Let’s Go Crazy! Let’s Get Nuts! It’s Thursday Night Trivia!

Thursday night brought out some big crowds for trivia night, which of course led to some very competitive games as well!  Tiebreakers were needed at several of our venues, but there were also a few teams that ran away from the pack in tonight’s game to land on our Best of the Best list for the night.  Check out the recaps:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (77 teams across nine venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Clever Team Name (Quincy’s) with 166

–> Highest Score after Round 4:  Clever Team Name and Thundercats (Bunker Sports) with 157

–> Highest First Half Score: Thundercats with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Clever Team Name and Pessimist Pete (Quincy’s)

–> Our halftime played to an average score of 16.8, but only two teams (Thundercats and Pessimist Pete) were able to run the table and pick up 20 points.

–> The 6-4-2 question played slightly easier, with about 35% of our teams scoring six points by knowing that documentary filmmaker Warren Miller specializes in skiing films.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (56.1% success rate):

–> Despite the fact that it was released more than 20 years ago, which album was ranked by Billboard as the best-selling film soundtrack of 2016? (you’ll find the answer in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

Another cold night in Gaithersburg, another hot game of Pour House Trivia here at Quincy’s!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Listen-I-Know-It’s-Obvious-But-Still”: Listen guys.  I know there’s 10 basketball games on on TV, but that doesn’t mean you can just point at them and say that’s your answer, as much as I appreciate the silliness of it.  That said, if anyone had missed it, hoooooooo boy!

In “Hold-Your-Horses-Folks”: I dunno what y’all heard, but I had three or four teams try to give me answers at the beginning of Round 3, as if it was the 6-4-2.  Not even new teams either, veterans!  Been hitting the booze a bit hard tonight were we?

In “It’s-Fun-Watching-Recognition-Dawn”: The final tonight was one of those where, one by one, numerous teams came up with the correct answer.  It’s fun to watch the answer dawn on teams one by one and trickle in over the course of the question.  How would it all turn out?

In third place tonight, losing a tough tiebreaker, Blue Collar!

In second place tonight, winning the tiebreaker, the Fan Club!

In first place tonight, Clever Team Name!

Great game tonight guys!

Next week’s first category:  “The Young Pope”

Should be interesting..  study up, and we’ll see you next time!  Until then,

~ Ian

The Young Pope Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Teams were coming out of the woodwork tonight at Champion Billiards in Frederick, as I saw some faces tonight that I haven’t seen in quite some time!  One of the reasons I love meeting with you all on these Thursday nights – the only thing you can take for granted ’round here is you’re going to have a damn good time!  We also picked up a few new teams tonight, always good to see the new blood once in awhile!  They definitely spice up the competition.  It was definitely spicy tonight as teams did their best to stand their ground on the roller coaster that was our game tonight! Tough, easy, all over the place!

When the ride came to a stop, it was Vitrifers in third place, FNQ taking second, and Power Vacuum pulling the win tonight!  I will see you next week when we all hop back on the line and take another turn on the Brainbender!

Speaking of brain injury… next week’s first category is Red Bull’s Crashed Ice.  No, it’s not a beverage…

~ Sam

Red Bull Crashed Ice Trivia


Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

Another fine yet chilly evening back here at Bunker Sport Cafe in Leesburg, with all of the usual suspects in attendance.  We started with our Winner’s Choice question on Trump Tweets, one of which mentioned this famous (former) couple:

We also covered  lunar souvenirs and a 70-year old TV experience in Round One.  Long before Steve Irwin came along there was this guy, who hit the big screen twice here in America during the 1980’s (and once more in the 2000’s, but nobody wants to remember that awful film):

Moving on, we touched on a land reclamation movement of sorts, and a long deceased political party.  It was a VERY close game after the half time puzzle, with only fifteen points separating the entire field.  A Billy Joel inspired musical busted up a few of our teams tonight, but they made up for it with fictional, vengeful Counts, and a clock no one wants to strike midnight:

Our final round went very smoothly, with one last science question on the name origin of this prickly fellow:

Coming into the final question, it was a very close game, and the final category title must have frightened a few teams, as the strategic wagering at the end really turned the game around.  Here are the final results:

First Place:  Thoroughly Screwed

Second Place:  Thundercats

Third Place:  Your Mom

Next week’s first category:  Ham Radio

~ Ronnie

Ham Radio Trivia


Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick, MD

Smoketown Brewing!  I learned a lot about new beers and Fredrick County Law as we had another great night of trivia, including a very loud rendition of “Country Roads, Take Me Home”.  While we learned a lot about Care Bears and Kelly Clarkson, in the end The Scoundrels took an early and commanding lead all the way to the final.  The next two teams weren’t far behind… just a one point difference between second and third!  Here are your final results:

First Place:   Scoundrels

Second Place:  I Drink and I Know Things

Third Place:  Spuradic

Next week’s first category:  Infectious Diseases

See you then…

~ Zach

Infectious Disease Trivia


Beef O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD

Methinks, as a sailor, the freezing weather kept people snuggled warmly at home.  But we still had a number of our regular teams here at Beef O’ Brady’s in Frederick, and once more, a brand new team was welcomed to the Pour House Trivia fold.

The regular crowd permitted much more fun and games than would normally fit in a two-hour game of trivia.  I, in particular, loved it.  I heard some laughs, so at least some of you enjoyed it, too. 🙂  One thing I learned tonight? Much like me, none of you appreciate musicals.  Much unlike me, none of you knew who Millard Fillmore is (with one notable exception, Flight Level Awesome…)

Alright, let’s keep this short.  Two of our teams snagged the correct answer on the final question by knowing that “Purple Rain” was last year’s best-selling soundtrack album.  It’s amazing what death can do for your revenue stream.  Here are our winners tonight:

First Place:  Flight Level Awesome

Second Place:  Master Haters (first season, y’all!)

Third Place:  How ‘Boat a NASCAR Question (also first season, ya’ll!)

Next week’s first category because FLA hates me: “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Hodge Podge (specifically the Wade Boggs episode).  Everyone knows I hate saying Hodge Podge.  Here we go again…

Fair Winds,

~ Chief

It's Always Sunny Trivia


Morgan Ridge Railwalk in Salisbury, NC

Coming soon…







Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

Just when we think the weather is kind, it comes back around to slap us in the face with this freezing cold, wind, and flurries…  I’m ready for summer!  Luckily we’ve all got a place on Thursday nights where we can gather, stay warm, and have a good time *insert overtly obvious dirty joke here*…  That place is Thursday night Pour House Trivia at the Fish Market, and we saw a good crowd tonight continuing their quest of winning Season XV!  PC Principals came out tonight and had a very strong game.  They led almost immediately, a lead they’d hold until nearly the end.

Round 3 saw a Billy Joel question that played very tough for the field.  Only two teams got it correct, and both of those teams bonused that one!  I guess it was truly a question for fans only.  Even the teams who got it right bet low. PC Principals nabbing points on the BJ question — er, sorry — I’ll just say Billy Joel.  You’re Killing Me Smalls also picking up points there.  Round 4 played fine for the most part, no major changes in the standings.

PC Principals led by about 9 points going into the final, ahead of You’re Killing Me Smalls. Smalls bet 0 to avoid a potential disaster on a 2016 Billboard question.  Only four teams picking up points on the final so we had some shifting in the standings.  Jumping into the money after being behind all night was the Cardigans!  A good get and a good way to finish off the game!  Smalls finished 2nd with their zero bet even though they DID get the answer correct.  They’d thought it hurt them that they bet 0 but it held their spot and PCP got it any way, so a max wager wouldn’t have helped them at all.  That’s your game!

Next week’s first category:  Ralph Wiggum Quotes

Ralph Wiggum Simpsons Trivia


Guido’s in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…