Lynn Swann has a stranglehold on the letter “N!” Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday is almost too hot to handle with seven games of trivia to help you flex your live trivia muscles! We covered a little Disney, a bit of Super Bowl action, and my piano pal, the Gersh, as we call him around my house, George Gershwin! *Note: At least half of the previous sentence is not true. Check out the games!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

 Starting a game off with a singing question is usually a sign of good times, and tonight was no exception.  Even though the first category was Chad sings Train, I was still able to pick a song I liked to start it off.  After that the game went by quickly, with One Crow Short of a Murder taking the win even though red vines tripped them up.  I was also surprised at how many people got the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party mixed up, leading to some costly misses for several teams.

In second place were the Witiots who kept right behind the leader the entire game, just waiting for a slip up that never quite seemed to happen.  In third was Dalek Dance Party making a return to the venue and to the leaderboards.  Next week we will be starting off with the film Home Alone (only the first one, nobody cares about New York!).  I hope to see you all again next week, and hopefully you come out for the Pour House Holiday game on Friday!
Until next time,
Chad B


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Another nail-biter of live trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana tonight! We discussed time traveling Swedish politicians nominating Super Bowl MVPs, Disney villains running the Department of The Treasury, and George Gershwin rocking a sweet guitar solo! It was hot competition for the top spot between house champs Strangers Have the Best Candy and visitors Big Test Icicles down to the very end. Strangers managed to pull out yet another win with BTI in second. Team Summation came from behind again to snag third place. Next week we’re getting creative with misheard/misinterpreted lyrics – the category will be Eric sings from The only thing I have to say is – hold me closer, Tony Danza 😛 See ya next week! – Eric 😛 Lyrics Pour House Pub Trivia maryland  

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

 Laughing fits, honey badgers, and good ole fashioned pencil and paper spreadsheets baby – that’s how we did it Wednesday at trivia night in Hagerstown! It certainly was a cold one outside; so thanks y’sll for coming out and throwing down with us for a bit! And if Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ scene from “You’ve Got Mail,” didn’t warm up your loins, then well…you need to get in touch with your inner chick flick watcher! 

It was a tough game and hard to tell how it was going to finish as it was so close – as is usual at Bernies. But after our Rhett Butler trivia question capped the evening, our leaderboard was filled with some smiley faces. And looked like this:
trivia night in maryland bars
dining out in maryland
things to do in hagerstown
Yes indeed! Congrats to our Top 3 on a game well played! Thanks again y’all for coming out and playing! Gotta say too, the after game of “minute to win it Heads-Up” is getting pretty exciting as well! 
Next Wednesday we are doing WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE!  Bring a $10-$15 gift and have some fun with us. And we will also start that game off with, appropriately, “Christmas Vacation.” See you then. dg 🙂
christmas trivia
An impromptu Christmas party kept Erotic Friend Fiction away from the game tonight, but we got a lot of our regular teams coming out to compete for the win. We had a decent number of large teams (8+) just playing for fun, pride, and bragging rights over their friends. Though you couldn’t, unfortunately, compete for the prizes, I hope you guys had as much fun as I did hosting ya! We found out something very eye-opening tonight: Football in the last 20 years is NOT a strong topic among our teams here at Bennigan’s, haha. Most teams got Lynn Swann on our Superbowl question but after that it got a bit hazy. High wagers were tossed on answers like John Stallworth and Plaxico Burress but we were looking for lesser known Hines Ward and the man with one of the greatest catches in the history of the Superbowl, Mr. Santonio Holmes! Grats to those of you who remembered either of those playmakers. My Favorite Team led by a good bit for most of the game, and held onto a 12 point lead going into the final question. Now, being up by 12, with the max wager being 12, it puts a team in first in quite a predicament: Do we bet zero and hope we win a tie breaker if they hit? Do we bet 1 and go for the win? They said, screw it, we’re betting 12. Ballsy, but it paid off, as they won the game by a massive 12 point victory! Great game! 2 in a row now! 2nd place went to Jomama Bollie, 3rd going to Uncle Jack. We will be back next week; the season is coming to a end very fast GET THESE WORLD SERIES POINTS! We hope to see you there! 1st Place: My Favorite Team 2nd Place: Jomama Bollie 3rd Place: Uncle Jack Next week’s category: Music Producers Record Producer Trivia Live Trivia Maryland  

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

The teams of Cellar are sharpening their claws, getting ready for our World Series the end of January! Thankfully they didn’t sharpen them on me after a technical glitch threw us for a loop. “Still working on some things” my behind… I’ll be damned though if we still didn’t finish on time! Nice hustle! Where they didn’t hustle was on that final question, everyone struggled a bit and our top 3 were the only teams who got it correct. In 3rd, sneaking on in were the quiet but proud Donner party! 2nd went to Fertilize your Caviar? which was impressive after the government bobble they had. In 1st, well, it was the protect your ears and raise your glasses, inappropriate Team Wednesday! Nice job guys! 2 in a row. 🙂 Next week they would like to keep with the holiday theme: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I like it. ~Samantha National Lampoon Trivia Christas trivia Live Trivia Maryland


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

WOW! What an EXCITING night at The Tavern for live trivia tonight!! Besides the great turnout, it was a tight game for the most part; what made it so exciting was the tie for first place to start off the fourth round, was STILL a tie for first after the final question!! This is how it went down after the final: Answering the final correctly and holding on to 3rd place was Team Gryffindor! 1st and 2nd were a different story however. A tie after the final question can mean only one thing, a “close to the pin” tie-breaker!! Even THEN, both teams answers were only 2 numbers apart from each other! One team was closer however, so 2nd place tonight went to Olney the Lonely! Winning the tie-breaker and with it, the game, was I Quizzed in My Pants!! Close game tonight everyone!! The winners choice question chosen for next Wednesday is “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers“, so study up and get your buns back to the Tavern next week for another GREAT game of trivia!! ~ Jon J Tampa Bay Buccaneers trivia pub trivia maryland  

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

It was a wild night at the Revolution Bar! Old faces and new ones crowded in and made things interesting! Highlights of the night: Call me opportunistic, but when I have a chance to gloat about my Steelers woven in to the set, I’m gonna take it. So of course when after the initial chorus of boos, I give the patented “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over our 6 Super Bowl wins”, someone yells back “We said, BOO!” I’m going to laugh along with everyone else and give them 100 Ian-bucks, redeemable nowhere. Funniest moment of the night! The puzzle page saw 80% of the teams get perfect scores!! Holy 20s Batman! Teams were not as “Prepared” as they could’ve been for the 6-4-2. Nor were they prepared for an impromptu rendition of my favorite Disney villain’s song. But they certainly enjoyed it! With a difficult final, wagering was key tonight! In third place, with a defensive wager that let him jump up from behind as a solo, Liquor? We Hardly Knew Her! Welcome back, and well done! In second place, wagering 0 on the final, Mess and Jegg! Even with half the team split off as Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus, you guys still pulled 2nd! Great job! In first place, the only team with the correct answer tonight, Movin on Up! Congratulations guys on a well earned win! For their first round category next week, they’ve chosen the film A Few Good Men! Get watching and we’ll see you next time! Until then, Ian [th_youtube id=’9FnO3igOkOk’ name=’A Few Good Men’]  

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

Another great night of trivia at T.J. Stone’s in Old Town Alexandria!  The first half was dominated by Two Girls and an Idiot, who took advantage of a tough football question to spring into the lead at the break.  They faltered a bit in the second half, but they were in the thick of things heading to the final.  We only had a couple of our top teams come up with the correct response on the final, and one of those was All the Marbles, who took home their second win of the season!  My Favorite Team jumped a bunch of teams on the final question to take second, with Two Girls and an Idiot rounding out the top three.  Next week (our last game of 2014) starts with a question on the Lithuanian National Football Team (yes, I know it’s actually soccer)…  ~ Matt Lith

I don’t know, when Adolf Hitler is the answer to a trivia question, should you cheer if you get it correct? We had another tight game of live trivia at Valley Grill in Middletown, here is how the game went down: Southpaw Fish 1st, Gaza Strippers 2nd, and Simple Minds in 3rd. Hopefully I will see you at the Holiday trivia this Friday, and of course join me next week for our first category, Music Theory. ~ Ronnie music theory trivia