Lotsa love and Lotsa trivia and Lotsa pizza and drinks = Monday Night trivia

Monday pub trivia nights bring with them their own little special flavor of love and craziness 🙂 And we here at Pour House would like to thank all of our friends for coming out to play our game and to help throw down those special shenanigans that only Monday can bring! Its been a great year hanging with you all and I think I can speak for all of the hosts in saying that we definitely look forward to some Monday fun and games in 2014! Happy New Year every one 🙂 lotsa love…dg

il Forno Pizzeria – Frederick, MD

BOOM! That’s how you end a year of pub trivia. What a game at Forno this evening. 16 teams grappled for the top prize tonight. Props to Quick Pink and the Vine Gang who found “trivia Zen” (that’s how they put it) tonight and came out of the gates hard core! A tough final bit them though; and they ended up in 3rd Place; just behind a new crew known as “Boomerang of Despair,” who sniped a 2nd Place spot on the final baby! Nice work Boomerang. And our winners tonight…One Crow Short of a Murder! They stayed in the running all night and snatched that final for the win! Excellent game everyone…

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Safe New Year. Enjoy…and I will see you next Monday, 2014, when we will open the year up with a category known as “Denny Sings the 70s!” – I will dust off my bell bottoms and see you in 2014…lava lamo in hand 😉 Be well everyone… dg1970's pop culture trivia

DRP – Alexandria, Va

The last game of PHT for 2013 at DRP in Alexandria, and the game was epic in both scope and content! MSC returned to the top slot as the only team to answer the final correctly in a very tight game. 2nd went out to the Cunning Linguist Kitten Club who played a very strong game of trivia! 3rd place went out to a new team, The Kevin Sorbo Look, great job guys! I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year, and I will see you again next year (Monday)! Our first category will be actor Benedict Cumberbatch. ~ Ronnie

benedict cumberbatch trivia

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Greene Turtle! It was good to be back! You were a rockin tonight with 11 teams up in that town of hagers… You all fought a fantastic fight- complete with dance routines- but I am quite proud of proud 3rd place team tonight, Dale took it as Not tuesday night- as a solo! Nice job! It was the new crew Pantalones in 2nd and 1st… well first are no strangers to the winning- Slapsgiving. Apparently they had some ringers for the pokemon question 😉  I am thinking those helpful additions will be back nest week for our first question of Harry potter. See you then! ~Samantha
happy new year 2014 trivia