the 1’s out from most every team, and followed up with a very tricky Constitution question. Round 3 definitely had a bit of a KICK to it tonight!

Piggy Doodles, a lovable, local team, held the lead at half time. I want to say this may have been the 5th or 6th game in which they led at half time. How many of those games did they win? Zero. This is a team that ALWAYS starts strong and just doesn’t keep their mojo flowin’ throughout the game. Would tonight be different?? I made a strong effort to point out their many perils and wished them luck as we entered the second half.

Things got a bit rocky for them, as they dropped to 2nd place going into the last question of the game, down by 6 points to bar favorites (and Season 10 il Forno Champions) I’m with Geoff. Geoff bet 7 on the final to cover a potential 12 bet by Piggy Doodles. Piggy went defensive and bet the 0 on the final question. The final proved to be extremely difficulty. It wiped out the entire bar which dropped Geoff down below Piggy Doodles by JUST ONE POINT and Piggy Doodles takes down their VERY FIRST WIN! Congrats guys! Excited to see you at the playoff games next weekend! 2nd went to I’m with Geoff tonight, 3rd place went to Latrilla and the Mossy Banks, who won a tie breaker over That’s So Wes Craven. We’ll be back next week for more trivia fun. Be there.

1st Place:     Piggy Doodles
2nd Place:    I’m with Geoff
3rd Place:     Latrilla and the Mossy Banks


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight may have been dreary outside, but in the Roast House it was PACKED with rowdy trivia players! As the season winds down and teams travel for those last minute points, tonight saw more traveling teams than house regulars! How would that effect the standings?

Highlights of the Night:

In “Don’t-Shoot-the-Messenger”: There were decidedly more than 14,000 soldiers involved in WWII, so my voice joined the chorus of “What?!”s that rose after stating that “fact.”  Cue host improvisation!

In “We-Need-More-Categories-Like-This”: While Triple 50/50 Magic: The Gathering Card vs Death Metal Album may not have seen a lot of correct answers, it did see plenty of laughter. I vote for more!

In “I-Can-See-Where-Your-Heads-Are-At…But-No”: The final proved to be far trickier than expected. As answers came in, I could see exactly what went through everyone’s minds “Fictional productions – The Producers! I bet they left off Springtime for Hitler because it’s a giveaway!” Sadly, no. They ARE all fictional productions, but they’re fictional OPERAs, not plays. That one hurt.

Would any be left standing after that final? A few proud teams did hang tough, but found themselves in one last slog, as a tiebreaker had to settle second and third.

Saying that there were only 69 episodes of The Nanny, Spring Break Frederick took third place! Tough break guys, but a good game nonetheless!

In second, getting much closer with a 120 episode guess, came traveling team Simple Minds! Congratulations guys, and welcome to the Roast House!

Taking first place though, they were an absolute juggernaut tonight and ran away with the crown: in first place, Multiple Scorgasms! These guys are legit folks! Well done!

For their round one category next week, the Scorgasms have chosen Current African National Leaders! Should be interesting! Get studying, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Africa trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland



Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

We welcomed a few teams back to Clarendon after a long hiatus.  My Favorite was one of those teams, and they showed up in full force, playing a stellar game by taking a slight into the final question, and hitting it for the win!  With those points, they’ll be able to sneak into a playoff spot at the end of the month!  Our second place team was making only their second appearance at Spider Kelly’s, but the Never Nudes were just a few points off the lead and also hit the final to take home second place.  Magic Grits took third, their sixths straight week in the top three.  Next week, the final week of Season X begins with a question on Disney music!  ~ Matt

Beauty and the Beast Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland