Let’s Volunteer for Monday Trivia!

Monday’s game of Pour House Trivia welcomed 99 teams across 11 venues, including as massive crowd of 21 teams at DRP in Alexandria, VA.


Topics from Monday’s first round included the members of the music group *NSYNC, celebrities named Phil, and the different meanings of the word polish (depending on the pronunciation).  The final question of the first round offered our teams a rather hard fought two-point bonus, as only 12% of the field could identify Andres Lopez Obrador as the current President of Mexico.  Seven teams opened their game with a perfect first round score.


We incorporated the Last Word / First Word theme into Monday’s audio question, as we formulated musical answers such as James Taylor Swift, Rob Thomas Dolby, and Debbie Harry Chapin.  After a quick look at the novel “Pride and Prejudice”, we happened upon the most difficult bonus question of the first half.  We asked our teams to name either one of the two men to have won the Best Actor Oscar in consecutive years.  While most of the field earned wagering points with the more recent answer of Tom Hanks, only eight teams earned a two-point bonus by also knowing that Spencer Tracy won two straight Oscars about 80 years ago for “Captains Courageous” and “Boys Town”.  After closing the first half with a question concerning African nation wordplay, three teams posted a perfect second round score of 36 points: Fan Club (Hershey’s), Power Vacuum (Bushwaller’s), and Periodic Table Dancers (Il Forno).


On Monday’s halftime page, pictures of mayors (both real and fictional) were paired with informal nicknames for national soccer teams.  Six teams notched a perfect score of 20 points, while the overall average landed at 16.4 points.  Here is Monday’s halftime leaderboard:


As expected, the third round was by far the most difficult round of the evening, starting with the opening question asked in the Three Clues format:

CLUE 1: This is the only dog breed mentioned by name in the Bible.

CLUE 2: President Hayes owned one named Grim that lived with him in the White House.

Very few teams even ventured a guess at this point.  Oddly, the only three teams to earn bonus points on this question were all playing at DRP in Alexandria.  With the third clue mentioning “forty miles per hour”, most of the field earned wagering points with the correct answer of greyhound.  After a discussion of rapper Kendrick Lamar and oil giant ExxonMobil, we asked the two most difficult wagering questions of the night back-to-back.  First, only 22% of the field identified the letter ‘N” as the only letter to start three of the first 20 chemical element symbols: N for Nitrogen, Ne for Neon, and Na for Sodium.  Next, only 15% of our teams knew that basketball star Kevin Durant has led the NBA in scoring average in four different seasons within the last ten years.  With just a handful of teams answering all five wagering questions correctly, the third round did not yield any perfect scores.


Th final round eased up a bit on our Monday teams, as most of the field cruised through topics such as the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, the Egyptian city of Luxor, and the history of Georgia.  With numerous teams on pace to post a perfect final round score, the final question of the second half put an end to that.  On a three-part question in which each answer contained the letters ‘M-A-L’, the third query asked our teams to name the disease caused by the Variola major and Variola minor viruses.  Since the first two answers on this question BEGAN with ‘M-A-L’, many teams confidently answered malaria.  But since the trio of letters did NOT have to begin each answer, we were instead looking for smallpox.  Only eight teams picked up bonus points here, leading to just two perfect scores in the final round: MAJ (DRP) and Notch Eight (Il Forno).  These were your highest scoring teams heading into Monday’s final question:

  • Periodic Table Dancers (Il Forno):  160
  • George Washington’s Camel (DRP):  159
  • MAJ (DRP):  158
  • Munch Squad (DRP):  158
  • Outdoor Alcoholics (Flanagan’s):  157

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (8.1% success rate):

–> The two most populous cities in this U.S. state have respectively lent their names to a Tony-winning musical and an Oscar-winning film.  For your wager, name this state.

In what was the second-most difficult final question of the summer season (so far), the most popular wrong answer was overwhelmingly Illinois, but we doubt that anyone could actually name the second-largest city in the state (it’s Aurora).  Only eight teams gave us the correct response of Tennessee: the Robert Altman film “Nashville” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in the 1970s, while the Broadway show “Memphis” won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2010.  Thanks to this final question, none of our teams recorded the Perfect 21 on Monday.  Here is Monday’s final overall leaderboard:


DRP in Alexandria, VA:  George Washington’s Camel   (Next week’s first category: “Arrested Development”)

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD:  Befuddled   (Next week’s first category: Chad Sings The Beach Boys)

Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD:  Great Heathen Army   (Next week’s first category: Jimmy Buffett Lyrics)

Hershey’s in Gaithersburg, MD:  Chef Goldblum’s Raptor Bites   (Next week’s first category: HOST CHOICE)

Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD:  Weasigators   (Next week’s first category: Steelers / Cowboys Rivalry)

Bushwaller’s in Frederick, MD:  Power Vacuum   (Next week’s first category: Stone of Scone)

Rockwell Brewery in Frederick, MD:  JK  (Next week’s first category: Craft Beer)

Mark’s Pub in Falls Church, VA:  High School Prom   (Next week’s first category: Rutherford B. Hayes)

Dawg House in Waynesboro, PA:  Not Your Team   (Next week’s first category: U.S. Presidents Named James)

Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda, MD:  Outdoor Alcoholics   (Next week’s first category: Louise Penny Novels)

Il Forno in Frederick, MD:  Notch Eight   (Next week’s first category: Skin Diseases)