Luck Of The Irish on Thursday!

There was only one game in town tonight, if you wanted some PHT action along with your green beer and leprechauns- you were going to have to go see Samantha!

Champion Billiards in Frederick, Md

I was impressed tonight, no one was stumbling up to bring me answers, I didn’t see any towers of beer (Well, no more than usual), no crazy answers… You all kept your wits about you on this St. Patrick’s Day! We had some sing a longs, and not a few good laughs but the only wits the little men in green stole were mine! I swear I read your standings… Ha.

Speaking of standings, going to keep this short before I forget to give you the finals! Serenity Now hit the top 3 in 3rd, while Just Good Enough pulled themselves a 2nd but they just couldn’t beat out Power Vac! No strangers to first, luck may not have had much to do with it 😉 See you next week when we start out with SR-71. The plane, not the band…