Luffa? I just met ha! Saturday trivia was funnier, I promise!

Last week, I got alllll excited about how it was warm, and the sun was shining, and how it was a completely perfect Saturday.

This week? I’m not going to say a damned thing about the weather! 

Saturday’s round of Pour House Pub trivia brought a totally PACKED HOUSE at Belles’ on this fine Easter Eve!

We brought you the highly addictive snack food, the Pringle!

[th_youtube id=’suai1lU4x-g’ name=’Pringles Pour House Trivia’]

Much like Pour House Trivia – it is very difficult to stop playing once you’ve popped your first game!

We also touched on the finer points of velour! Me, personally? I can’t stand the stuff. But it always makes me think of this fine space captain, Zap Brannigan!

[th_youtube id=’EgedZswWVtM’ name=’Futurama Pour House Trivia MD’]

Let’s see how things went at Belles’, eh? 

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

We had 15 teams come out tonight for a little “night before Easter” edition of PHT!

Team Wednesday sneaked in from their usual venue at took down the top prize in our game. Monkey Fighting Snakes pulled a correct final answer to score second, and Brain Freeze secured third as a duo!

Join me again next week, where our first category will be Alcoholic Beverages.

~ Ronnie

Alcoholic Beverages Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland