“Life is more fun if you play games.” – Roald Dahl. And that we did on this fine Saturday of trivia craziness!

What an incredible day! Over 100 pub trivia teams from Maryland and Virginia came out to 4 diffrerent venues to compete for some World Series VIII invitations and some Pub Crawl $$$ in the Pour House Season 8 Playoff and Pub Crawl Day.  Such a blast it was…

Thanks everyone for coming out to play.  I think I can speak for all of the hosts when I say that it is a very cool experience for us to get to hang out with all of you on days like this – you are great fun, great people, and great times!  And it is our pleasure to put on these events and have some fun :) Good Luck to everyone in the World Series of Trivia 8 next Saturday! 

With that though…here are the results of Saturday’s Playoff  games:

Virginia Playoffs: Ramparts Tavern

Congratulations to Eleven is a Prime Number, our Season VIII Virginia Playoff Champions!  They held the lead virtually the entire game, got the final, and earned a cool $100 for a couple of hours of work, and they will certainly be one of the favorites when they make their first visit to Hagerstown next weekend.  Second place went to Smarter Than Ryan Lochte, with Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed in third and Is This Your Homework, Larry? in fourth.

Good luck and thanks again to all of our teams who will make the trek up I-270 (and a bit of I-70 as well).

Only six days until World Series VIII !

Champions – Frederick, Maryland

The festivities began at Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD. 36 teams packed in and that made it a very interesting game I will say! Fat Fish came out swinging and foreshadowed how they envisioned this day to go 🙂 Congrats and good luck to all of the teams heading to the World Series of Trivia next Saturday. 

Fat Fish – 1st Place

Uncle Jack – 2nd Place

FnQ – 3rd Place

pub trivia company team


Jekyll and Hydes – Frederick, MD

Next we moved to Jekyll and Hydes. This was interesting. We had to split the game into 2 separate rooms as there were too many teams to fit into the one room. LOL. Despite this last minute protocol change the games went  off great and the 2 room change for the 2nd game actually was a pretty cool dynamic! And Jekyll’s has some great food too – so that helped. Awesome times everyone…Good luck to the World Series bound crews – it was great to meet some new teams from all over the Pour House Trivia company map. Congrats to our leader board as well…THEY HAD TO BEAT 2 ROOMS FULL OF PLAYERS! 

Brain Freeze – 1st Place

Gary Fn Cooper – 2nd Place

3rd Place – Stop the Bus and Let My Brother Jack Off

pub trivia company playoff team

Belles – Frederick, MD

And we wrapped the day at Belles in Frederick, MD. It was jam packed in there! This was a fantastic finish to a fantastic day. Many thanks to all of you for coming out to play…and we wish you all the best of luck at Hager Hall next Saturday for World Series Season 8.

Fat Fish – 1st Place

Witiots – 2nd Place

One Crow Short of a Murder – 3rd Place


pub trivia champions